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October 20, 2006


Be on the lookout for a special guest pundit on this week's show.


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woo hoo!

And I loved Dave popping up the the corner of my monitor!

Will I be awake and alert enough to listen? That is the question.

Great...love that show!

And I loved Dave pooping up the the corner of my monitor!

YAY Dave!!! you ARE taking over the world!

uh...why does Brian William's face look distorted??

oh wait...

Well, that picture finally answers the "boxers or briefs" question... and I didn't even want to know.

Rats. I have a particularly unpleasant meeting I have to be in when that's airing. :-(

Are we talking about the toilet or Dave ? Both are special.

Does the toilet Dave is sitting on have wings?

Hm, well I can't get the link to open, but I did get a lovely picture to appease me

oooh I luuuurv Wait Wait ...

Dave are ya a full panelest or are you doing "Not My Job?"

ummm, i think he was a "full panelist" unless that involves something untoward. or anything to do with panels.

as for not being able to listen when it airs, i am pretty sure you can listen to it online after it airs in your market. though i could, of course, be wrong.

wait, and let me ask a special guest pundit.

Judi, I beg to differ, surely you can NOT be wrong.

I know, I know, don't call you shirley.

pundit...what you do to a beer...poundit

Looks like Dave can't wait....must belong to the Repooplican potty.

So what questions will you be asking about the queen and the marching band? (I can think of several you might ask about duct tape and the bikini.)

Y'know, bookworm, it would never have occured to me that those two might go together. But now I know.

Wait a minute, what are you guys all talking about. I clicked on the link and was something about toilets for the "hefty". Is Dave now a door to door toilet salesman?

Duct tape? Wow! I really should listen to that one... But (not butt) when is Dave going to be available? Not that I can't wait...

Annie - Dave's not even a Democrap. And don't even START with the low-flow politoilets.

CH! can you say OUCHIE when you have to take that OFF???

duct-tape waxing

If Dave's playing Not My Job, how will that work? I mean, he asks questions about things the guest doesn't know, & doesn't Dave know-it-all??

Clean Hands, you can get the podcast of the show on Monday or Tuesday, & hear all of Dave's words of crap wisdom then... .

You can listen on-line and it is podcasted, if that's a word, after the show airs on Saturday.

Now call and make a pledge.

the pundit CLAIMS he is in the "not my job" segment. and he can't be wrong.

I have never seen this show.

*joins DavetheRed in the clueless corner*

CH--I should have realized that would be one of the thousands of uses for duct tape...

Not my job, huh? I also have never heard this show but I'll listen for the podcast next week.

*joins crowd in the clueless corner, brings tequila*

The only thing I see is the October 14 show. When is it on on Saturday? Couldn't find that either.

*ambles over to clueless corner, cuts up lime for the tequila*

Oh, goody! I listened to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me every Saturday morning while my husband and I were students. We didn't have TV, so it was WWDTM, Garrison Keeler, Ira Glass and What d'ya Know for entertainment.

I wonder, is Dave Indumpendent?

Hola Suzy! I'll take a shot or five!

Almost Happy Hour right??

*brought the salt*

It's five o'clock somewhere Siouxie!

Great to see that Dave will be making a stop over on National Pooplic Radio ... I'm low-flow flushed with excitement!

Wooooo hooooooo!

It's quittin' time for me!!

Laters ;)

For you Massholes, 90.9 WBUR, 12:00 PM on Saturday, right after Cah Talk! Does it get any better?

if you go to the "when can you listen" link, you can put in your state and it will tell you when it's on in your area, ubetcha.

if you miss the broadcast, you can get the show as a free podcast on itunes - great show -- they usually have the saturday show available on itunes by sunday evening

Thanks judi. Looks like the podcast for me because I'm in the boonies of CT--can't get Boston or Hartford and it's on am instead of fm in Providence.

Dave theRed, it's a radio show, so methinks no one "sees" it.

I'm listening to Brian Williams from the October 14 show right now!


What the Sam hell is a "pundit", anyway?? It sounds sorta like a female whatsis that needs to be examined regularly by doctors and amateur gynecologists like myself. Just asking...


Not "Donnie Baker" is it?

Nope - Donnie Williams

Attention East Coast Bloglits: it is officially beer thirty. I have a headstart, so I'll be bartending.

YAY, CJ! I'll have a Harp! And I'll start the nachos.

Go ahead, CJ. Rub it in whydoncha?

Moving to the clueless corner, but hoping it has the booze. :)

*Passes blurk a beer in a styrofoam cup* I won't tell if you won't.

psst...thanks, baligurl. I owe ya one.

*slides a Harp to bali and places an icy tub of Fuller's ESB out for the more adventurous. Yeah, Sio, I have glasses ready and the Chardonnay chilled.* Sergeant Blurk, suck it up [the beer in the styrofoam cup, that is].

Huh? Whut beer? This is apple juice.

