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October 29, 2006


It was great. Details to follow eventually.


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Do I daresay, First?

And maybe I should add that I need to get a life. Hmmmmm..........

med - ditto that.

I mean for me, too, not implying that you need to get a life, anymore than I do..... sheesh........

Dave, thanks for another great Hunt. I thought that the Halloween theme worked out well, and while my team didn't make it past listening to the recording of coughing people, we still had a great time. One lingering question: What was with "The Search for the Total Man"? I was one of those who "solved" it, but never really got it.

Thanks again!

Can't wait to read all about it!

Drat! I had to miss it this year.

lives are not required for this blog.

WHO WON?????

*notes she does not see Andy (tropichuntguy) here bragging - though he may just be out getting sh!tfaced celebrating...*

Punkin -

I got a call from Andy while I was carving pumpkins with the kids. He'll have the full details on it soon (tonight or tomorrow). Sounds like he got to see at least one or two of the bloggers, and got some pictures too!

Important updates: Jaguars won, Bucs lost, Wyo's Broncos in trouble. On a personal note, the extra rib-eye is not in the cooler. A copy of the latest Popular Mechanics was. I suspect the Labradors and have warned Mom and Dad to check under each, especially if one appeared to be whistling.

Hi all! Back from the hunt!! NOW I can give you all the answers!

I was in a toga giving out clues. It was INSANE! People staring at us trying to figure what the heck was going on. Taking our pictures...etc. I had a BLAST!!!!

Andy, It was great to finally meet you! You were SOOOO close!

Judi, as always it's wonderful to see you...count on me for next year...awesome time. I'll send you all my pictures once I load them up. I have a great one with Dave and the 'toga' girls and you and us as well.

Dave, you and Tom are evil geniouses! I could not have figured that last clue, therefore I will not be playing. I'll be happy to be part of the insanity! Great seeing you again!

Steve, I also have loads of pictures that I'll be sending Andy. He was taking video clips while I took pictures.

I didn't get to see any other bloggers though...

Thanks for holding up the Blog end, Sio. THC, Blog, and SB, sounds like a nice job.

I am jealous. I was here in Ohio where the temperature was 49F, and the wind was about 40MPH, and we took the kids out trick-or-treating! Glad you all had a great time!

Dave obviously blogged this from the crapcam.


Andy told me he saw you there. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Can't wait to see all the pictures!

Punkin, the people that won were aliens from another planet...HAD to be. Those clues were HARD! I may have figured out a few...but the final one was a doozy!

Andy got very close.

We did get to have an after party for the volunteers at this bar close by. Last I saw Dave he was still guzzling down beer having a few refreshments.

I'm sure they're still getting drunk reminiscing. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to visit my Mom.

Steve, it was unreal! really. Those "hunters" are just NUTS. They would come up and try to get answers out of us. Stand there for an hour, completely stomped!

I really enjoyed being part of it THIS way. There is way too much pressure when you play.

I wish I had the possibility of going to the after party. :( Had to pick up my kids out on Key Biscayne afterwards, etc.

Anyway, I'll be posting updates on my site in the next 2-3 hours. Hang tight. I'll post here when I've got stuff for you all.

Oh, who won?

Here's a hint.

Steve, I did meet Tim. And, speaking of Blind Mice...

Ooooh, NOW I get what the "tropichunt" thing is all about. My apologies for being ever so slow on the old uptake there.

And can I mention that I am totally jelous of all the fun you had.

so jeAlous that I forgot a letter.

Eallasmom: Don't be jel/jealous of us. Our brains have melted. We're not going to be coherent for days. :)

Wait... Who says we're ever coherent around here?

... um ... mebbe ... when TH.CG said " ... not going to be coherent for days ..." he meant that we'd be coherent @ nite ... only ... um ... or not ... whut ever ...

Initial photos should be up shortly (hopefully within next 30 minutes), everyone, sans descriptions. Those will come later. However, photos tied to puzzles are linked properly, as well as the winners.

BTW, I NEED HELP! I lost my Moon Over Miami handout! If anyone can scan the front/back of it, PLEASE send it to me! Links to email me are on my site. I will reply back from my email account that you can send the pics to.

I also need the final handout from the final clue/puzzle. If you were one of the lucky ones to get one...please scan and send it to me!


