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October 22, 2006


The Toronto snake is still missing. However, Slim has been found, as has a rental-van constrictor.


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sssssssecond? hopefully?

The Toronto tenants are starting to sound a bit rattled.

late at night when the lights are out. "ooooooo honey, have you been taking Via..... Yeeeeeeooooooowww!!"

fifth.....? (cheerily)

Snakes At Large WBAGNFARB.

And with the warm and cozy feeling near the engine, we may never come out, unless of course you take the engine away....

yes, taking out the engine would provide motor-vation for it to move...

Oh great, snakes have learned to drive. Maybe they are trying to infiltrate the squirrels

One thing you WON'T find in any rental van I've used.... that snake would be guaranteed dead....

Cobra in the Carpet??? That's one apt bldg to get out of.. they should try smoking it out..

EB. Tolerates NO snakes...

So I had a snake in my ED this weekend- the bitten patient came in with it. It was a copperhead, in 2 pieces. One of the other ER docs said that he just shoots them on principle.

Copperheads, not patients.

Although, come to think of it....

No, DiverDoc No! Don't go to the dark sssssside!

just a thought: Snakes VS Squirrels. Who'd win?

At the symphony
Quietly wriggle, tug briefs

When it moves sometimes
It can be seen from outside
Startled looks – priceless

Every Christmas
Cheer, warm fire, eggnog, music
And that damn butt snake

I did not post this.

*caution not funny zone*

diverdowndoc (or any herpatologist out there), Copperheads were very common in WV where I was raised but I never knew anyone who was actually bitten by one. Just curious, how poisonous (deadly?) are they?

I don't think they are too bad blurk. My dad (NC mountains) was bitten on top of the hand one summer. The hand swelled and he felt sick to his stomach, but he didn't even go to the doctor. I believe my dad had a much worse effect on the snake. The snake lost his head.

Thanks, casey!!

its no wonder the snake tried to run away if they were trying to lure it out with crickets. pythons eat rodents not bugs. and where are the pictures of these critters?

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