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October 27, 2006


The Frog Hotel

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)


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Wow. The Ribbits Carlton.

i couldn't read this. i'm terrified of tree frogs. if there's a recipe in that article to create the fungus so i can import it into my own yard, someone please let me know.

Imperiled Frogs MAY bagnfarb...

oh and Good Morning all!

pssst...Meanie...you've got mail.

Imperiled Frogs... not so much.

But Unstoppable Fungus definitely WBAGBFA Punk RB

Oopsy... TYPO should have been:

Unstoppable Frogs definitely WBAGNFA Punk RB

A bit of sloppy usage/syntax in the story, there ... but Bonus Points for correctly avoiding the egregious usage of "hopefully" ...

*Is hopeful of avoiding wanton use of "egregious"*

I've stayed in hotels in Honduras doing this same thing. But instead of frogs, they were saving rare, sparrow-sized mosquitos.

If the fungus has no amphibians to feed on, how will it survive? Why do the environmentalist wackos only consider some species worthy of saving?

Save the Killer Fungus!!


Once in over two years of blurkin' is "wanton"???

(Nice reception, MtB ... quick pickup ...)

MMMmmmm Golden frog legs.
Tastes like chicken.
The fungus makes them more piquant.

Hmmm, that plan might not work. I've found that hotel rooms in the tropics is the breeding ground for fungus.

*Apologizes for disingenuous use of "wanton"*

I once stayed in a hotel full of frogs. But at least the beach in Nice was cool.

Do we hear an apology for the wanton use of disingenuous?

I'm wanton to say something disingenuous, like, "the hotels around FT. Carson used to help preserve an endangered livelihood."

*Regrets capricious apology*

Crispy wanton-wrapped frogs legs would be yummy.

With six you get leg roll.

*snork* @ Chris and stevie!

Brings to mind one of my favorite Monty Python skits...

Crunchy Frog.

My firewall had decided to block frogs and let in K-Fed.

STOOOOOOOOPID FIREWALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The males happily hop on the backs of the much larger females, who carry them around for as long as 80 days searching for just the right spot to breed. All the while, the males gently set the mood by pressing the females' chests with callus-like "nuptial pads" on their thumbs."

For some reason, I find this so funny I can't breath.

hands casey a paperbag and wonders why that description reminds me of k-fed.

"Nuptual Pads". Now that would be a very stupid name for a rock band. But that froggie is so cute! I want to save one of those by keeping it prisoner in a tiny little aquarium in my room, only taking it out to pet it and tell it how cute it is!

It won't work. Everyone knows how hard it is to keep frogs from croaking.

hahahahahahaHA Steve Bradford!!!!!!!!!

*apologizes for discomfiting display of wantonness in implying any criticism of MtB ... or NEone ...*

*also apologizes for bein' so late to apologize, due to RL @ werk, and cleanin' up the house a bit so MB(RH?) would not be upset when she got home ... my tardiness is egregious, to say the least*

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