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October 16, 2006


...make it this one.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Arguably, it is no weirder than the original.

A regular Bagavad Gita getdown.

I can't blame her for being scared. I am.

I sent this in last week- isn't it hilarious?

I don't think you can accuse her of over-acting though. Well, right up until the very end.

Why does he keep shouting "Calimari"?

Did he get some bad squid, and that's what's making him dance like that?

Heinrich, no argument here.

That almost makes me willing to want to put up with the sequin glove, the chimp, the plastic surgery the pedophilia and other bizarre antics (i.e., LaToya) of the original performer.


Between the pot belly, the head twitch, the Russian dancing moves, no wonder she was crying.

But to be fair she had chances to run... while they were "dancing"?

The scary thing is my media player wouldn't shut down and just kept playing over and over! AAHH!

Granted, it has been a long day but while finding the red outfit strangly hypnotic, I missed out on the funny I guess.

Painful, yes.
Funny, notsomuch.


God, I hate it when a date ends with dead people dancing and singing.

ROFL! I just got home and watched it - couldn't at work. TOO funny. I actually liked the original - back when Michael Jackson was a brotha...not a freakozoid.

This indian dude has some really spastic hip movement...NOT in a sexy way

and *snork* @ Punkin with the Calamari!!

Siouxie's home! Does that mean I can have a beer now?

Yes you can, blurk...what'll ya have??

OK, I tried, but I just couldn't watch it. Maybe I have no taste.

*feels glad this fool didn't try to imitate She Daisy*

Sioux, pass one this way too, k? kinda like old times.

*sets up some brewskies for her fav cowdudes*

there ya go guys :-)

I'm already on it, Wyo!

I love the eastern time zone. Thanks, Sio

*sings, "It's five o'clock somewhere"*

Yer welcome, blurk...enjoy

Gotta go for a bit now though...

Wyo, I'll try to keep it between the navigational beacons.

I thought we were outsourcing technical jobs to India. It's sad to think that they must have been rehearsing this video for over 20 years before it was ready for worldwide distribution.

blurk, have you ever tried to shoot one of those runway strobes? It's really hard to do. (or so I've heard)

I'm pretty sure this is the guy I spoke to the last time I called Dell tech tupport.

Or support, even. Sheesh.

Never shot a runway strobe but I did learn that if you're settin' at the end of the flightline at Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia when an F-15 is takin' off for a sortie, don't flash your headlights to say a friendly hello.
Nevermind why...just don't.

I've been there, (PSAB,) but never had any lights to flash. at least you're still alive.

Writer, I think you're right, I've tried to get some help from that dude too. (He said his name was Josh, but...)

I got to visit the Wing Commander over that one. He was NOT happy.

You're braver folks than I. I was too scared to watch it.

Hahah! Good one Katie!

Ouchie, blurk. I'll bet that wasn't a fun little "meeting."

What were you at the time, an E-5 or so? And afterwards? ;-)

CH, I was an E-4. He was a one star. No lost stripes (thank goodness) just lost @ss.

Tryin' to think if I ever got to have ANY kind of interaction with a one-star during my time in.... Dealt with full birds pretty regularly, but I think that was about it.

I did meet Gen. Doolittle, but that was (of course) long after his retirement. I was enjoying an exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and engaged in a bit of small talk with an old fellow, kind of hunched over, as I recall. Someone came up to me afterwards and hissed in my ear that I'd just been chatting with the General. Pretty cool.

I sawed this a while ago. It was one of the greatest things ever.

If you watch only two tributes to Michael Jackson's thriller, you'll want to also include this shot-for-shot remake using Legos:


I'm making this my new workout video.

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