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October 23, 2006


Sir --

Thank you for going out of town. We are happy to be able to blog this item while you are away. Do not click the link, please, sir. You are already using fruity shampoo.

In grateful appreciation --

All the ladies of the blog

(Thanks to annette gaudreau)


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But the Blog is out of town. He's in a hotel shower preparing his hair for a casserole or something.

Okay you're right, and i edited the letter :) sorry, i wasn't paying attention!!! want me to do anything to your post?

how much drool can a keyboard take before it fritzs out?

i'm sorry, only mr hurley from ohio seemed to be drool worthy. the rest look like little boys. i like men to look like men. not necessarily knucle draggers, but not quite so feminine either. when a guy is prettier than most women, he's not my type.

His shampoo sounds like it should be used to stuff turkeys with.

That's a loaded question.

Yeah, yeah, they're "hunky" and all that, but apparently not one of them is bright enough to operate a belt.

OK, I wasn't going to say anything, but since wickedwitch says this:

"i'm sorry, only mr hurley from ohio seemed to be drool worthy. the rest look like little boys. i like men to look like men. not necessarily knucle draggers, but not quite so feminine either. when a guy is prettier than most women, he's not my type."

-- I have to chip in and say that while yes I'm a female, I do infact prefer women who look like women to men who look like women. NTTAWWT

Not that you'd kick any of them out of bed . . . unless of course they are under the age of 18 (it's a little hard to tell) in which case you would just text them lewd messages.

Good Morning all...

Just want you all to know I am moving to Ohio...

that is all..

oh and Thank you judi ;)

Boo says:

"Not that you'd kick any of them out of bed . . . unless of course they are under the age of 18 ..."

I'm confused -- Who wouldn't kick who?

thank you AmerinPars. I am not in the least bit interested in other women (NTTAWWT) but I like to look at attractive women. And I like women to look like women and my men to look like men. And no one has ever accused me of being old fashioned. Pretty women are nice to look at, but pretty men are kinda, I don't know, gross.

Absolutely, ww. I think that's what I was saying -- sort of. A pretty man doesn't do much for me, either.

Neither does a fugly one ;)

yeah but Siouxie, some of the really fugly ones are the best to have for friends. i've met some homely guys that were so much fun to be with, that after awhile, you don't even see the flaws. maybe it's just cause i'm getting old. but a great set of biceps and nice round butt will get me everytime. sorry, that was soooo sexist.

I agree with wicked about Mr. Hurley. He sure snagged my attention. He's the only one I bothered to even check the name! Most of the guys look young enough to be my son, so eeewwwwww.

Welcome to the Buckeye State, Souixie, glad to have you. Dress warm.

Oh, and since I have no self control, even when warned, sometimes I thank God for my firewall. (Couldn't see the video, and surmise that I don't want to)

Unless I misunderstood, I think Siouxie has a different way of keeping warm in mind.

I prefer this site

Thankyee mud...as Meanie has figured out...there are much more interesting and fun ways to keep warm ;)

Mr. Hurley (NOT of the LOST cast), will do JUST FINE!

ww - you do have a point (good bod is also a PLUS).

WW - that's not sexist, so long as you agree that guys can say exactly the same thing, only substitute "bazooms" for "biceps".

Cheryl, Brian can come wax my floors (iykwim) ANY time!!

'Course we can say "bazooms" or "bazoomage" or any variation thereof.
I think it's in the Guy Constitution of sumpthin'.


Well it should be.

Pecs, biceps, chestage :good

man-boobs = no so much

Change "f" to "r".

All that bazoomage talk got me flustered.

Those corn-fed mid-westerners certainly got my attention.... Even if they are under-age (seeing as how I'm well over-age, most of guys in magazines are...)...Sigh.

DPC - why do you think women wear sweaters and low cut tops? Any female that says she doesn't like a man looking at her is either lying or is a lesbian (NTTAWWT). The only thing I object to is when a guy can't look at anything but my boobs when i'm talking to him. That is a bit irritating. So, i just stare at his crotch when i talk to him.

