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October 13, 2006


Here's the CrapCam photo I was trying to post here, which I somehow posted to Greg Cote's blog.
(Greg, if for any reason you wish to publish a photo of a walrus-penis bone, or for that matter the penis bone of any other mammal, on my blog, I will not stand in your way)


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still nice punkins

hmm, um...i would comment but I am at my mother's house in the presence of my mother and...averts eyes so she doesn't suspect...

Cj....I'll give you your well deserved *snork* over here. Walter Peyton...Great back and person.

Chs, seems to be a theme... weren't you hiding from supervisors earlier? Guess I'm fortunate to work where I was able to slide my laptop around towards my boss earlier today, with panties displayed and he said, 'Ewww Nintendo!'

it was a premature ejackolantern.

*snork* @ OLS.

Jazzzz, I thought so too, on the spelling and did a quick check. Obviously the intranets and my guts let me down. Peyton. Sweetness. [plus a sports joke]

The more exposure for Walter, the better.

Now, all sports players will be going around and saying "Hey, you want to see Walter?" to innocent pumpkins everywhere, thanks to Dave's technological mistakes.

Actually, it might be a refreshing change for all sports groupies.

I am left with but one question.
How many snorks equal one chortle?

aC: you've got it backwards. A chortle is a millisnork. In order for beer to actually get in your nose it takes a kilochortle.

Thanks CJ I feel kiloenlightenwd!

Damn!! I hate when I mak typos!!!


how does one send Dave an Important News Bulletin on the war in Iraq?


I would add one thing to Walter's costume...a trenchcoat. (That mechanically opens and closes...I bet the boys at M5 could whip one out - teehee)

PT, I figure Sio would have you covered if you came in from out of town, but she's on the road this weekend. I'm looking forward to the Sio/ Punk double-posts.

And Blurk is looking forward to the menage a blog.

I'd look forward to it, but I'm too near-sighted to care.


Here for a bit!

AWWW I missed today's blogtivities! WORK (UGH) GYNO APT. (DOUBLE UGH) and life in general!

PUNKIN: Let me know if you don't find a place to stay. I have an extra room. Twin bed but better than a couch and WAY better than a roach-infested motel ;)

CJ is right. I'm sure our 2-way blogging would get blurk all tingly and stuff!

oh and regarding Walter's crap-cam errant pic, I'll say what I posted at Greg's blog:

Walter looks quite perky with his pumpkins...

Hi Sioux, anyone else out there?

(not that there's anything wrong wit Sioux,!)

Hey Wyo! I was trying to catch up on today's fun...

go cards and tigers.

good day for baseball.

I had to work today too, not much bloggin fun.

sucks huh??

and I have to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning...drive 3 hrs...but I'm really looking forward to seeing my baby :)

(even if I HAVE to deal with the ex-in-laws)

You tell that college girl I said hello, even though she don't have a clue who I am.


Mrs. Cowperson was right, btw, about the exotic beauty.

Just sayin'.

I shall tell her :)

and tell Diane...thank you. It was great ch@tting with both of you the other night.

I must, however, get some sleep or I'll be snoring at the wheel!

Nite nite! I'll check in from Sarasota...

see ya, kid.

AWWW I missed today's blogtivities! WORK (UGH) GYNO APT. (DOUBLE UGH) and life in general!
Sxi -

TMI (UGH)!!!

For a crapcam photo (and an exlusive one at that), the quality is remarkably good. Did we get a new phone, Dave?

walter should have a hat. it could be chilly on halloween.

My friend Scott Phillips spotted this semi-natural formation last October in east Tennessee, not far from Savage Gulf and the Stone Door. Odd what turns up when the foliage falls...


Link for Nate.

Thanks, Dave. Couldn't figure out how to embed the link myself.

Well, good mornin' all. Didn't take long for the blog to seek it's own level. COOL!!! Nate, any one you Know? (and as always, Tx for the tech help DTR)

Good morning bloggers!! I can thank Jeff for the help with learning the link thing. :D

Hmm. Scott took this picture not far from where Al Gore grew up. The former VP has often been described as wooden. A member of his family tree, perhaps?

Seems to me that Walter is rather happy to see Dave, but that he needs to cut down on the Vitamin C.

NTTA ....

I don't know what to post today, because I am trying to figure out which is funnier, the picture or it mistakenly being posted on the sports blog. How many dumb jocks were scratching their heads this morning, thinking to themselves, "I don't know what new sport this is, but I think I like it!"

or they're thinking 'wow, steroids really do shrink the testicles!'

snork at beppie (for saying the exact thing my lack-of-caffeine addled mind is thinking) and the whole situation in general. I'm just hoping that this CrapCam incident didn't spark any kind of dissention between these 2 fine columnists. That would be sad. Funny, but sad.

