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October 25, 2006


(Thanks to Wendy Cloyd)


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Mmmmm..... Old shoelaces and meat scraps.

Made in Intercourse!

That is the wurst! And first?

The perfect gift for my brother. I was going to get him superbowl tickets but this is so much better.

Brokeback simul with 'intercourse.' What am I, chopped lover?


(Do not read if you want to keep laughing about baloney - and who doesn't)

The Stoltzfuses lost a child in the Amish shootings.

Ok....I think I've just killed this thread.

I am sorry.

Chopped Lover WBAGFARB

There's a T.O. version -made with ham.

Punkin - you didn't. It was thoughtful of you.

Don't know why I wrote that.....guess I'm still upset about everything, and seeing the name gave me a PTS flashback.

I'll go home and drink now..

this is the reason why i moved away from lancaster county. just the family name is enough to put you off your scrapple.

Ben Rothlis-burger would be proud.

Thank you, Lazy.

What do you drink with bologna football?

But, it's too pretty to cut up for sammiches....and why am I getting the feeling you guys wouldn't even bother - you'd just pass it around and take bites, right?




I won't even try to cop a feel.

Annie- we always had Yuengling beer or Moxie. there are still some things i miss about PA.

Did you really buy that?

Annie - I've never heard anyone ask that question before.

And I hope I never do again.

Oh, and the answer, of course, is BEER.

You drink Hamm's
I'm lazy, someone else do the

Blurkie - You can't take advantage, what with those flowers sticking out there and all.

Thanks, Punkin. I'd better write that down. I can't stand bologna. The smell is enough to make me hurl.

I'd like to see Lucy put that one down in front of Charlie Brown.

Punkin....roses?!? You are one tough lady.

I think a six-pack would be appropriate, in order to have a 7-course meal.

bologna smells like arse to me....

Annie, then never, ever inquire into the ingredients of scrapple.

Bologna and beer...suddenly I miss my West Virginia home. Can you buy that with food stamps?

Annie - you betcha!

Ok - off to pick up grandbaby at preschool. I need some unconditional lovins.

See y'all later!

If I can't be a football hero, might as well make one.

hey guys...look under the route 501...Lititz...thats where me Mum is....

Jeez blurkie, I was all ready to get a ticket out to Montana, after reading all the waxing poetic that you've done here. However, if there is no bologna & beer - well, I might just have to change my plans.

Hi, Chaz's Mum! Your son is bored today. Please hurt him for us.

*groan* at Meanie!

wickedwitch - I know what's in scrapple...as much as anyone really does...(I grew up on a farm).

this bologna thing is just about the grossest thing I've seen today (and I work as an aide in the mornings at an elementary school!!!!)

Mmmmmm, scrapple. If I weren't trying to get on the bandwagon and loose some of this damned weight, I'd say that I'd discovered what I'll be making for breakfast this weekend.

As it is, I guess I'll be sticking with the Grape-Nuts.

ec - come on out...plenty of beer. And I'll find some bologna and carve it into...I don't know...shape of a buffalo or sumpthin'.

Just what I need: Intercourse with a bologna football.

Where are the real men?

Scrapple...is that we referred to as "head cheese" or "tripe" back in WV.

If it is I may puke a little.

That was the coldest cut of all, Annie.

So I'll hate myself for this,but:From Intercourse,Pa one might expect a porn enthusiasts bologna.Maybe next year.

ron, from the Amish????

No, the version I'm familiar with is made with cornmeal and various high-fat pork trimmings. It's set in a loaf pan, then sliced and fried in copious bacon grease. Serve with syrup. Yumm!!!!

ron, does your last name start with J?

Just askin'.

I thought Scrapple was that Lemonade drink?

Okie - nah, you're thinkin of Country Time.
Scrapple is that game where you make words of them little wooden tiles.
I skored 18 poents won tyme.

With your creativity & my imagination, you don't think that we could come up with something more appealing than a buffalo?
ps. I really don't drink beer, but if you stock up on vodka (citrus or not) & stick it out in a snow bank, I'll bring the limes fresh from the trees here and will chase that bologna w/my version of lemon drops!

*runs out to buy vodka*

*prays for snow*

*SNORK!*@Okie 'n' Blurk.

Scrapple is made with the parts of the pig that aren't good enough for head cheese or tripe. Gound fine. Boiled with corn meal and lots of black pepper. Solidifies into a block when cooled. Sliced, sauted, served with eggs for breakfast. Not actually all that bad.

I love lemon drops...and beer...and red wine.
I do not like snow.

We may have snow in Maine this weekend, I will send you some Blurk.

There's only one thing to do if you get one of these things: PUNT!