As long as we're posting sites for making ladies feel good (or just snork) .... what the heck. The Stealth Blogerette posted this one a while back.

Yeah, I know. My wife and I have flannel pajamas with holes cut in strategic places for that...

Trust me, you gotta dress warm. (It's snowing today - I'm just a little cranky about it.)

In case no one has mentioned it lately... you ARE truly a goddess!
You're right up there w/her!

And Brian can wax whatever he wants and I promise not to flinch...

ww, sounds like a fair enough trade to me.

Giggling about knuckle draggers and heading to Colorado. ;)

Thanks to judi!

Dear Sir--Thank you for occasionally travelling with yoru shampoo.

(snork at wicked) You seem to think that we have a choice in the matter. Sometimes the only thing that could take my eyes off of some ramparts is a blow torch.

sounds very cozy mud...but when it comes to snow...

Isn't this why God invented the fireplace???

Meanie - thanks for the YUMMY Mr. Brawny!!!

I just may start liking housework.

WW - solve the problem by talking to guys facing away from us and looking back over your shoulder. I will personally guarantee that we will not be staring at your rack while you are talking to us.

uh...Chris..then you'll be staring at our @ss!


My good friend (very endowed in the rampart dept.) would just tell guys...uh..THEY don't talk back!

Siouxie, just what heck are we supposed to do then?!

You girls complain when we stare at your bazoomage while you are talking at us. I provided an iron-clad solution to the problem. Please don't trouble me with details.

who said I minded??

And besides, I do know some people who talk out their a$$es.

I'm with WW, I stare back. Fair is fair, right?

I'm w/you, Siouxie, I don't mind either. Besides, it's hard for me to notice what they're looking at, when I'w watching crotch from benhind my sunglasses.

So EC, how many guys pitch a tent for you?

estrogen centrale, I was rather confused when you referred to me as a god, but I'm glad to take it.

Then I realized that you were referring to Cheryl. :-/ Oh, well.

Also, it's sooooo reassuring to hear that we're not the only ones who look for deeply tinted shades for the purpose of concealing where our eyes are straying...

ec - Men have been using the old dark sunglasses trick for ages...some don't realize WE do it too ;-)

YAY for bazoomage!!

Mr. Clean, yes sweetie, you are a god, too.

And, sungleasses in Fla are pretty much a requisite. I can leave the house without my bra, but not my shades. I just threw that last sentence in for all you guys, who are reading this string.

Anyone want to buy that extra "e"?

And THAT is why we have to wear mirrored shades, ec. :-D

no, you misunderstand me. i'm used to guys staring at my chest, i was blessed? with larger than average, uh, let me say bazoomage. what i object to is the staring without blinking and the drool spots. a little harmless leering is okay, just blink occasionally, nod, and grunt once in a while. i have, in the past, had to 'check a guys' package' just to get him to get out of my way. that's taking it just a little too far.

The only time I really have trouble keeping my eyes where they belong is when the room is chilly, IYKWIM.

Mr. Clean,
Unless they're wrap-arounds, you're still busted... for surveying the busts, so to speak :-O

All right. I will concede that non-consentual drooling is inappropriate.

CH, they don't make bras like they used to...less coverage on those perky days...

CH - or if there is special jewelry involved. and if it's cold and there are hoops/rings involved, i'll be you can't be held responsible.

For which I am internally grateful, Siouxie. :-D

Actually, jewelry, uh, in that region doesn't do a whole lot for me, usually. Unless there's a thin shirt and no bra involved, and then the mental reconstruction is an interesting exercise.

That's why when I'm on my own time, I rarely bother w/the damned things.

Strangely, ec, I do see to gravitate towards the wrap-arounds. I mainly go for that style to preserve my dark adaptation when I'm out doing astronomical observing (no, really!), but they are handy toherwise, as well.

