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October 09, 2006


Remember the helicopter game? Which you got so good at? OK, Mr. or Ms. Eye-Hand Coordination: Try your eyes and hand at this.

(Thanks to J.D. Harper)


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Sorry. I'm stuck playing Buzzword Bingo, at the moment.

Ooooh, tunnels...I like to be the first to dig across international borders using tunnels...

That's the FIRST game us cubicle serfs ever learn, but it doesn't really require any eye-hand coordination.

Damn you, evil Dave!!!!

*back to game*

well I SUCK at this as well...

must. go. practice.

*never did the helicopter before one but I managed to crash it a few times*

*will not join the AF*

Darn you, DPC!

Oh, and 6203, btw. So far.

Siouxie: I doubt the AF would let you in without tbe bra you burned in the other post...

OK. I've got "Critical Path", "System Uptime", the free space, and "Touch Base". I doubt this phone call is going to include "Conceptualize" for the win, though.


Thank you, thank you. I'll be signing autographs later. At least until someone else crushes this score.

Darnit, Nameless! You beat my high score of 22305!

whoa. that is a goooood score.

no time. still downlaoding porn at work


I'm with Chaz (*SNORK@*).

LOL I got 160...my best so far

I gave up! Figures guys are better at these hand-coordination-type games...uh..cuz of the practice...with tools...I mean...hmm...

Heh. What's your low score? I can't seem to get anything under 11. :-D

Underachievers of the world, untie!

low score is 19 ...and I just got 246!!! woo hooooo

quitting while I'm ahead...of myself


Not to shabby, and my first try too.

2272 first and only try.

Warning; popup window on Tim's link...

14108 on my first try. This is way easier than the helicopter game.

The end of it is really cool!

68,935 yeah baby i'm so proud of my accomplishments. Can i put this on my resume?

It is easier that the helicopter but it is still pretty dang cool.

Didn't touch it at all and got 598.

see?? I knew guys would be better at this...they have the manual dexterity and the patience to goof off for 4 hrs doing it...

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Somehow I missed this when it was first posted (Oh yes, I'm productive today, aren't I?), but got 5552 on my first try.

And I'm dizzy now too.

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