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October 20, 2006


Be on the lookout for a special guest pundit on this week's show.


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*pours round of 'ritas for everyone*

For you Massholes, 90.9 WBUR, 12:00 PM on Saturday, right after Cah Talk! Does it get any better?
Posted by: Boogzy | 03:57 PM on October 20, 2006

Excellent-o, Boogzy. I will go sit in my car and listen, whilst taking a break from my daughter's field hockey tournament tomorrow (a brisk 48* w/windchill of about 29*.)



mmmmmmmmmmmm, salty, limey goodness!

Well I'm off for a bit...gotta do the Mom Taxi thang!

*hopes she doesn't get pulled *hic* over*

cheers! i'll watch your cocktail while you're gone. won't let nothing happen to it. honest!

good luck, Siouxie!

*pours another margarita for self & crossgirl*

Guin, I'm sure you're mistaken. When I was out snorkeling all day I recall having said to myself,'Next time, wetsuit.' However, the water was probably a rch under 80F. You may have to roll down a window.

[drive carfeul, Sio; twice!]

Thank God the Fall Fund Drive is over, and I can listen to NPR again. (just for the Car Guys and Wait, Wait, ya know?)

ijust want to be 100. that is all.

CJ - according to the Weather Channel gods, tomorrow at 9 am it's gonna be 44* with a windchill of 36*.

So I was only mildly exaggerating. And no scuba diving for me unless it's the Caribbean, thanks!

*work intervenes, fascinating project* Heyllo! Who needs a beer?

Guin; the weather channel is wrong. I have the windows open after a swim and washing a light salt crust off from the shower off the well. Don't even bother taking a sweater, tomorrow. This is real-time virtual advice. I would also advise you to invest based upon spam email tips.

It was over 90 degrees here in SoCal today. Of course, I'm still inside working on a tech document.


-Mixed feelings call for mixed drinks....

*sweep, sweep*

Annie! [slides mixed drink].

Just for fun, I wanna know whom has work that has no hours? As an example, a writer is never off. Belly up and answers, please.

A secretary who only takes minutes...a mill worker who identifies seconds...

Margarita, please!

Thanks, CJ. I'm a mom and a writer... zzzzz....fell asleep on the couch at 8pm last night...my kids said that every once in a while I'd sit up, say, "Time for bed!", then fall back asleep. I don't remember any of it.

*back for a bit*

Daughter is safe and sound at the mall!

*drinking her chardonnay*

Howdy ya'll!!!! CHEERS! Myself, I've poured a nice big glass of Merlot. Thought I would check in one more time before curling up with my book. I'll be busy as the team mom for my 11 year old son's football team tomorrow. Here in NC, it'll be in the mid 40's in the morning, hope it warms up a little during the day...

Hope ya'll have a wonderful evening and a happy stress free weekend!

Annie, I have had plenty of those dazed moments myself! My daughters just bug me about my snoring...which I DON'T do!!

that's MY story & I'm definitely sticking to it!

*curled up with Dave's Mars & Venus book earlier*

helped me deal last night while at the ER...again...with Mom.

She's back at the hosp..dehydration...doing better now...

(((Siouxie))) empathetically

awww..thanks Ducky!! ((((((Ducky)))))))) back at ya!
Mom is almost 90..so any little thing is MAJOR!

Just like babies ;)

I understand...my mom is 86. Funny how the beginning and end of life are fraught with similar dangers.

(((Siouxie))) - you are getting pelted from the young and the old, yipes!

It is...but I know she's a tough old gal ;)

so where's everyone else?? out there with a LIFE?

What's that????

Just finished real (not virtual) nachos and beer. It's fall break, so 17 yr old at work and 15 yr old at cousins house til Sunday. Whew! It's good to be the queen! How YOU doin', Siouxie?

(((((((Annie)))))))) thanks! and YES...like my sister and I often joke (in a somber kinda way) that we're in the sandwich of life...stuck between kids and old folks!

The Mr.'s upstairs sweating a real estate purchace he made last night. I'm on my third Harp, so I'm a happy gal! My prayers are with you re: your Mom, Siouxie.

bali, surprisingly so, I'm doing great! I have (thanks to my Mom's genetics) a very positive attitude.

thank you gals for the support! This litle blog-world has kept me sane recently ;)

Thank you so very much, bali...prayers and good thoughts are much needed AND appreciated.

