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October 16, 2006


So we can go back to our childhood Halloweens wearing this.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The paper is a nice touch.

LOL Jeff!

LOVE the TP handbag :)

a psychic simul FIRST, Ed...

a first for me

does the candy go in the bowl?

quite the chick magnet.

a laff riot. kids are flushed with pride, yadda, yadda. good one jeff!

The candy always goes in the bowl. The question is whether it has yet been processed or not.

the woopie cushion's cute too lol

No thanks. Enough people sh!t on me everyday as it is.

Dave, you might even get the major award for the best toilet in Sarawak.

I think I put on my chess grandmaster costume and chase this kid around the neighborhood all night. It'll be a laugh riot... or not.

I see therapy sessions in this boy's future.

Kid1: I was superman for Halloween, what were you?
Toilet kid: I was a human excrement receptacle.

Just saying, I actually thought it was cute, and very clean.

Is it a "low-flow" costume?

if its a fetish party, it could be a hit..
I am just saying....

There was a Catholic Priest costume in the Adult costume section. What's so scary about a Catholic Priest? I don't get it......

"Use as a modern day dunce cap"? Whut? So after Halloween its some sort of punishment? "Okay , Billy, into the suit!" But, Mom, we're on our way to church!" "You shoulda thought of that before you got that "C" on your report card!"

The kid who wore that back when I was in primary school would have been mocked until high school graduation. Possibly beaten as well. Also, the principal would have sent him/her home.

Where are the snakes coming out of the bowl??

ah, good idea, make the costume your own by using available props such as
1) snakes
2) Mr Hankey
3) tiddy bowl boat
4) snakes
5) fake puke
6) snakes...did I say snakes?

It's perfect for my grandson who won't use a toilet but isn't crazy about diapers. (He's almost 3 and wears size 6 Pullups, which for some reason aren't as absorbent as diapers, but he's outgrown the diapers.)

He took off his diaper (when he still wore one) and took it to his mom, yelling "It's a big one!", which wass usually scattered throughout the house by that point, and often on the bottom of his feet.

Crap. Take off that extra s, will you someone?

If he wore roller skates would he be a "porta-potty"?

"Trick or treat!!"
[While opening door]"Honey, we've got more of those cute.... "

I'd like to see the parent who ca talk their child into wearing this.

Child:"But I wana be Spiderman!"

Parent:"Shut up. You're going to be a toilet and you're going to like it!"

WTG, Jeff!

I dunno - that picture looks Ph0t0shopped to me. Look around the neck of the kid. Also, the body proportion doesn't look right. What wuss kid would want his face on an internet ad?

Use as a modern day Dunce cap. Yeah, right. Yer talking law-suit from the parent of the kid wearing that dunce cap.

Im getting this for my 6 year old daughter and her twin sister will go as a giant turd.

Okay, so is that a toilet paper roll handbag? The way he's holding it, ya know?

tracey, which one goes as which my very well determine their future psychological health.

"Yeah mom made me go as a toilet but you should've seen my sister."

All day today, I was thinking, "What should I wear to R Kelly's Halloween party?"
Thank goodness I read The Blog!

On second thought - they should probably both go as turds.

I would think that costume would scar the poor kid for life!

tracey - now i'm flashing back to the friends episode where Ross arrived as 'spudnik' but Joey said, "Look, Ross came as doody!"

*don't have time to be original, sorry...*

artchick, you made me snork oyster crackers.

I'm thinkin' making a kid wear that thing might be considered abuse in many states.

I'm preparing to do a group for parents of teens. I know it's off topic, but would appreciate some blog wisdom for these most misused and stressed folks.

Any helpful hints?

OK Hanna,

When they are their meanest and push you away the most is when they really need you. Just keep telling them that you are there for them even if they don't think they want you there. Tell them you love them even when they tell you off. They don't know what they're saying half the time. Give them space at your house where they can be with their friends overseen with discretion.

Also teens can take any comment no matter how simple the wrong way. Daughter 1 cried for an hour once when I said, "If you follow that plan that sounds good." Because I said "if". Daughter 1 is now a happy 24 year old. Phew. Daughter #2 22 today, is a teacher, son 18 not quite baked yet but almost. :)

Thanks, M. Wisdom. Reminds me of the Amish notion that teens are not in their right minds (recent brain research confirms).

Only you Dave!

What a poopy outfit

There's probably one weird boy in every elementary school class who'd get a kick out of going as a toilet for Halloween. You know the type. And he's just the kid you'd want to come Trick or Treating after you'd been TPed.

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