Er... bras, that is. Like I said, the sunglasses are a necessity!

Mm-m-m-, handy...

bet not one of 'em can rope a calf, butcher an elk or throw a diamond hitch on a pack horse. Pretty don't make it go.

Just sayin'.

I hate to say it, Wyo, but I don't think that the bloggals are looking for a man to do any of those things right at the moment.

Wyo, I'm with CH on this one.

Agrees with CH...at the moment ;)

Although some of our cowboy-type blog studs are WAY cute!

Wyo- i can and have roped a calf and barrel raced and rode broncs', but yeah, i definitely prefer a man that can do any or all of those things. that is a real plus to me, looks ain't everything, just frosting on a real man. as far as butchering anything, no thanks, i'm a vegetarian tree hugger.

Kinda like many of us blogguys might not give a happy goldurn how well Penelope Cruz can cook a souffle, change a tire or write a poem.

If the guy is more interested in roping a calf than roping me, he can ride right on by this woman.

just alert me when anyone is showing female @ss in here . I dont want to miss it with all the b/s flying around

*snork* @ ec. See DPC about the roping business -- that seems to be an interest of his. ;-)

I will admit I don't know how to rope a cow or butcher a horse...OR making elk souffle...or was that rope an elk and butcher a souffle??

Either way...I can't do it...

My girlfriend...with large "bamboozage" would walk into a bar in front of me..then I would follow offering $100 to any guy that could tell me the color of her eyes...


EC, I can and do rope calves regularly. If I'm on the back of a horse tryin' to get a job done, the calf wins. Just about any other time I can think of...a pretty woman has my undivided attention.

Okay, Mr. Clean, the next time I want to get my freak on, I'll do that. Actually, it's been awhile since I've done it tied up.

NDB - excellent. just how much money have you made on this so far?

Glad to be of service. Never really tried that, myself, and since Mrs. H. isn't much interested, it'll likely stay that way.

*snork* @ blurkie
Ah self-deprecating humor. Now, that is how to charm me.

*would prefer silk scarves to ropes ANY time* (much less stress on the hands..or so I hear).

I'm picky that way...

Household hint:
Do not ruin silk scarves, when unused stockings work just as well. Plus there is much more, um... flexibility. Not that I would know about such things, of course.

Who wears stockings down here anyway, except on those 3 days of chilly air?

What's so special about unused stockings?

ec -true, silk stockings work fine too. I don't have regular ones...don't wear 'em here like you said. Too damn HOT.

DPC, the ones not being used don't have legs in 'em. Makes it easier to tie knots.

Siouxie, especially today! Where is the darned front????

DPC & blurkie,
Unused ones are not stretched out. See aforementioned flexibility...

I have not noticed a significant loss of flexability in the one Mrs. Dread takes off for the purposes of trussing.

I KNOW EC! Where's that cold front huh???? HUH???

cold front if in central florida right now, headed your way. it's down to 78 already!!

YES!!!! wooo hoooo 78 degrees!! I'll be getting out my boots and sweater for tomorrow!!


Ladies of the blog-
I will make the sacrifice and trade places with you. Right now, in Minnesota, it is 37 degrees. Farenheit. And we have had literally 2 hours of sunshine in the last week. To make it all worse, I grew up in Florida. Usually I don't really miss it till December or so, but apparently Mother Nature figured we didn't actually need a "fall" this year.
*throws on another sweater*

mare, i don't think the authorities are looking for you any more. it's safe to come back.

okay, as a happily married woman, i have to say that Cosmo Guy thing was oh-my-God-hot! cute and Cheryl's Cleaning Stud Guy was hot hot hot mildly amusing. that said, i blogged about that Brawny Guy a few months ago, and i'll gladly repeat what i said back then... he's creepy, in a totally pussy wimpy-meets-icky kind of way. hilarious, but completely "ewwwww", nonetheless.

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