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October 29, 2006


See you in South Miami.


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YAY!!!!!! let me be the FIRST to say...I think it's gonna be a gorgeous day, Dave! Can't wait!

have fun siouxie and all. bring back lots of valuable prizes!!

and it's cold!!!! 60's brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

thanks, crossgirl! I plan to have a great time...even though I'm not playing.

Good luck, everyone! Have fun!

Have a great time and by the way here in Wisconsin it is a balmy 28 degrees.

I can't wait to see all you losers the Hunters in South Miami! :)

I'm working on my site updates now so that I can be ready with the volumes and volumes of stuff I'll be coming back with tonight. Don't forget to visit my site (click my name below) before and after the Hunt!

Good luck Andy! We're rooting for you!!!

Have a TON of fun, Siouxie!!!!!

Glad Sorry you can't make it, Punkin, Steve, kittypaws, crossgirl...More prizes for the rest of us We'll miss you!


Andy, that's just cold. ;)


Have fun everybody!

Did I say I was rooting for Andy???

I meant I was pooting at Andy.

Hey now! That wasn't called for!


Stuck in Lodi Wyo again.

The team my wife and I used to go to the Hunt with will be down there in fine form again. Go "Blind Mice"!

Good luck to Andy too! It's going to be a busy day! :-)

*Wishes he were at the Happy Hunting Grounds (not the spritual place) for all the fun, and the Fahrenheits.*

note to siouxie...60's ain't cold. :)

have fun you guys!!

I can't wait to hear the updates!

No whining about temps. Its supposed to be 11 degrees tonight. 11?!
I haven't finished planting bulbs and now I have to blow out an irrigation system. *pouts*

Now I am jealous!

Siouxie, 60 is so NOT cold, honey. Good luck!


Why do I always have to work on the day of the Hunt?!?!

*wishes good luck to all the Hunters out there today*

Have fun guys! I'll be thinking of you while I fold laundry and keep my kids (both sick w/ colds) from killing each other.

ps- I'm adding the Hunt of "things I want to do/see before I die".

Happy Hunting! I'm thinking of ya'll! We want all the gory details first thing tomorrow morning!

why, no, i don't feel left out at all. why do you ask? *hangs head...shuffles away*

Do any of the clues involve the world's most violent stick figure? I found him. Or her.

That's funny, rene' ...

60 is cold?

Not here ... it's 60 right now, and we were almost perspirin' during church ... too nice ... the Albert Clipper must be on its way to punish us ...

Oops ... that's Alberta Clipper ... sorrysorrysorrysorrysoverysorry ...

It's all perspective. Like my mom says....95 degrees is just about right.

When are they gonna be done?????


*whines in unison with Punkin*
*leaves to go to family gathering*

This thread has kinda developed a vicarious vein.

Good one, Wyo. Professor Oppernochedy would be proud.

rene- definately a guy stick person. A girl would have thought of that long before...well before.

Also. Very cool.

*takes up knitting waiting for news update....*

Punkin whats your favorite color?

Hi, all.

I just got home. I lost. Big surprise! :)

Dave and Tom were great, and Siouxie did a great job keeping Hunters at bay confused. And she even took some pictures for me at the end, and will even be in atleast one picture on my site.

Anyway, it's going to take me 2-3 hours just to update my site with stuff. I have video again this year, but I need to downconvert it b/c the files are too big for my server.

Hang tight...stuff will be made available soon!

Andy, I will upload my pics as soon as possible and send them to you. It was hard not to give away anything...knowing the answers. You did GREAT though! You got the 5 and were SOOO close in the end! I even saw some people I know and just couldn't help.

btw...I LOVE your Jack Sack :-)

Siouxie: You have no idea how much I want to be up on that stage and be annouced as the winner of a Hunt. However, I want to do it the right way. This is why, even in my position with my site and how I help indirectly/unofficially promote the Hunt, I do not seek ANY specifics on puzzles, etc. before or during the Hunt. I WANT to compete. :)

Thanks for offering, tho. Can't wait for the pics! I'm about to publish an update soon. On that note, everyone, I'll be posting updates in the HUNT UPDATE entry of Dave's...i.e. the one after this one. :)

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