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October 27, 2006


"If you want to hate me, cool, hate me."



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*SNORK!* (or RIBBIT!) at "Speaking of Toads, Part II" headline.

What a great guy, following through with the formality of an invitation even though everyone's already on board.


I can handle that.

I'll stay out of his life if he stays out of mine. (That would mean, of course, that he disappear and desist from all public appearances, forevermore.)

wonders how my hating him could help him but willing to risk it.

Hmm he's an aspiring rapper... terrible name, "Federline," brings to mind... nothing much. If he wants to compete with greats like Eminem he'll have to get himself a catchier name, like... umm... "Kevin Elevin."

That's just about the scariest toad I have seen all morning, and I have seen several toads.

Dave, you're not the first person to put 'toad' and 'Federline' in close proximity, not that we all haven't thought that...

Hmmm. If he's a toad, with accompanying hallucinogenic properties, does that explain why more than one woman was willing to bear his children? I didn't know any hallucinogen was THAT strong.

toad related Productivity Enhancer!

If you want to hate me, cool, hate me," . . . "You know why? Because all it's going to do is help me."


I *love* you Kevin Federline!!!!

Here toady, gone tomorrow?

nebbisk, we can only hope.

that was supposed to be hop. i am soooo lame.

*SNORK!*@ Nebbisk and C-Girl.

"I know who I am," says Federline, who promises the album will show his "edgy side."
He's showing his side that is edgy.
But somebody gave him a wedgie.
When he was in school
He was so far from cool
Maybe that's why he's such a schmegeggie.

My sentiments fall with Sly. I'm lovin' this guy, of course in the non-brokeback kinda way.

One has to wonder, however, if our hits on stories about him haven't encouraged "news" outlets to continue running them. I'm certain this blog is helping perpetuate this guy.

(If you're wise, you'll just hover, and not click.)

Sorry, it's a re-run, but still "edgy":

I shouldn't be sayin' keep
My damn name outcha mouth
But y'all keep increasin' my fame ...
Go ahead and say whatcha wanna
I'm gonna stay where it’s warm
right here with my crew, uh
I know y'all wishin' you was in my position
Cause I keep gettin' into situations
That you wish you was in, cousin
I'm not your brother, I'm not your uncle, I'm the viper
Slidin' in this cave and y'all ain't got a clue
My prediction is that y'all are gonna hate
I’m a wicked butt snake, your drawers I habitate
But I know that you want it don’t deny it
Because people always askin' me
Where’s my intestinal parasite?
Well maybe, baby, you could wait and see
Until then all these Pavarottis followin' me
Gettin' anxious? Go take a peek
I'm starrin' in mud’s poetry
Now every day and week
Back then, they call me K-fed
But call me butt viper instead
Back then, they call me K-fed
But you can call ...

a *snork* and two snaps up for stevie's "schmegeggie".

For a second I thought he was going here, but the brothers were so much more talented than K-Fed.

so there are these three toads, one says, "butt" one says, "Vi" and one says, "per"

got ads?

Never been invited to hate anyone before,guess I'll help the boy out.

Hate is a strong word. How about "strongly dislike", "trailer trash" and "talentless goat"? And can someone please injure him in the dangly bits area so that he can stop reproducing?

Yo jeff, LOVE the Shmenge Brothers.

Milli Vanilli may have tried, but they just couldn't compare.

Even for a goal so worthy as what you propose, SN, I don't want to get within several hundred yards of his dangly bits. A fellow might wind up pregnant, y'know? I mean, look at what happened to Spittney!

That toad has more hip-hop in him than K-fed...

And see, this is where you guys could get a good argument in for the right to bear arms. Because Clean Hands, I don't want to go anywhere near those dangly bits either and yet, stopping the reproducing should be a crucial, pivotal, election worthy, essential mandate for the country and/or the UN if necessary.

This toad has more hip-hop than K-FedUp.

"Playing with Fire"

Dad of the year.

His next album is "Running With Scissors", with the hit single "Wave a Pointy Stick"

So, the HR department where I work decided on a celebrity couples theme for Halloween. I'm surrounded by Twitney's, pregnant Twitney's, the above mentioned toad, Paris's?, Parii?, the obnoxious little redhead from Herbie, and someone even showed up as this dude.

