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October 24, 2006


(Thanks to Annette Gaudreau)


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The implication of that article is that those guys have reproduced... thats scary

The City of Brotherly Love strikes again.

First? Perhaps we could just learn to chill a bit.

We boo Santa at Eagles games. You think we wont take on our little kid's coach?

*brandishing AK47*

"Hey, I don't care if she does weigh 214 lbs! My dainty widdle pumpky-umpkins is gonna dance the lead in the Nutcracker and THAT'S THAT!!!!"

Please notice the guys name.


'nuf said

Now does everyone get my point??!!

Some people just need killin'.

Never doubted you for a minute, Blurkie old boy!

Right you are, Blurk. And it's "Filthadelphia, City of Brotherly Shove" in reality. Spent two loooooong years there myself.

Avid - so you are familiar with our lovely highway: the SureKill Distressway?

Seriously, I would hate to be the judge in this case. What the hell punishment would be fitting for this moronic example of walking stupidity?

blurk - public flogging

blurk, I would say sterilization, but it appears to be too late.

The SureKill! Of course. Mr. Avid once made a spectacular left turn into the oncoming lane on Roosevelt Blvd. with 3 other cars full of friends following him. A truly memorable ride.

The City of Brotherly Gun...altho it wasnt hard to figure which one pulled the gun...

and avid...INNER city Philly is yucky...'burbs are the nicest anywhere...

Valley forge park is soooo nice

Very true, Chaz. I reserve my slurs for the city environs and the corruption therein. The 'burbs are lovely and friendly, too.

Two (#2 & 3) of State Farm's Top 10 dangerous Intersections are on Roosevelt Blvd. Some people get a rush from jumping out of a plane. I get mine driving the Boulevard and SureKill.

yeah, but while you are waiting for the tow truck, you can go to Nicks roast beef....

Snork @ State Farm!

oh look...one is by me
Pembroke Pines, FL: Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard

Philly has a nice zoo too. no pandas though...

Ah, sportsmanship... What excellent role models!

Having been an assistant coach where a field was in a suburban area that was the subject of a gang truce to permit entry, exit and no weapons in return for free registrations for siblings of gang members, I can attest that not all suburbs are as clean as rumored.

At a different field, three or four assistants and coaches who didn't have teams on the field had to get between two sets of parents when a play left a first baseman on the ground.

It's nuts out there and not just in Philly.

DPC, Chaz, Avid - THAT would be EXACTLY why I NEVER drive in Philly. SEPTA is my friend. The R5 gets me almost anywhere I need to go, and if I can't make it between the train and walking, I don't go. LOVE my little burb.....Philly, not so much!

And Chaz, you're right about the zoo - that would be the one exception to my "never drive in Philly" rule. The kid and I are members. Have you been since they opened the new Big Cat Falls?

And I thought about sending this in, but decided it was just too sad....

Did I break the blog??

I had 3 comments, and suddenly the numbers went down.....

Thank heaven my children are too lazy to play sports.

The comment counter's been screwed up for a few days now.

I don't care 'cause I can't count.

Must be quittin' time - that really made me laugh, blurk.

Been a LOOOOOONNNGG day....

Tell me about it. This blog's the only thing that's kept me from trying to smoke my shirt sleeve.

Both those guys look like axe murderers! I can't believe they have let them any where near children! They need to be in a Church Confessional....no, wait...

blurk, I've said it before - the blog is my (somewhat tenuous) link to sanity.

Thanks to all!!

"Wayne Derkotch" ~ "Donkey Watcher"

Not That There's Anyway Wayne With That.

But what happened with the killer exploding keg (link at the bottom of the page)?

Not That There's Anything Wayne With That.


As a Little League mom, I can safely assert that kid's sports are about the scariest thing there is.

and DPC - I too live within walking distance of 2 of State Farm's top 10 here in Tulsa! We have something (horribly scary) in common!

Lesson from LA traffic - if everybody moves really slowly, nobody gets hurt...much.

Lesson from Great Falls, MT traffic - Gridlock usually involves a tractor.

town slogan -
Great Falls - Less Filling

blurk, Hager City WI too. We always say if there are 5 cars going by the intersection it's a traffic jam. Of course I work in Minneapols, so I do get traffic jams for real.