Some feedback from a fairly hardcore Hunt team. This was our fifth Hunt and we always enjoy the inventiveness of the clues and Hunt themes. That said, to give you some feedback, we were disappointed with the vintage car clue this year. We figured out quickly that you needed to find the Ford and its missing map coordinates and that the other cars had map coordinates listed on the clue sheet next to their names. But we never would have imagined that there was no clue or logical way to get to that coordinate apart from stumbling around the streets of South Miami until you got to E-8. Instead, we wasted a lot of time trying to use Hunt logic including spending lots of time at map coordinate 4-D (deduced from the name of Ford) looking for some sign or clue. What makes the Hunt so enjoyable is that there is always a clue or logical deduction from a clue that leads you to solving the puzzles. There should have been some such clue to get you to E-8. Spinning our proverbial wheels at 4-d, we then ran around to the other 4 car sites (despite knowing they should have been red herrings based on the cross-outs on the clue sheet) searching desperately for a clue. Unfortunately for us, we did not walk over to the area of E-8 until ten minutes before 3. While we solved the clue before 3, the whole search cost us a lot of energy and time. We still had a great fun Hunt but took too long to get the phone number and then the key handout at the coffin to have a real shot. As you probably were told already, we and other teams had to brave a long line to get in the coffin b/c the site was too close to the main stage and many teams began to descend on the site without knowing why they were there. Still, it was another diabolical Hunt and we wanted to thank you and Tom for all your great work. Definitely the coolest event in South Florida!

Jeff: In Dave's defense, regarding the car puzzle...it was Tom's idea, not Dave. But you ARE correct regarding finding it. Stumbling upon it was happenstance, but then again, it's NOT the first time they've done this with puzzles that are scattered and you just have to find the missing item. This type of puzzle goes back to the following Hunts: 1992 (Missing Bus), 1996 (Peoplemover), 2004 (Roaming puzzle)...


BTW, for those that will be going to my site shortly, please don't try to deduce the answers just yet, if you want a chance at solving some of them on your own.

Sorry, no photos. I have argued, as a guy, but no photos. I have raised hell all night and we have a clean site and I know this about this spot of land.

I sat back here, and read this. It's official, I'm

CJ Run: ...you're what?

First off, photos ARE up now. You can go and start clicking links all you want. I'm working on my Hunt wrap-up now.

PLEASE NOTE that the site will be continually updated over the next 48 hours or so. Descriptions aren't on most of the photos for now. If you see yourself in a photo, please email me your name and indicate where you are in the photo (in case it's a group shot, not just you and me, for example). I want to make sure I don't get any names wrong!

Second off, the Herald also has a story too.

That was not me, Somebody is pretending to be CJrun. I was reading everybodie's else's postings, but that was not me,

sneaky pete: the search for the total man was a PRE=HUNT HUNT for online only. the prize was a coupon for a dollar off a t-shirt. had nothing whatsoever to do with the hunt. was that not clear from the original post? if not, we apologize!

andy: i was reading your post and missed seeing the hunt on channel 4 news! grrr :)

jeff, thanks for the input. i'll make sure dave sees it if he hasn't by the time i get to work tomorrow.

siouxie: thanks for EVERYTHING :) you're fabulous.

ouch!!!!!!! i'm in sooooo much pain.

andy: i can't FIND that photo link from tropichunt.com fyi... am i missing something or are you not linking it yet?

oh, and i grabbed a few of the flyers for ya... i think i got the moon over miami one, but didn't find the key funeral home one (didn't you need that too?)

I am an asshole, defined by jerk-girl on WMF

Sorry on both counts, try here then. :)

Channel 4 already did their news? My DVR said it was going tobe on at midnight, and it seemed like all of CBS was off an hour due to football. Going to check now.

judi: Yeah, I need the funeral home one. Never saw it! Thanks!

Re the Moon Over Miami, I have scans already, but if you can hold a hard copy for me, that would be most appreciated! :)

can't find the funeral home one (a pristine copy i mean) but i do have the one someone wrote their number (and pumpkin) on :)

oh wait, maybe that's what i got at the afterparty. i think it was. i didn't look at it, but i asked someone for them and stuck 'em in my bag. e-me your snailmail address and i'll send em all to you tomorrow.

Andy, yes, CBS was off because of football. I'm not sure by how much though.

Judi, are they selling any left over Herald Hunt t-shirts online?

Sounds like y'all had fun. I'll be honest, though - I'm glad that I'm not there, because I totally suck at hard puzzles. We have a much slower Hunt sort of game that the O puts on, and I'm never even close to figuring it out.

Looks like we have a blogvandal at work again, targeting CJ this time... CJ, do you have any enemies?

