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October 31, 2006


Squirrels on crack.

(Thanks to NCoan)


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If they ever gets guns we're doomed.

Just don't bury your guns in your back yard.

This is nothing. When they start dealing, we need to worry.

'Scuze me, but what appreciable difference in behaviour can you see between squirrels on or off crack???

I mean, besides the increase in gun violence.

"Dude, get away from my nuts, or I'll go all crystal meth on your a$$."

"Crack Squirrels" WBAGNFARB

OOOOOOHHH! NOW I understand "Jimmy crack corn"!!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! NOW I understand "Jimmy crack corn"!

*damnable bot*

*goes digging thru garden in search of, um, ahh, radishes, yeah, radishes...*

I'm ODing on all these new threads. This one is from me but somehow my real name was used to protect the not-so-innocent.

How come there aren't a lot of crack dogs out there?

I can't imagine telling my drug dealing upline (or whatever you call 'em) that I lost my stash to squirrels...

ubetcha, I've seen plenty of dogs sniffin crack. Just sayin.....

“Just an hour earlier I’d seen a squirrel digging in the flower-beds.

probally trippin' or something...

yo squirrels on crack is so wiggedy-wack
they aggressive they attack get that rodent off my back digging up my garden and they ruined my a-zal-eas and it p1ssed off my wife who got a kitchen knife and went balistic on they furry a55 and some a them is in the past tense they best get wise as you've surmised my blushing bride do homicide on they furry hide if they

keep on digging what's good, in the neighborhood
keep on digging what's good, in the neighborhood

they ain't no good, ain't no account smokin' drinkin forties in the tree where they hang out getting with the girl squirrel who charges by the hour my wife look out the window and she begin to glower but she held back until they found crack and assaulted her tomatoes then she blew her stack - I know better than that - don't mess the ladies garden or you gonna get wacked we got squirrel for lunch and squirrel for dinner my toothpick remove bits of furry little sinner, I

keep on digging what's good, in the neighborhood
keep on digging what's good, in the neighborhood

M-Stuff is IN DA HOUSE!!

oh and Yo!

mud, while you are immensely talented, you are also very, very bad.
i feel bad for the squirrels. the crack heads on the other hand can fry in hell. if you are stupid enough to get into that crap, try to just fry your own brains, leave the poor little fuzzy buggers out of it.

wiggedy-wack indeed

DAY-am, Mud - good stuffin!

this is why i hide my crack with jeans

How many people suddenly took up "gardening" after that article?

Sorry, Beppie - can't stay and ch@t.....gotta finish planting my crack bulbs.

*hoping for an early spring crop*

Squirrels crack me up.

Layzee, be glad squirrels arent up your crack.

I note that the dateline on this story is today, but the story its ownself seems familiar ... wuzn't this blogged before, as published by some other paper?

Or ... mebbe I'm havin' a crack-induced hangover and imagined that I saw into the future, from the past, which is now today ...


ever ...

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