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October 20, 2006


...we have these developments.


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Davis sucks out the fat with a metal cannula, as thin as a straw.


As to the suctionage, losing weight has gotta be cheaper.

Well, I guess littering makes sense. She left idiots strewn all over the highway...


Sounds like something out of a Julia Childs TV show.." I now I suck the fat out with this metal thing..What't it called? A cannula..Here we go (suuurrppp)... Isn't that lovely"..

In the first story link, the pursuing men weren't trying to avoid the mystery object. The men were trying to catch it.

which way do ya want the ramparts, fellas. i bet you dont care if they are fat ones or small ones or ...... ramparts is ramparts.

my answer to the bra-fat problem is my usual...

"The bra, which reportedly had been frayed because it was chewed by Miss Davis' dog earlier in the day, flew off the antenna. "


Maybe I'm talking crazy talk here, but is it too much to suggest actually... erm.... losing the weight?

yes brian, it is.

Brian, actually losing the weight takes up too much effort & time when you can just SUCK it up!

Wasn't Brastrap Fats a famous pool player?

I have a feeling these threads are gonna get interesting today. Much fodder for demented perverted inquiring minds.

Mmmmmmmmmm.............underarm cleavage.....

I believe we used to call them Back Boobs. Which were usually caused (not aleviated) by sucking it up.

*just glad she's got front boobs*

I find this story about back boobs to be patently offensive. While I do encourage open and honest dialogue about fatties and their back fat, I'm afraid this blog has not been designated a "Free Speach Zone." I'm going to kindly ask that this thread be removed.

Speach. Is that like more than one peach only with the S in the front and no e? English majors, little help here.

actually, brastrap fats was a chicago blues man.

Massage is the answer. (I don't care what the question is.)

It says if they gain weight that brastrap fat will come back. I wonder what would happen if they lose weight? I mean, in the first place. It would be a lot cheaper.

good answer meanie!

Crossgirl, I think you're right. Brastrap Fats was the harmonica player for Muddy Milkers, wasn't he?

What is left on Inspector Clousseau's answering machine, Meanie??

Sacré bleu! Why, that would be a massage, Mme. Siouxie.

*figures that was le question*

now see? i happen to think there's a national epidemic of "bra fat" -- so sucking it out seems like a good idea. far better than having all those fat-backed women dispense with their bras all together, which would be floppy *and* flabby. not to mention scary.

Brian, I have another solution for you... If you've (a woman, not you Brian) got back boobs going, maybe DON'T WEAR A TIGHT SHIRT!! Sorry for shouting but Jesus's face on a bagel, some people (again, not you Brian) are stupid!

The real reason I don't wear a bra. (At least when I'm working at home and not in the office.) :)Or you could just get a bra that fits correctly. Much cheaper then the sucking thing.

Getting a proper fit can be a pretty big challenge, especially for someone underendowed but wearing a few extra pounds in general.

"Back fat will come back if you put on weight."
Maybe that's why they call it back fat.

Okay, many svelte women have bra fat issues. This is an area that's really darn hard to target for exercise. And to the people who said to get a proper fitting bra--you fit for what goes in the bra, not what the bra goes around; that's the only way to get enough support. But Brad definitely has the best idea. It's not that big a deal to get a bigger shirt, plus you'll be able to breathe more easily.

Hey, if there is one thing Brad knows his way around, it's a brassiere.

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