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October 20, 2006


Be on the lookout for a special guest pundit on this week's show.


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Nite, all!

Just a NO rant/

I am free off confidentiality, but, how can I do this? I ask myself. I suspect the best mind and sharpest intellect in HazWaste, in the world, is Randy Birchfield, of ECI in Illinois. For me, it's not a contest. I hire Randy, if he's available.

I have to do this with the cross-section of America. I know sthngirl will throw rocks, but I am the independent person between LDEQ, EPA, and private entities. I know what the day in, day out soil contamination levels are, in New Orleans. The real problem is that the kids of Orleans and St. Bernard's Parishes are playing in dirty dirt, to begin with. You folks [all of us], are wasting your tax dollars unless you at least go and look at Rep. Baker's proposed bill. The rest of my company makes money to haul the soil, so we'll do just fine. As for me, my best client asked my opinion today and I said, 'glub, glub, glub, excuse me as I'm snorkeling.' Anyone interseted, I'll send links too. These are the real data and filling/ capping the lower areas of NO are the only numbers that will ever make sense. Anywhere else in the country, we would need 2-feet of cover or some asphalt. If I'm missing something, somebody please educate me.

Nite, all!

slides a harp slushie cj's way.
nite kids.

OK. I didn't think so. I would love a second opinion, but think I know what I am seeing. well enough. Even the great mayor hisself and his environmental advisor have seen this. And you will get sued for it, you folks in Idaho.

There was no Murphy Oil spill, that I can see, in New Orleans. I am considered as a good, independent third party in court. The flooding and lawsuits I see were a containment breach, not a leak. I watched from the first day, a Tuesday when I was working on a different site and copied by pertinent people. That was a containment breach, water getting over the dike, with old saran-wrap looking oil waste floating out, off the top. If someone has better or different imagery or data, please post that. I don't think it exists and I think everyone that pretends it does is a hoser. Anybody that can post an un-photoshopped image of a rainbow coming off of Murphy, is probably not truthful. But maybe. I never saw that, from Tuesday morning, so don't make it up. People risked their lives to go underwater and restore communications in the southeast and whomever you are, if you think it is funny to post false images, your a liar. I know and history will know there was no Murphy Oil spill into the Lower Ninth Ward or St. Bernard's parish. And that is the most truthfull information I can relate, to bloglits across time zones.

CJ, you are so brave. Go to sleep and see if this is what you wanna say. I'm gonna go to sleep now, myownself.

CJ, you are so brave. Go to sleep and see if this is what you wanna say. I'm gonna go to sleep now, myownself.

Stupid robot. Ignore me. please.

Wow, that was harsh[sorry]. It was also intended. I know every trick you will ever try, plus I have a friend with a baseball bat, mister Wierd Person.

*shuffles in*


*gets coffee pot ready* *sets muffins & fruit out*

*bumps into CJ while cleaning up* oops...sorry

Good Morning weekend bloglits!

Well, looks like I missed the love/drunk-fest last night!
(I planned a "date" with hubby, only to have my daughter and her beau drop in just in time to go to dinner with us - very romantic - NOT)

To catch up:

bali - Wow. You're tough. I respect you SO much for coming thru all that w/ such grace & humor left in you.

Siouxie - Ya know I'm a hospice nurse - you have any questions, you email me, k?

CJ - Yikes! You're in the wrong line of work, cuz you have integrity and a concience! *orders 55 gal. drum of gumballs to be delivered to CJrun's house*

All the rest of y'all, {{{hugs}}}

I'm driving MY mother to the airport later so she can go visit her sister in Venice, FL who is slowly dying of cancer......so I'll be in my car at PRECISELY Wait, Wait time! Whoo hoo!

(Let's all meet back here later to discuss, shall we?)



Thanks Punkin! (will keep that in mind)...have fun with Mom! (sorry to hear about your aunt).

OK, morning all. Wait Wait is not on yet. So, I pose a question. Not having shaved for two days, I wonder if this is a beard or merely a license to write on cardboard and stand in traffic. This is an important question, as I have to sit here, waiting for Wait Wait, as opposed to going snorkeling, and apparently stroking my chin is not resistable. Boy, is this going to hurt, scraping this off if I ever go back to work.

I believe, at this stage, CJ, it is "scruff". Not too late to turn back & shave, but too far gone for chin stroking....also may chaffe any delicate female skin.

When does Wait Wait come on in your area?

Hi Siouxie! Not looking good for me to come down (major pout). However, I just received an email from Publisher's Clearing House telling me that someone with MY initials MUST be named the winner! So, once I collect, I'll hire a private jet and "pop" down, k?

It appears Wait Wait is on @ 11am, in my area. It also appears that webcasts will become available @ 4pm.