The wine helps too ;-)

I lost my Mom, Dad, eldest son, and Grandmother in the same year. Luckily, I got my sense of humor from all of them, so everytime I make someone smile, I feel like I'm making them proud. This is a great place to feel good.

*clears throat*

As long as prayers are being offered...

In just the last two weeks, two of my elderly aunts died, a favorite cousin was in the hospital after a heart attack, my mom was in the hospital and she might have a chronic type of leukemia, and my daughter's best friend who just graduated from college in May was diagnosed with Hodgkin's leukemia.

Reading the blog when I have a few spare nanoseconds has kept me from running into traffic. Thanks.

Ducky, all of yours are now on my list. Big hug.

bali, I'm truly sorry for your incredible loss...I also believe that laughter has such a healing power. Of all the books I had to read last night, I picked Dave's. I needed to laugh. I was snorking at the ER last night! So...Dave (knows he won't see this but) THANK YOU!!!

Ducky, my own prayers are with you as well!

Bali, thanks so much. I can't imagine what you went through, losing all those loved ones in such a short time. Big hug back atcha! You're makin' them VERY proud!

Thanks, Siouxie. It's been 7 1/2 years, and I'm doing well now. I still have 3 great kids and an amazing husband, and I know what gifts they are. My youngest child is the funniest person I've ever met, she's just drug me along thru life til I finally embraced it again. Laughter heals so much, I agree.

Bali, thanks so much. I can't imagine what you went through, losing all those loved ones in such a short time. Big hug back atcha! You're makin' them VERY proud!

Thank you, Ducky, my partner in shortness. Hugs and hand squeezes to you.

I guess I felt so grateful, I had to say thanks twice. But thanks to you, Siouxie, too! This blog has some of the BEST (smartest, funniest, best looking) folks!

howdy all. speakin' of kids, my daughter showed up today, surprised us by comin' up from Colorado. She was bored, 'cause her boy friend's in Iraq. Nice kid, I forgot how much I like her. (Some of you know what I mean by that.)

I'm geetin' another beer. Can I get anything for you guys while I'm up?

Ooohh Jeeeez,

The gals are huggin' and cryin. This is exactly why the bbq grill is out back. Can I get any a you gals a beer, while I'm in the kitchen?

[tongue in cheek, Sio. The amazing Mom, for me, hangs in there and runs the family. I keep asking her when she will keel over and die and she looks at me and says, 'not in your lifetime.' And I'm the youngest! Wish yours and all's the best.]

(pulls down 'e', tosses up a 't')

Wyo, I've found they become much more lovable when they don't live at home.

((((((( group hug))))))

Well, hell, CJ, if you'da spoke up earlier, I coulda sat on my butt a little longer. Yeesh!

(((bali & crew))) - when the going gets tough, the tough get funny.
I had to share this-
The other night, my son was studying homework about the north pole. He said there was no land up there, that the ice just shifted around. "Not even a real pole, Mom," he said.
"Well then where does Santa live?" I asked.
"Mom," he got somber,"I don't think there is a Santa Claus."
"Then who," I exclaimed straightfaced, "brings all that stuff?"
"Jesus does, he said. "It's his birthday, and that's the kinda guy he is."

I'm going home - see ya!

thanks CJ!!!

Wyo, I know you and Diane are thrilled to have her (I KNOW)

Bali, we short folks have to stick together! Hugs to you! And I'll take a glass of wine!

and ducky, I can't imagine how you feel, but I know how I felt having suffered multiple losses. I'm certain you'll continue to find great support and uplifting humor from the great people on this blog. And maybe from me an blurk too.

Aw, thanks, Wyo. (And snork!) Being from Texas, I have a real soft spot in my heart for cowboys.

Wyo, don't sell yourself short...you have been a great support to me!

Annie - your son is a blessing and he's right.

GREAT, AWBH! I have a Santa story, too. My youngest HATED Santa when she was 3, he just scared her to death. I asked her why, and she said "he doesn't have any feet, he just sits at the mall. And why is he in our house without a key? That ain't right." Then that summer she came home from Bible school and said "hey, I know what Santa does in the summers. He's Noah. I seen his picture, and it's the same guy!"


Those are the moments we cherish, especially once they're teenagers.

I'll be tuning in! I want to see what Dave should know had he been paying attention.

We never told my kids that santa was real. Knowin' the boys, they'da been up on the roof stringin' wire for a booby trap. Sadistic little fellers. but cute.

question for the bloggers:

If you were to win Carl Kasell's voice on your answering machine, what would you have him say?

