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October 30, 2006


Whoa. That was fun. Beautiful day, big crowd, lotta craziness. The Herald story by Evan Benn is here; on the same page you can click on an excellent video by Chuck Fadely that covers the whole thing beginning to end, with extensive footage of me and Tom Shroder getting booed. As always, Andy the TropicHunt.com guy did a fine job of both participating in and chronicling the Hunt; his site, with many photos, is here. The CBS local-TV news story is here.

Thanks to everybody who came out, and everybody who helped. One question we often hear is, "When the Hunt is over, what do you do with the unclaimed body parts?"  The answer is, we give them to Hunt Executive Directrix Elaine Pasekoff, shown below in a CrapCam photo with Tom. So if you lost an arm, please contact her.   


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First to point out Punkin' will be disappointed that she missed this.

It appears to me that Tom was just giving her a hand.


Phone rang ... or I'd've been first ...

Sounds/looks as if a good time wuz had by (almost) all ... except for them who put all of body (!) and soul into their hunt ...

Sounds like it was alot of fun!! wish I could have made it :(

I know, me too! They never have anything cool like that in Texas. STupid Texas!

You have to HAND it to Elaine, because the Hunt cost an ARM AND LEG worth of time...

Okay, I'm forcing it, and I'm dead tired, trying to function at the office. So nevermind me...

I had a great time, Siouxie was great, and she helped me with photos at the end, while I was shooting video and pushing people out of the way (sorry, everyone!) to get to the front of the stage.

More later!

Andy, go look at the news story page with the video link. I saw you in the crowd on that video. I also saw a cameo appearance by Judi

From what I saw, that was a great set of puzzles, particularly the final one.

Looks like it was a blast, and great shot of Andy and Siouxie.

Rats. It appears that all the good body parts have been taken. Surprisingly, none seem to be available yet on Eb@y.

Looks like everyone had an exploding whale of a time; deep envy is now building.

You Stoooole my arrrrrm!

Ooh. She's gonna be ticked.

Looks like a great time was had by all.Did you blow away over the weekend Punkin?

YAY!! Great video clips and article. I didn't come out in the video wearing a toga cuz they sent me to the Publix towards the end (where I met you, Andy), but we're right there in front of the stage everytime the booos are shown!

Again, just an incredibly insane (in a good way) time!

Ms. Pasekoff, would you mind contacting me at VDemilo@unarmed.net? Thanks!

No, I did not blow away (Though a lot of my Halloween decor DID)

Judi - I am making plans to be at next year's hunt.

I am putting together a team of friends from MIT, Harvard and UNH (UNH - in case there are any BEER related clues), so we will kick that 4-time-winning-team's collective a$$es!!!!!!!!!

That is all.

Punkin: While I whole-heartedly endorse your approach to next year's Hunt, I am going to push to rewrite the rules to ban out-of-towners from winning. You are still welcome to beat up the other team, tho. ;)

Wha... But...
Fine, then I'll make my own Hunt, and it'll be really cool and you won't be allowed to win. So there. Hmph.

If it takes out-of-towner ringers to beat the 4-peaters, I volunteer to be an honorary [dis-honorary?] UNH-er; for the beer clues. Quit looking at me like that... that water is COLD I tells ya!

Andy - Is that evil, conniving, cheating winning team from Miami???

Punkin: No. Well, one of them claims to be from "Coral Springs"...but I think they're lying. ;)

I offer to relocate if it means I can dominate enter the Hunt.

C'mon down, Punkin. There's room for plenty since the hurricanes are scaring people away (I'm referring, of course, to the football team...).

Good grief! Andy's photo guide wa like being at the Hunt, without the crowds or the warmth, of course....

BTW, is it me, or does it seem like one of those hands is feeling up Tom?

Some people love discounts. They also had a sale on for feet,seconds primarily.
As they said in their ad:
"You can't beat our feet."

For the record, Mark and I grew up in South Florida (which is why Mark is so obsessed with the Hunt) and Steve really is from Coral Springs.

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