Bali, as for last night's rant, no, I wouldn't wanna say that. It was truthful, but the spelling was questionable. I am in a terrific battle with LDEQ and the EPA, doing their jobs and managing contaminated soils, which is almost over and no longer confidential. The real, honest truth is that the soils in Orleans and St. Bernards parishes are not safe for kids to play in and never have been [public, published data], since those areas were filled with Mississippi mud. It's the sort of thing that makes one wish for 5pm and happy hour. Anywhere else in the nation, I would have to cap those soils with 2-feet of clean fill ar else have the area paved. Politics, sheesh!

*lawn mowed*

Jeez, I went and killed the thread. Well, there was kinda a selfish reason. I know the other side hangs out on the web and I wanted to somehow put down in writing hints to the locations for the real data. For my selfish self, I'm taking a class to renew my captain's license and my old hippie buddy and I are going to pool our money and start up a boat-moving business. A bloglit once used the word 'manic' in an email to me and I realized that is exactly what I have become. It's time for Atlas Shrugged. [which is exactly why Angelina Jolie can't be allowed to have the role of Dagny Taggart; she must be kidnapped! Arrgghh!]

CJ, you're selfish and sneaky. That's why I like you. (birds of a feather, ya know.) I don't envy you your job, however.

btw, wait wait comes on in about 30 minutes here.

Rats! I missed the beginning of the show, so I'll have to catch the webcast. What I heard was good, though. Great job, Dave!

Heard it "first run" here in ATL. I was in the truck headed for a store. When I heard Dave was on I had to drive around for an extra 20 minutes so i wouldn't miss it.

come back to the thread, read cj's public info announcement/rant/lecture and remember why i never wanted a real job! whew. umm, good job cj. gumball?

Dang! KPBS in San Diego is playing Tom Hanks instead of Dave!!!

Wait, Wait - Dave is here!.

Thanks, Meanie!

THAT was fun!

Meanie -- thanks much for the link!

Meanie, thanks for the link. I heard the questions live but not the beginning. Technology is a wonderful thing, especially when somebody else can do it for you. 'preciate it.

Meanie--you rock! Thank you!

Dave, does this mean Carl Kasell will record your outgoing voicemail?

Cark Kasell Voicemails for the clueless corner

LOL Cheryl, that sure would be me!

*slinks away to watch BC finish off FSU*

Yeah but unfortunately, Cheryl, they're all in RealAudio format and the software to consume that format is an abomination.

Meanies - we live to serve.

Before you FL folks burn me in effigy, I would like to state I have actually downloaded several of FSU's drum cadences and music because they rock. I was in drum corps back in the late jurassic period. Still, I do live in NE . . . so GO BC.

Scott, I have no idea why that happened to you, but the NPR links all kicked up Windows Media Player for me. I'll leave the explaining/guessing why to the more tech-savvy, but my machine is definitely getting the audio in .wma format.

Oh, and I totally agree with your assessment of RealAudio.

Hi WD. Looking at the javascript link it looks like it tries to choose based on the browser. Using Opera under Windows it works fine but I was using Firefox which called for an SMIL file (which is also RealAudio, I guess).


No heinzin' ... merely cranky 'cuz I looked up the sked of our local/area NPR station, and the program wuz on @ 9:00 a.m. -- I din't even get outa bed until 10 a.m.!!!

Dang, I hate it when that happens ...

(Unless I'd find out that this wuz last week's program, and I can still manage to find the current topic of this thread NEXT week ... hmmmm ...)

Heinzing pays, at least back to 2:33 pm.

OK - heinzed - linky no worky, subscribed to NPR podcast, not available yet ... whut else is new?


Our new bed.

We set it up today, that's why I wuzn't here earlier ...

Besides which, I should be able to listen to this week's NPR "Wait, Wait ..." by about ... Monday ...

BTW - tnx 4 tryin', Blue ... I'm on a mac, so that's usually the delay/problem ... iTunes doesn't werk on that PC crapola ... or else I don't know how to do it ... which is equally possible, admittedly ...

Besides which again, already ... I finally went to check email of last few days, and found a discount price from Apple for the iLife '06 ... except it wouldn't let me into the store ...

So ... as much as I'd like to think so, Mac isn't perfect, either ...


Must not be anything funny happening in the world lately. Or nobody has sent anything in.

Ya think?

Me neither.

Cuz it makes my head hurt.

afternoon, Blue.

Looks like everybody's out enjoying the beautiful blue skys and warm temp (high today--90 degrees, water temp 84 degrees)...beaching it up.

...unless they don't live in Miami.

I sent in a Dangerous Toilet Episode but the Blog and the judi must be taking the day off.

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