Annie, come visit and I'll show ya a great time on the town. That'll take about 15 minutes and then we'll play Yahtzee or sumpthin'.

I like Yahtzee. Just sayin'.

Wyo, you can bring the beer.

Party time!!!

Traffic jams here in Maine usually occur when a 13ft truck tries to go under the 11ft bridge. Has happened twice this month - so far.

(What? I don't get offered a drink???)

Give me a sec, Punkin!!

I was recoverin' from the simul.

I like parties, too.

Once, on the autobahn outside Frankfurt, we were caught in a stau (traffic jam). The Germans in the bus next to us broke out the beer, and we just had us a little party there on the highway for about a half hour. We had no Yahtzee, but made do.

When in Germany...or was that Rome?

Oh well, it don't matter long as ya got beer.

Ok, ok.....I'm keepin' my shirt on....

Whoa whoa whoa...nobody said anything 'bout keepin' shirts on. I said give me a sec.

It better be more than a sec, Blurk - I ain't no machine.

You're not? Then what's that buzzin' I hear?

Sorry, that was too easy to pass up.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr............ok, I asked for that.

Listen, keep a beer on ice for me....gotta go eat my carbonera.

Beer's on ice. Go eat yer whateverthatis.

So since it's after hours we can take our shirts off?

What's after hours got to do with anything?

I just didn't want to freak out anyone still workin'

blurkie & crew - game for you.

Awesome!! Except...

"This version, is obviously meant for two players, and is open to lots of variation."

Sez who?

That's gotta be better than strip Boggle.

Yeah! Sez who?
*checks company regulations regarding strip yachtzee*
Nope, nuthin' there. Must be ok.
Where's my parka?

Next thing you know, somebody's gonna break out a twister mat, and then it's all over.

Wyo, Just remember to bring yer remote to this shindig.

Remote? Far out!

I dig shins!

won't leave home without it.

ooooooooooooh,yipee! twister!!


Party's just gettin' started and it's time to go home.

Have a great evening and don't pull any muscles.

Wyo - methinks you need new batteries.

see ya, blurk, I've gotta go back to work now anyhow. Sorry girls.

i'll just put my shirt on, pack my game and go home. hrmph.

Dang! I'm finally home, meatloaf in the oven and happily in sweatpants. Being responsible sucks.

Heyyyyy, where'd my shirt go? I left it right here.

Sorry, awbh, threw it in the washer. Because I'm so stinkin' responsible. I'll press it and hang it on your doorknob. Beer?

Thank yew! Is it chilly in here or is it just me?

darn right nipply tonight.

At least blurkie didn't swipe my shirt again. I thought for sure he'd stolen it.

I took it away fromhim. He just looked silly in it.

You can have this sweatshirt, Annie. I'm working to hard, I need a t shirt.

Thanks. He would have stretched it out. ;)

Sometimes it pays to work late. Think of the show the boys missed. You cruise, you lose.

In that case, I'm passin' on the shirt altogether. Let's let the boys think about us in the altogether.

So we're all going shirtless now?

And I've got my own Twister mat we can use.

some irresistable force brought me back. Hmmm.

I guess we are all going shirtless. I'm really glad there is some heat here tonight. (Kind of chilly outside)

So twister, that works for me.

Right hand - Red

Oh, hey I just thought of something, no shirts, no bras, no bra back lumps. It's all good

Left nipple - Green

If blurkie were here, I know he'd wanna play musical chairs.

The boys are back in town!

kitty, my first read was "bra back Pumps".. I was trying to visualise those shoes!

Bali - when you get them figured out, let me know please. My wife has every other kind of shoe known to mankind. I'm sure she'd like a pair of those also.

Left foot - Blue

I am SO not a shoe-person. Never have been. I waste my money on scubs trips and photography equipment. When my friends maunder on about shoes, my eyes glaze over.

Right elbow green.

And sometimes, scubA trips. Ahem.

Scrubs is a good show, however.

Right knee - yellow

Yeah, I heard that. Left shoulder green.

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