CH: If italics start flying under CJ's name, we'll know it's Adonis! :)

Regarding the Mustang puzzle, it seems like Jeff has a point - if an exhaustive search was supposed to be required, that puzzle was much different from the Missing Bus puzzle and the 2004 Roaming puzzle, as the first could be solved by logic and the second... well, it's a lot harder to miss people in costumes marching around, followed by a crowd of onlookers, than a stationary car on a block you might never walk through.

However, I (belatedly) solved the Mustang puzzle by reasoning backwards: the answer should be a number, FORD should be followed by map coordinates... what map coordinates, positioned after FORD, would sound like a number? FORD-E-(Number). The only possible answers listed in the Clues section were 45 and 48. That puzzle cost my team a shot at winning, but I grudgingly acknowledge its inventiveness. Such new twists are what keep the Hunt fresh and fun. And that's why we will be raring to go next year!

Pete: I understand what you and Jeff are saying about the Mustang puzzle...but to the Hunt's credit...that Mustang was NOT on the west side of 57th and was on Sunset (lots of streets over there that were not tied to puzzle sites!), not far from the main stage. If it had been anywhere else...I would probably be very much in your and Jeff's camp on this puzzle. :)

BTW, judi/all, here's CBS4's news story!

I'm going to sleep now. And dream of losing winning next year's Hunt.


I feel like I was there! (Except, without all the fun)

Siouxie - details from your perspective, please!!!

Andy, the pics are GREAT! I'm working on mine today.

Punkin, read up a bit. Basically, it was a blast!!! Crazy even. I have tons of pictures that I'll share as soon as I load em up.

*does the happy dance cuz judi says i'm fabulosa*

pssst...judi...my feet are KILLING me!

Morning 'Hunters and Bloggers! OK, I admit I was forced out of bed, against my will, by the phone. And it was my boss, asking what the hell did I want. [obviously, he's traveling, hasn't checked his email and does not yet realize I put it in writing and copied a mutual close friend that has a PhD in the subject. So I made shit up and that was bad of me.

However, the stuff I made up was funny and I am on vacation, so that's OK, right? For example, I rent my house from him and I asked him a perfectly reasonable question: Why is there broken glass all through my kitchen? I couldn't very well make coffee without an answer and the broken glass was actually dribbling into the livingroom! This was serious! He wanted to know if I had been burglarized and I asked him not to change the subject. Had he snuck into my home last night with the spare key and sprinkled broken glass all over my floor? It might have been funny, but it was time for him to own up, as I needed coffee.

I should really be more kind and I'm ashamed of myself, but the good news is that he can fire me if he's really mad. Plus, read his darn email, which he apparently finds difficult while riding around on his Harley, spreading broken glass over my kitchen floor. Slum-lord bastid!

CJ: Maybe the same people that threw a rock through one of my windows last week decided to visit you as well. :( Sorry to hear it!

All, photos with descriptions are up now. I can't do any further updates from the office today, so there won't be any changes until this evening.

I'll document my team's day in a bit...I'm tired. I only got 5 hours sleep last night after going and breaking CJ's window working on the site updates well into the early morning hours!

Time to make the donuts.....

Andy, awesome job!

question? wasn't the Ford found at E-8??? In your description of the photo, it says E-5.

Whew! Hunt stuff is intense, but more importantly, after I made coffee, my boss has owned up to breaking a glass in my kitchen. His story is that he attempted an assault in the alley behind my house last night and the victim got away. So he came in my house and threw a coffee cup on the floor to attempt waking me for commiseration. I don't really believe him, but at least he admitted to the home invasion and that means I couldn't possibly have broken a glass, then have been too lazy to clean it up. Whew! I better go snorkeling.

Helloo. *is this thing on?* We're terrorizing our bosses over here, fun for the whole family....

Plus it's almost Halloween and I can't go snorkeling without putting on my wetsuit for the first time this year, and I refuse to admit that summer is over.

I never really expect to go all the way in The Hunt
(then why do I always feel screwed at the end...so to speak). However today I feel totally violated because I always thought I could figure it out when they printed the solution the next day and go aha! or "Elementary my dear Watson", but this time unless I have bootleg copy of the actual "Herald Hunt" insert or the Monday Herald or both) I'm lost. You know, I taught Dave how to play jai-alai and even gave him a cesta to brandish but now I'm thinking I should have taken him out when I had the chance!!!

Hey Victor! Rest assured that I still brandish my cesta at every opportunity.
El Moco

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