Who wants jalapenos?

No thanks, that wasabi in the nose from an earlier thread will tide me over. Speaking of which, I posted a true tall guy/ short gal anecdote on the previous thread.

I saw that. My husband always teases me about having a flat spot on my head (I really do), he says it's a place to put his beer when we're slow dancing. Where's my axe?

More apple juice, please. Them damn jalapenos are hot!

CJ - I saw that too. Hilarious. Or Hairlairious.

*hands 32 oz cup to blurk* Pace yerself, doll, it's dang near quittin' time!

kittypaws, no cluelessness needed. Wait Wait is a radio program on public radio, saturday mornings. It's done as if it's a gameshow and the panelists are assigned worthless points for geting the answers right. Towards the end, they bring in a 'celebrity' to answer questions, playing for a prize that would be awarded to a listener. The trick is, they ask questions that are not from the 'celebrity's' area of expertise. That's why that part of the program is called 'Not My Job.' Which is especially funny if it's the Blog, as I'm not certain what his job may be, these days. I'm reasonably certain there will be no questions associated with Strumpeting.

Let's play a game: Guess what Dave gets asked about for Not my Job. The winner gets at least five virtual margaritas.

The top 5 things I would like to hear him get asked about:

1. Japanese culture
2. Squirrels
3. Cowboys/exploding cows
4. 24
5. Plumbing, especially snakes in toilets

CH & Siouxie,

I was also thinking that certain very personal grooming decisions were gonna be made by default after that contest. NTTAWWT, of course.

1. Cheezits
2. Blue Shirts
3. Walrus Anatomy
4. Crappy Photos
5. Most Loyal Fans

huh? Steve? what contest??

YAY home now! where's my drink?

*reads up to see why she's suddenly clueless*

*grabs a glass of chardonnay*

thanks CJ!

*cranks up margarita machine, salts glass, slides a fresh one to Sio*

ohhhhhhhhh the duct tape bikini waxing contest...

got it!

Yay still at work now!

*hangs head*


thanks Ducky!

blogarita goes great with wine ;)

awwww blurkie...almost happy hour for you anywho...

sending ya off with a weekend simul too ;)

Siouxie, really? *looks doubtful, but is willing to be gullible*

Welcome home Sio!

EBL and Blurk: Not! The questions have to come from an area that is NOT in his expertise! My suggestions:

1] Early Roman History
2] Nuclear Physics
3] Chemistry
4] Cooking
5] Picking out clothing

The beauty is he will undoubtedly have his Jack Phone and the bloglits can text him the answers.

Thanks CJ! Ducky...just drink ;) trust me...

Okay, okay.

1. Nascar
2. Frog giggin'
3. Handy uses for dried cow chips
4. Singles bars in North Dakota
5. Female Latvian weight lifters

If I had to pick 5

fascination with:

1) bazoomages (obvious, I know, but it would be funny.
2) beer
3) toilets
4) snakes, squirrels & chez-its, OH MY!
5) the color blue

ohhhh...something he's not familiar with...

stomped...he knows ALL

btw, blurk...

I am NOW having one of those anxiety moments. My youngest is going on a date...


Good luck, Sioux!!
If somebody needs killin' give me a call.

boy or girl?

Night everyone. Have a great weekend!!!

16 year old girl, Ducky.

I hope I won't have to, blurk... I got my kickass boots too.

Nite, blurk...you too!!!

Thanks for the simul, blurk! I needed that!

Sio, my husband (the former Marine) used to threaten to be sharpening his (Marine) knife when dates would come to pick up our darling daughter. One of the first things she'd say to her date was, "my Dad knows how to kill people with just 2 fingers."

Sio, remember Mud's advice. The hairy pimple face has to look you in the eyes, shake your hand, or he's outta there. And not in the Eddie Haskill way of lookin' you in the eye. Keep a bat, near the door. When in doubt, swing. They make more pimple faces, but they don't make more daughters.

LOL...lovely first impression! I'm sure it worked like a charm!

come to think of it, the girl didn't date much in high school...

Well it's going to be a pretty controlled situation. I'm dropping her off at the mall/movies and he's meeting her there. I'll be picking up. And I've met him before. Super tall geeky kid. Goes to a Mast & Science Magnet HS (MAST). So he's smart.

better be ;)

passes siouxie a margarita, you need it honey!

Mast = Math

*gulps it down*

Thanks, crossgirl!! you guys are da best!

Does said geek drive?

Here's to hoping he's smart enough to be a gentleman.

oops, never mind if it's a controlled situation. i'll drink the rita for you.

hell, let's just mix up a pitcher.

No he does not...he's her age. GOOD thing! She's not allowed to get in a car with boys just yet.

*will be needing the gumballs as well*

Drink up guys!!!

crossgirl, now you're talking!

*fires up blender*

*gets glasses & dunks them in lemon juice...then salt*

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