Is there a doctor in the house to send me home ill?

you know how guys sometime do that auto-erotic asphixiation thing and screw it up and they end up dead and then somebody finds them dead with their pants down and everybody knows that they wanked it to death and it's a horrible shame and a family tragedy especially if nobody found him for a while so he was like a horrible smelly spectre-wanker so do you think this end would be too good for K-Fed cause I was thinking that it would be pretty cool not that I'm hatin' him or nothing

Mud - That would be an Oscar worthy episode of CSI.

Matt - go to the bathroom and re-arrange the clothing layers on your bottom half. If you have your undies on the outside, you are guaranteed to be asked to leave.

Matt - I'm a nurse.....and my prediction is that you would not need a note if you just puked on Twitney (any one will do).

Mud - I love you. You scare me, but I love you.

*goes off to iParty to find "smelly spectre-wanker" costume for tomorrow night....*

Hmmmm, does the judge with the pump count as a celebrity?

Good idea punkin, thanks. I'm also thinking blurks, usual solution may be appropriate in this case.

Mud, the way your brain functions...I like.

soooooo Stephen King!

*skids in 'cause El's zipper's broken*

Someone need killin'?

It's Friday, I got time.

psst blurk - how's the nicotine withdrawal going?

Day 4 and still hangin' in there. I'm startin' to think I can do this.
Thanks for askin', Matt.

If you want to hate me, cool, hate me. You know why? Because all it's going to do is help me.

He must get a lot of help, but then he still need more help.

pssst blurk, it was Chris that asked...just sayin'

Wait that didn't make noany sense.

Try number II.

Seeing as Federline needs all the help he can get, I hereby resolve to hate him, thereby helping him. Arggh, my brain hurts. Just stay away from me.

I'll hate him cool, warm and hot if that'll help more.

Oops. Thanks, Chris.
*vows to stop lickin' toads*

El's zipper broke? Oh, dear!

She might need help, uh, holding her clothes together, no?

Hey, blurk, I'm not sure that substituting one addiction for another is the right direction to go... ;-)

let's forget him better still...

Probably not, CH but I'm not sure they make a patch for toad lickin'.

You can do it Blurk.

Toad lickin' is a lot harder to quit...on the bright side, no deaths have yet to be reported, blurk.

On the other hand, it's hard to imagine ever getting a smooch from a girl of the feminine persuasion again, if your toad addiction came to light.

"What's that I smell on your breath?"

Hate is too strong an emotion for K-Fed. May I continue the course of absolute disinterest?

blurk--high five to you my friend.

I should never started with that first tadpole.
It's just a gateway amphibian.

I also should never HAVE started.
*gonna go live up to his name until he learns to proofread*

I was hating K-Fed when Hating K-Fed wasn't cool.

For the first time in my life, I'm cool!
Now what should I do?

I figure I can:

a) Beat up a nerd

b) Flunk my classes

c) Listen to (c)rap music

d) Work at Burger Basket

e) Have people tell me what to think, do, and be

There! I'm done. Can I go back to being me now, please?

*Sniff* I missed you all!

Doesn't K-Fed sound like the name of a virus?

"In NYC today, 8 birds were found to have died of K-Fed. The CDC warns of possible mutation to a bird to human form of K-Fed"


nooooooooo blurk! don't leave me!

Good one Punkin Poo.

Thank, MrBill.

I have WAY too much free time....

Ah, Thanks, I mean....

*SNORK!*@ InsTommy

Honestly, I thought this album was already released to the cutout bin.

I've been thinking: Will K-Fed's album be the worst of all time? The current recordholder is Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music".

If I were Lou, I'd be plenty worried about now...

You know, I hate to insult Al (I can comfort myself that it's a costume, at least), but has anyone else noticed a resemblance? (but only in front of the big glowing PacMan, thank goodness.)

PB ... missed y'all, also ... we're gonna start out for your neck of the woods (desert?) in about a month ... if this season is similar to last year, might get a chance to have a cuppa coffee (?) with you someday ...

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