I have a science question: if your beer is in the back of the fridge and it's partially frozen, is the beer you actually can drink stronger in alcohol content? Cuz, if so, YAY!

bali, that is toooo funny!

*puts beer in freezer*

*would answer IF I knew who Carl Kasell was*

*hangs head in shame*

Wow, two terrific questions in a row!

Carl is the "scorekeeper" announcer voice on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me. contestants often win his voice on their answering machine.

Siouxie, join me once again in the Clueless Corner; I still have the blender!

*admits to never, ever listening to NPR*

I don't know who that is, either. I did get a wake-up call a couple of years ago from Ice T (I got it from Target.com, the Friday after T'giving.) He said, and I quote "Hey. Get up. I ain't playin'. Get your butt outta bed." It's one of my favorite moments ever.

bali, that beer's all alcohol, the only portion that won't freeze until under 21F. Wait, Wait....

Too late.

I KNEW IT!! Thanks, CJ! (Keep the beer cold, Wyo!)

Sioux, go here and click "I feel cheap." for a Carl sample.

"Trapped in the Basement" on the above link is very good, too.

*drinks beer alcohol slushy*

*moves rest of six-pack to freezer*

OK, it's too late for bali, but I was away for a bit. Bali, please get down from the table.

I noticed something, since back when I was a blurker, to an early poster, to now, a regular pain in the neck.

Annie's Christmas' post made it take shape. Some of the nicest people on the planet hang out here. Everybody has moments, but this is neutral territory. I can't think of an online community that better represents what I see across America, or that gives me more hope.

CJ, try to tell that to James South. (as if anyone could tell him anything)

Amen, CJ! (Not the pain in the neck part)

Now, it's been fun, all, but I'm going to pop a cork on a real bottle of wine and join Mr. Ducky out on the porch for a little conversation in the crisp, post-cool-front 65* evening. I truly appreciate the support, and will sing Kumbaya with y'all anytime. Hugs and smooches to all, and to all a good night!

Night Ducky. (it's 38, here, btw) I'm stayin' inside.

Are you spying on me, CJ?!! *jumps down from table* I don't know what you're talking about. *stumbles to kitchen for another beer*

G'night, Ducky! Enjoy!

Wyo--brr! That's why I live here in Austin!
Bali--will do! And stay OFF the table!


wow. i leave for a bit and come back to beer slushies, aging parents, santa and NPR. hugs all around. and no. i have no life either. glad to be in good company!

Hey, cg, glad to know you're one of my 3 friends. I feel very special. (no, really I do!)

isn't one of those friends really family? does that still count?

nope. all three are not family. my family don't like me much.

*gets another beer slushy*

crossgirl, can you send me the link to your site? It sounds amazing. My sister-in-law makes stained-glass crosses. Oh, and can I get you something to drink? (Nearly forgot my manners!)

well yay you then!! i thought maybe the bull guy was one of your boys.

*hopes she's a friend too*

brrrrrrrrrr to all the people dealing with anything under 70 degrees ;)

Hey, Wyo, I've spent several summers in Casper...well, Casper Mtn. Sure is pretty up there!

thanks bali, beer slushie would be fine. i tried to make grass stained crosses once but it didn't work out so well. you can just click on my name for the link and from there is links to flikr and myspace.

Siouxie, it might be under 70 here, but I have my hot flashes to even things out.

well you're my friend anyway siouxie! cheers!

*passes crossgirl a Harp slushie and charges toward your site*

bali, if you think Casper Mtn. is pretty, you've gotta see the rest of the state. Have you looked at my pix?

awwww thanks & cheers too, cg!!

bali - NOT looking forward to those hot flashes! it's always HOT in Miami..damnit!

did someone say hot flashers? which way did they go?

Wow, Wyo! Beautiful! I grew up in Washington state, and I love the mountains. I've been to Sheridan for the rodeos, all the way to Montana, to Glacier Nat'l Park. You make me miss God's Country.

you're always welcome back. Jus' sayin'.

I might swing up that way this next summer. My girls need to see it. I sent them to Seattle over spring break. They loved the scenery, but thought the people were so rude. I know they aren't in WY or MT. It would be a great experience for them to have.

And Siouxie, I wanted hot flashes two years ago. Funny, the difference 30 lbs makes. I never get cold anymore.EVER.

I hear ya, bali! I'm off to pick up my daughter ;)

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