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October 26, 2006


(Thanks to Brian Tremblay)


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I'll bet this guy'd have let the kids dress as Cpt. Undies.

Yes, Wyo - butt I bet nobody would've.

Wouldn't ya know it. Montana makes the news twice in the past decade and all we can come up with is the Unibomber and Principal Wedgie.

I'm so proud.

I'm gonna have my big brother beat that guy up.

damn straight, blurk! I'd be proud too!

pssst...there's a badger in yer email again...just saying'...


Where, exactly, were you on the afternoon of October the 5th. HmmmMMMM?

Well, I was principally at the bar.
Just ask that one guy. He'll vouch for me.

yup, he was there.

I seen him, too.

*snork* @ Wyo uh..that one guy

*SNORK* @ "Montana Educator!"

well this has been fun...but I must retreat for some intellectually stimulating readin'...

*curls up with Boogers are my Beat*

I guess the kid didn't get the e-mail that Principal Wedgicator was looking for him...

Hi guys, miss you all - work's a b!tch

leaving now, shaking head and agreeing with Blurk - you'd think we could do better than the unibombre and wedgie boy

Gypsy! we was missin' you today too!

*snork* @ Jeff. Urban types, please feel free to give me some helpful hints on the Whew thread. All Hallows Eve is just days away.

Is a principal crying publicly about his transgressions a prime candidate to restore the "traditional authority structure"? Maybe they should just give him a swirlie and call it good.

'Messerli was suspended for two days without pay and four days with pay...
Let me get this straight - if I give somebody a wedgie, I get 6 days off and get paid for 4 of them? With taxpayer money? Maybe this guy was laughing so hard he was crying.

"live in a world where you don't have to hide when you screw up..." Now he wants to add lewd public behavior to his case. How many days with pay does one get for "screwing up?" Oops did I type that out loud?

*Snork* at Annie

Crazy like a fox... although I did see one run over on the road today... so that theory isn't fool proof.

And Blurk, from some other thread, it's call a "manziere" or a "bro" if you're wearing it. Typo sure, likely story. (lol)

Where is Toto when you need him?

Whats a little Freudian slip amongst friends?

Speaking of wedgies, has anyone seen the "butt-toucher" commercial?

Can't remember the product, but LOVED it when the little kid called the bully a "Butt-toucher."

I'm back. I tried to give blurkie a wedgie, but I think he liked it, and that's just so....so thong in so many ways.

Give him suspension for a couple days
Ain't got time to buy some new Haines
Livingston Montana
Don't touch my banana
My principal,he gave me a wedgie.

"...I'm back."

Hey, wedgie woman. Didja ever see the response I wrote to that song of your'n by the same name?

" I will not gives wedgies to my students"
" I will not gives wedgies to my students"
" I will not gives wedgies to my students"

wake upppppppppppppppppppp
*bangs pots n pans*

*Hits Snooze button*

Mornin' Bangi.

"Mont. district lets official return after 6 days to think about what he’d done"

Okay lessee... if I quit, my pension is 1/2 salary... if I stay and stop giving wedgies I get full salary but have to go in every day... if I stay and give more wedgies I can stay home with 2/3 salary... yeah wedgies are the way to go!

lol bangi.

And then the physics teacher gave him an atomic wedgie.

Damn brat probably deserved the wedgie.

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