Wyo, there is no baseball today.:(

*still sobbing*

There is college football tho...:D

If a bunch of golf or curling photos show up on "our" blog now, I'm gonna be pissed. Unless it's women's golf. Or curling.

For my buddy stevie: woo-hoo!

Baseball tonight!

i could get used to watching curling

Walter is probably cold. If you toss a sheet over him, he would be a happy camper.

perverts, all of you. nttawwt!

CG don't insult perverts like that.

Here ya go, Toto -
Curling at its finest!

I look at the picture of Walter, and it strikes me that he looks a tad forlorn and lonely there, leaning against that wall.....

Walter, do I make you horny?

thanks El

seems curling is an even weirder sport than i thought it was

Walter looks like he's been in cold water too long.

Wlater looks so festive!!!

Dyslexic fingers! Sorry 'bout that WALter.

Dyslexic fingers! Sorry 'bout that WALter.

I recently found out that my aunt and uncle have an oosik. They lived in Alaska for a while when they were first married.

I inquired, but no, theirs is not named.

Lol, jazzzz and el, 218-219pm.

No new posts? Well....Go Cards again

excuse me sir, when will the blog be reopening for comments?

yes, yes cloture....GO CARDS!!

sports fan logic...Ok, follow me here. Auburn beats Fla + Ark beats Auburn = Ark # 2. *takes another swig of furniture polish* won't budge on this at least for another 5 min.

Walter's balls ... um ... pumpkins ... seem to be glowing a bit. Is that healthy?

some might say they are gourd-geous...

So maybe its just me. I go through life thinking I'm average, then Annie says something that is extra. You folks are funny and smart, so you tell me. I'm supposed to be really smart, but you guys crack me up. I have spent my entire adult life talking dumb and working with people, but you give me a semblance of hope. You're that sharp and that funny, and I thought you should know that.


Hey Jazzzz... SC kicked the crap out of Arkansas... Arkansas #3.

There you go Brad, usin' facts and reason and stuff. wrong blog for THAT!

Morning greeting from Sarasota!!!

had a wonderful day with my daughter yesterday (even when I had to deal with the ex-in-laws).

I see we're still admiring Walter's uh...pumpkins?

I wuppose Walter and his pumpkins are waiting for a response from female pumpkins?

Mornin' Siouxie and DtR! Last day of vacation *sob*, but have had relaxing time. Ms. Jazzzz still south of the border. I do miss her so, but it's nice to have some "alone" time now and then. Back tomorrow!(yay) Don't be jealous Sioux, but I'm playing golf again today. I know how that excites you!

Yay for golf, I love golf Jazzzz, hope you're having a great time

Thankee DtR. Remind me sometime to tell you that I am a crowd marshal at The Masters each year, and get to play Augusta National.ISIANMTU. sweet.. long story how I got that gig.

Snork @ El's curling link

Snork @ Walter's punkins

Hey, gang! Long time no blog. My roof's finished, my ceilings are finished, the place is still a teetotal mess, but there's progress every day.

I see LOTS of new names here, so for those of you whom I haven't met, hail from Miami, FL. Go Gators! Did you see the fight between the Hurricanes and (who were they playing?), lord have mercy, whatamess!

And, when does 24 come back on the air? They've moved the reruns to 11:30 pm Saturday night, and it's Day 5, which was bad enough the first time around. I'm ready for Day Six!

i am so torn!, (bachelor's from f.i.u., Ph.D. from U. of Miami)

Pssssttt, CJ ... don't look now, but you're one of us, and you do the same for us as we do for you.

whatareyoutalkingaboutinsome? Miami wasn't playing/brawling with FIU, were they? They aren't even in the same conference, are they? I only remember the announcer saying Hurricanes during the fight.

(Well, that's the extent of what I know...or don't...about college football and the teams that play it.)

Daisy, I'll bet you get better Miami-FIU info on the Greg blog. Meanwhile, my recollection from last season of 24 was that new episodes would begin January 6th.

Dave could I post to Greg's blog?

Pssssttt, CJ ... don't look now, but you're one of us, and you do the same for us as we do for you.

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 03:34 PM on October 15, 2006

yup. that is all. :)

CJ, I will whole-heartedly agree with that!

you do us..we do you...

That's what they meant, right??

j/k - we do each other here!

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