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October 25, 2006


Land of beauty.

(Via Gizmodo)

UPDATE: This item appear to be afflicted with Nonexistent Comment-Section Disorder (NCSD). I'm hoping that by pointing this out, I will somehow fix the problem.

UPDATE: It worked! I am going to move to India and work in Tech Support.


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We can't comment because we are being protected by our firewall, and so can't read the article.

Fixed!! Thanks!!! We can post again!


Great, Dave! Then you can also be Mr. English As A Second Language Person.

What a great idea! (for the office,home)

... except for maybe that foam at the end.....

...where do you suppose That comes from?.....

But...you can only use the glass when in the refrigerator, how are we all going to fit in there?

Ahh beer, just like mom used to make.

I agree with leemedia - the fake head at the end of the pour was pretty disturbing.

It's enough to put me off my morning beer.

Will that machine fit in the cooler/scooter?????

"... except for maybe that foam at the end....."

Isn't that the whole idea? Otherwisw, how different is it from having beer on tap? It's the pseudo-head - like so much Japanese stuff, it's a fairly good imitation of the original, but still not the original. Indoor man-made ski slopes, recordings of birds singing to play outside your window, pretty desserts made of taste-free indeterminate but hopefully digestible substances...

For dark beer, press the * key and get some food coloring added

Will this thing take a wizz for me at halftime?

I much prefer getting my Asahi this way:


For the lazy (including me!), stevie w's link.

Link for stevie

Great minds lol. (and the pretty girl didn't hurt.)

O.K. O.K. I'll take my beer Stevie's way too!

Mmmm, beer and giant peni and it's only 10:00 a.m. This is gonna be a great day!

Dontcha just love it? The firewall lets the penis story through and blocks the beer story.
What a way to start the morning.

I'd have filled up TWO glasses. Total waste of time not to.

Hey blurk?? how's it going with the patch thing?? everyone in MT still alive? ;-)

So now there's beer in the stew I'm cooking.

Day two as a non-smoker and no deaths to date. I would have licked an ashtray right after dinner last night but I popped LifeSavers instead. And that first cup of coffee after showering this morning was another tough time. Other than that smooth sailin'.

GREAT blurk! keep it up! I only crave when I'm drinking...but I've been good for about 3 years now.

Hey Dave,

Can you work on my lap top it wont play quick time videos.

Blurk - do it for yourself; keep going.

No need to move to India. I have a tech support job here in scenic Pittsburgh

I think I'd rather live in India. ;-)

Great for you Blurk, I quit back in the nineties, My Wife called me at work and told me that her uncle died of lung cancer, he was a two pack a day man. I threw the pack I just bought to a coworker that wouldnt quit. I havent had one since, the first month was hardest but not being able to afford the packs helped.

"Well the first days are the hardest days, don't you worry anymore..."

I lost both of my father's parents to smoking-related cancers (esophageal and lung). My grandmother was a nurse, worked in cancer wards all her life, one of the strongest-willed women I have ever known.

She never did quit smoking, even after she buried her husband.

I miss them both terribly; but for cancer, they'd probably both be alive. Stick with it, blurk - for your grandkids, who will treasure the opportunity to know you.

With blog friends like this it'll be a piece of cake.

Thanks, everyone.

Way to go, Blurk.

you want Indian...click this...Aishwarya Rai

blurk: just make a list of things to do - little odd jobs around the house, etc. that you'll get to "when you have time" when the list runs out, make a new one. This is for when somethin' needs killin' but you just don't know what it is... you know what I mean. If you're like me (and you are, you just won't admit it) you'll have a lot of nervous energy for a while. It passes. You just gotta kick your own a$$ until it does.

The rest, as you know, is fighting through the post-$ex, pre-breakfast, with-coffee, or whatever habitual smoking times you have by establishing new habits.

mud, you're absolutely right! I'm gonna start right now.

New post-$ex habit: More $ex.

Damn, this is easier than I thought.

Yay blurk! Way to go! From what I hear, putting aside the money normally spent on cigarettes and saving for something nice is, well, nice

You mean if I quit smoking, I get more $ex??? I gotta start smoking right now!

CH - careful...babies and all!

blurk - you can buy more BEER!!

"Bless the saints, it's an ashtray! I've been thinking of taking up smoking. This clinches it!"

New pre-breakfast habit: Refer to new post-$ex habit.

I really shoulda done this long ago.

Siouxie, I wish! But, no more babies for us - four's our bag limit.

Wait, that didn't come out sounding right...

*thinks blurk will still croak from a smoke-related illness - too much s3x*

but he'll die happy...

blurk - if increased s3x doesn't solve all of the problems, try increased range time.

Wait. Those are both the same thing, aren't they? Just a question of which canon you are shooting.

Blurk has a cannon? Um, where did you say you live blurk? Not that I would stalk you or anything like that. Nope, not me. Just simply um curious. Yeah, that's the ticket. I'm curious.

Well. Guess I scared everyone away. I was just jivin. Really.

LOL @ Casey. This seems to be the blog's dead zone - round about lunchtime on the East Coast, things usually get really quiet here for a few hours.

I'm just attempting to do some actual work around here, casey/CH! I'm now having lunch (mixed nuts) at my desk. I'm leaving early today to attend a meeting at The Herald for Hunt volunteers. (YES!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE JUDI AGAIN!!!)

don't hate me all at once ;)

--looks around to see if blurk is watching--
I just went out to have a c-i-g-a-r-e-t-t-e

oh and I hear some guy named Dave may also be there...


casey - Great Falls, Mt. Head west, hang a right at Albuquerque, stop and say hi to Wyo on the way, continue north until it gets cold.