Is this where the name "pigskin" comes from?

You didn't ask about the sugar to complete the cocktail; or were you assuming that I was (bringing) that, too?

I've never had vodka lemon drops before so I didn't know...about...the...sug...
Is it gettin' warm in here?

bluekie, I wondered how much you could take before you started to overheat.

Does this come with it's own personal defibrilator kit as well?

Recipe for Lemon Drops
1 shot of chilled vodka (these days the watering holes use Citron or other citrus flavored vodkas)
1 large lemon wedge
packet of sugar or sugarfree sweetner

Put the sugar on one side of the lemon wedge, shoot the vodka back, bite into the lemon wedge leaving only the rind. The reason I like limes? No seeds.

Okay blurkie, your imagination of doing that a few times with a female counterpart should pretty well make you just about implode.

Yep, as pointed out by many, made in Intercourse!

Someday, I'm gonna visit this town to find out what all the fuss is about. You know, find out who has been in intercourse the longest, what they like about intercourse and, of course, who if anyone, wants to pull out. Just the usual questions.

mmmmm...lemon drops...

Jeeze, ec, just thinking about it's making *my* imagination implode. :-D

Now serving customer number...

WOW, this blog is getting interesting, veeeeery interesting.

lemon drops are my fav "buy my girl a shot" shot...

BTW...FYI, INtercourse is near Blue Balls...that is all

We're just tradin' drink recipes.


Hey, Chaz, my parents live in Lititz too.

If I tried to eat a bologna in the shape of a football, I'd "boot" for sure.

*Looks down*

Soon, I hope, but not at the moment.

Meanie, I'm almost sure I'm gonna regret askin' this but...what are you talkin' about?

And what are you talkin to?

Ford79...where? My mom is in Lutheran Acres...yep, she is retired...

Sort of back on topic:

Happy holidays, boys!

Chaz was makin' indelicate remarks about events occuring near my ..... town in PA.

Meanie the Blue Balls?...I never said THAT! :)

blurk, Mr Clean, & MtB,
Y'all sound very confused. Why?

My bad. I stand ecorrected.

Chaz, north end of town, just off of 501. They're retired too, but still active. I've never lived there myself, so I'm not really familiar with the town. But it's a great place to buy chocolate and pretzels!


I won't even try to cop a feel.

Posted by: blurk | 02:39 PM on October 25, 2006

blurk, didn't you really mean feel a cop? well, maybe not.

At the moment, I think blurk is having other issues...

I was hopin' Punkin would take care of that.

Oh, you recovered. That was fast.

Jeez, people. This is obviously NOT made from that weird gelatinous product called "bologna" that you buy in plastic tubes at the grocers. Real bologna is basically a big sausage, (which ought to delight at least half of the blog right away) and delicious as well. Waldo, Ohio proclaims itself to be the "Fried Bologna Capital of the World". (You might be a redneck if, yada yada...) A real Waldo fried bologna sandwich has a slice of meat about 1/2" thick, served on toasted bread with 'maters and mustard, an' hoooooei! Just thinkin' about is making this hick's mouth water.

Blurk: Tripe is intestines.

is that anywhere near the fried coke capital?

Is there anything that someone, somewhere has NOT fried before eating?

I am sure we can think of something....

Ok - I'm back. Got a GREAT joke from the grandbaby - Why does a ghost have bandaids? Huh? Huh? Cause he's got BOO BOO's!

She's only 4 and she's a comic genius!

(I may be biased)

In this case "fried" means cooked on a griddle, not battered and submerged in hot fat.

Chaz - I have not come up with any yet. You?

Also, Intercourse is near Bird in Hand. Just sayin'

fried jello?

Cooking with hot grease is cooking with hot grease. I don't care how deep the grease is.

Intercourse, Bird in Hand, Blue Ball, Paradise all together in a little area with many, many Amish families.

I've been to Intercourse. They serve hearty German meals there. Lots of carbs & proteins. I always thought they needed the energy for farming - but I could be wrong.

I don't think the frying of the food is as important as - can it be put on a stick? Now THAT makes food county fair acceptable in my book

Google is not being overly helpful, but it appears that this guy is about to fry his jello.

Um... I can think of something that doesn't need to be fried in order to be eaten. Ohhhhh, but you mean food, doncha'?

this guy needs to get out of the gene pool now!

Iiii've been to Intercourse
but I've never been to meeeee....

ec - bad girl, bad girl. carry on!

Fried Jello, eh? Hmmmm.....

DPC, that series of pics on Flickr is probably the funniest thing I've seen in a week. All day, at least.

*tears streaming down my face...*

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