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October 23, 2006


When the hell did shampoo become "Hair Wash with Thyme and Sage?"

Hair wash? With thyme and sage?


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Hey, at least it wasn't horse shampoo.

Just in case you needed that extra bit of seasoning the food was lacking.

I'd be upset too. They left out the parsley and rosemary.

Use that product and it doesn't take so long to achieve wisdom.


Season stew

Same time that the price went from $1.79 to $6.89.


And I concur with Meanie the Blue.

what? ya'll don't cook in the shower?

My initial reaction: If you're blogging from the shower, I hope your laptop's waterproof.

This is so the roaches under the pillows have some flavoring when they snack on your hair.

You thought this was for your benefit?

They probably thought you'd enjoy a snack while you were getting ready for your day.

Blurk- Haha, just got it.

Squinting at the label on my new jacket, I told my wife it said "machine wash spiously with live mazonaplats."

I thought she would know what it meant, but evidently these were not standard laundry terms.

Parsley and Rosemary Body Wash

Are you goin' to wash out thy hair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
Remember, Dear, also wash thine ears
Then you'll be a true love of mine

applause MOTW! um, do the shampoo come with some chips, or popcorn, or gummy bears or something? just sage and chives, or whatever?

I never thought to use "hair wash" in my ears, that'll save some time. Grooming tips for maturing male-type persons.

It wasn't shampoo - it was stuffing. You should have been applying it at the other end.
Easy mistake to make.

MMMMMMMMMMMMM..........Dave smells like Thanksgiving.....drooooooool......

Dave, I don't care what the directions say, DO NOT stick your head in an oven.

Bad things will happen.


My son's soccer team (defending champs, of which I am head coach, the Diamondbacks (why did it have to be snakes?)) just finished the first half of the season (up north here we stop playing soccer for a couple of months till the ground thaws again) once again, undefeated!! Whoo-Hoo!

Congrats, mudstuff

Congrats to you and the team, mud.

That certainly calls for a little braggin'.


My son, the same one, likes to use a "body wash" (whatever that is) called "Bludgeon" or "Head Trauma" or "Axe Murder" or something like that, which you would think would smell at least vaugely masculine, but actually smells like a flight attendant named "Brutus" IYGMD, NTTAWWT. He is not allowed to use this product in my shower, as I don't want the lingering fumes to cling to my person.

I believe you're referring to Axe???

Congrats on the team's victory!

Dave, add a little mayo and you've got a nice salad dressing which will also double as conditioner...just sayin'

Sooo, our brilliant and insightful leader is finally getting around to reading the instructions on his shampoo.

*Lather, rinse, baste every 30 minutes until the skin is golden brown*

Add a little turkey and dressing and you are set to go!

Look, I realize that you're not Mr. Metrosexual (thank goodness), but, honey, you are the most body products challenged individual that I have ever heard of. If Mrs. Blog shops for your needs, I gotta' give her major kudos for trying.

Eau de mudstuffin jr

The teenage body spray Axe
Its malodorous fume-wave attacks
In vain do I fight,
adole’scent’ is right,
(I’d rather have a full-body wax)

At soccer, dear boy, you excel
Indeed, sharing paternal braincells
You have many fine virtues
It’s a shame that you should lose
Based upon the way that you do smell

Thanks, MOTW, I'll share that with the boy. It's sure to get an eye-roll.

Perhaps the hotel didn't want to label it "shampoo" in case guests thought the hotel couldn't afford the real thing.

Were you going to Scarborough fair?

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