That's alright, nannie. I've come up with some interesting alternatives.

grinning - it does get quiet, doesn't it.

This is the best/funniest blog on the 'net.

I love lurking and reading....watching the fireworks, so to speak. My adjoining cube friends keep wanting to know why I laugh loudly and spontaneously for no apparent reason.

Siouxie - Tell Judi I say Hi, and hug Dave for me.

*waves at Sippi*


Way to go blurk!! I'm almost 11 years smokeless now. My cat died of lung cancer because she lived wiht two 2-pack a day smokers, and therefore smoked 4 packs a day. Even my patients are impressed by that. Many don't really even get that smoking could possibly have something to do with their lung problems.

Keep it up- it is definitely worth it.

One more item to note- in addition to heart disease, lung disease, stroke, etc., smoking is more importantly associated with erectile dysfunction.

So after you have your Japanese beer latte, just have the s3x- don't have the cigarette.

Actually, at times, it is for no apparent reason....

Do I spy another bloglit in the making?
Careful, SFH, this blog is more addictive than nicotine.
Just trust me on this one.

Sippi - Hi there! I thought I heard a new laugh... :)

Almost gotcha Siouxie! It's been a while and I must be out of practice!

Welcome Sippi

Waves back at Siouxie! Thanks!

whoa! A quad-simul with the newbie!

Holy Cr@p! A 4-way with the fresh meet new blogger!

And I missed it. D@mn work.

Everyone see that?

ddd is a real live doctor and stuff.

I now have a prescription for s3X.

Punkin, I sure will ;)

*leaving the stalker-gear behind though*

Blurk - *better than $ex?* Oh, wait, that's the name of a chocolate desert around here.

blurk- do you need a note for work?

souixie is munching mixed nuts at her desk? Have you ever heard about all those germs on keyboards? Well, now you know where they come from.

Siouxie's nuts?

Well Chris, I may not BE fresh meat...but ya got a 3-way...pffffft!

Hi Sippi! I, too, was once a frequent lurker. Welcome to the party!

ddd, if it's not too much trouble.

In both senses of the phrase.

wooohoooo ddd!! gotcha!! it HAD been a while ;)

can you prescribe s3x for me too, doc???

So what do I have to do to get His Daveness to come have a Hunt at his alma mater? I could actually get to one held there. I would even volunteer to keep an eye out for gun-toting little league parents.

HEY I don't got no nuts! I may be a little...but ya'll knew that.

Welcome Sippi!

Way to go, Blurkie!

WOW, diverdowndoc, on that e.d. link. Our encouraging words to Blurk to "keep it up" take on a whole new meaning, don't they?

*wide-eyed look*

Dear blurk's boss-

Please excuse blurk from work because he is no longer a smoker and must have constant s3x so that he does not require a post-coital cigarette.

Dr. diverdowndoc

Clean Hands, Casey - you guys say sumpthin' about the blog bein' quiet?

Luckily, we have this blog for therapy.
Welcome, Sippi!

blurk - Lunch is over on the East Coast. Everyone is back to blogging.

*quickly hits "Print Screen"*

Hey, boss look at this!!!

I'd better get started.

exactly! lunch is officially over!

nuts were good.

Dear Siouxie's boss,

Please allow Siouxie to have frequent s3x, including with a partner, as she must suck on salty nuts, one way or another. Uh...for medical reasons. Yeah.

Dr. diverdowndoc

ctrl+C from the blog
ctrl+V into Word
does some editing...

Hey Honey - I've got a not from a doctor that says if you don't want me to start smoking, we need to have $ex RIGHT NOW.

This is the coolest place - ever. My mom was a librarian most of her adult life and loved Dave Barry's work with a passion. Remember - Oysters and lobsters are snot and boogers. He validated my not liking these disgusting creatures as food. I'm indebted.

*listens to the sound of printers firing up all over the country*

*snork* @ ddd!!

my boss...being my sister LOL

that should go over well ;)

*SNORK* @ 3D!!! Multiple *snorkage*!!!

Sheesh... I thought it was safe to go get some work done, and I check back to find out that the good doctor (and I do mean GOOD doctor) is prescribing a frikkin' blogorgy!

Suddenly I've got the Chef earworm. Thanks.

Our Lunch is just starting - we're an hour behind you Floridians - and it's also....MEETING TIME! We must get in our 5 (useless) meetings a day around here.....

Chris, make sure you "C & P" blurk's note and not mine. She may wonder about you sucking salty nuts...just sayin'

Ah, from automatic beer dispenser to blogorgy...all in a day's work
*puffs on candy cigarette* (do they still make those things?)


Too bad they killed the character off after the voice actor went all wobbly on them for picking fun at HIS religion after they were done with all the more mainline religions.

oh I forgot...NTTAWWT!

You betcha! I love that word - frequency.

Mucho frequency!

*goes home for a late lunch*

They do, chesbn, but now they call them "candy sticks" instead of "candy cancer sticks."

Siouxie - I did more editing so it came out where she should do the sucking. And it still appears of out Good Doctors sig.

CH - I thought Isaac got over his snit and came back?

I thought he died...didn't he??

Isaac, that is.

if I could type I'd be dangerous...
please substitute "over our" for "of out" in that last post

Just brain dead, Siouxie - like Tom Cruise.

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