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October 30, 2006


They celebrate by carving their pumpkins.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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I must say, I like the guy's "Washington Crossing the Delaware" pose.

That seems like something they'd do here in Minnesota. Anyone need a FIRST mate?

Flippin' bot. Almost got two in a row. I doff my cap (if I wore one) to you, will.

Washington was of course, the FIRST president.

Speaking of pumpkins...

For the extra geeky, here are some Jini Pumpkins I carved a few years ago.

Right back at ya, MareBear. The bot has ruined more than a few firsts...

Made me think of the bathtub races in Nanaimo BC, Canada.

Grow,grow grow your boat,gently down the stream.

Excuse me Will I studied US history quite closely and We were taught that he was the first president. I am also planing on voting for him in 2008. Lord knows he has to be better than what we got.

Au contraire - Washington was the eighth President of the United States.

Now, now, now Addicted. There'll be none of that. So he's (The Prez) not perfect. Who is?

Dave is, of course.
Well, except for that whole blue shirt fetish.
And the CheezIt™ addiction.

But he's pretty close.

Who has the time to carve a pumpkin boat like this? Those two guys must have been gourd out of their minds....

Orange you glad they used an outgourd motor?

PirateBoy, you mean out of their gourds?


simul with Steve!

What 15th?! Accursed bot, I'll get you for this!

All Agourd!

*snork* @ JD!

Edgar - nice try, but....

Sorry Clean Hands, Washington was the first president of the United States. Under the articles of the Confederation, there was no such office, and Hanson didn't even live to see the passage of the Constitution which created the office.

Blurk to me the whole Chezit and Blue shirt are what make Dave perfect. I mean have you ever seen a Chezit spot on his blue shirt?

What? I was first. Don't you believe me?

Suuure you were first....you and Hanson. If you buy that, I got a gourd to sell you.

In Lymington, brothers did boat
In a pumpkin that actually floats
Folks sounded alarms
Called in the gendarmes
And those boys were hauled off in white coats.

*snork* ducky.

Somebody get the butter - ducky's on a roll.

Or maybe pate de foie gras is more apropos.

*shivers at the mention of pate*

Don't worry, Ducky. We'll just put it on your bill.

I believe you Edgar.

goose pate, ducky. goose.

*whatever ducky's drinkin', I want some!*

*snork* at Annie.
*gets tissue to wipe off bill*

What do you serve with Ducky?

Wyo, how 'bout some Cabernet? *Fills glass*

No, no, no. It's supposed to be on wheels and pulled by a team of mice!

SNORK @ Ian : “It handled surprisingly well for a pumpkin."

that was a good show tune too, wasn't it?

*sings, "come to the cabernet"*

*snork* at Wyo

Pumpkins and duckies and beers, oh my!

Washington:  First in war, first in peace, last in the American League NL East.

two of my favorite teams each week are whoever's playin' the Raiders, and the 'Skins.

I don't know about where you folks are at, but it's d@mn cold, snowing, windy and miserable here.

*dreams of visiting Miami*

tee-hee. I just put a story about trick or treating in cold country on my blog. I love the snow, but I sure don't miss hiking thru it in a flimsy princess outfit....without, of course, the benefits of a fine cabernet.

*fills glass for Annie*

I guess I shouldn't mention that here in Austin it was a sunny, gorgeous 82 degrees today. It's down to about 75 right now. I hear that the cold weather that's freezing Wyo out will be here tomorrow night, but it loses a lot of punch by the time it gets this far south. Sorry.

Annie, we spent many long cold nights trick or treating in parkas. came home with frozen chocolate.

Ducky, yesterday, it was beautiful here, folks were out playin' golf in shirt sleeves. tonight, the wind chill is 5 above. (actually 20)

Good night for cabernet and a fireplace.

Thanks, Ducky. It was a bit chilly here in SoCal, too. Almost down to 60 degrees this morning. But I do remember the halloween costume buried under the parka. I'd be freezin' my tootsie rolls off, and some old geezer would ask,"Why, little lady, what are YOU for Halloween?"
"I'm COLD, that's whut."

Annie, after reading your excellent article, I have to ask you. Are you my long lost sister? we had the same dad, I think, and mom too, for that matter.

*snork* @ pity candy. that's about it.

I grew up in San Antonio, and migrated up IH35 about 90 miles to Austin, which was plenty far enough north for me. I'm too short to by stylish in a parka. Plus, if I fell into a snowdrift, no one'd find me before May.

*exchanges y for e in "by"*

Did your dad set up 'ghosts' made of sheets on the front lawn, then hide inside one of them and leap at cars as they drove up the driveway? And did I mention that the downhill side of the driveway was a 30 foot cliff?

Remember the little brother in Christmas Story?

"I can't move my arms!!"

Now, y'all, I must depart your delightful company for a little while. Hope to be back later.

JD - that's what happened to my sister. She's 4'11", and we couldn't find her. I think that's why they make the short ones so dang loud. So you can find them (if you really want to).

the cliff was there, used as a buffalo jump by the previous occupants, I was told.

*snork* at Wyo - I did that to my youngest son, by accident. He was so excited, until he couldn't move!

You know, I bet these guys drive Honda Agourds.

Evenin' all!

Wyo, you and Diane are always welcomed here in sunny/HOT Miami!! (that Christmas Story scene is priceless!!)

I am so NOT ready for Halloween this year...no decorating..I don't even have any candy YET. I'm just glad I got to dress up a bit at the "Hunt".

Snork at Steve t24g

Steve - will Jack 'o Bauer be commandeering a gourd-boat tonight?
Chloe: Jack, I've got gourd news and bad news.
Jack:Bad news?
Chloe:They found Audrey.
Jack: And the gourd news?
Chloe: She's squashed.

OOH Simul Annie!

For work tomorrow, I'm going as a disgruntled employee. But I'm not sure what costume I'm wearing yet.

double whammy super simul with DDD!

I haven't dressed up since this occasion a couple of years ago. Perhaps I need to start diggin' in the closet. It's gettin' boring around Thermop lately.

...and myself...but that's just weird. NTTAWWT.

jeez, Wyo...at a retirement home? Aren't they a little sensitive about keeling over like that? Or maybe they're used to it. Good pic, tho, although not the proper posture for playing piano.

I keep threatening to go to work as the Invisible Man. Hmm... if I'm still sick tomorrow, maybe I'll call that in!

that nursing home is right across the street from the cemetary. short ride.

I need to find a pix of my boss that day. She dressed up as an angel. HA!!!

cemetary grave yard. (easier to spell)

Nice piece of memories, Annie ... makes me recall all the fun I had trickortreatin' ... um ... um ... um ...

Scott - I like that one. Actually, I work with a few of those already.

Cabernet --check
All day tomatoe sauce ready for spaghettti --check
Warm pumpkins for carving --check (nothing anyone south of
will understand)
11 degree lows tonight --Somebody pay the heat bill, please

Snork @ Wyo

Thanks, OtheU. To this day I hate popcorn balls for just that reason.

*tosses snow ball at Annie*

Cheryl, my sister-in-law just left Bend a year ago. Moved here, 'cause there's too much traffic there. (an don't talk about heat bills, K?)

so, in england, when they do somethin redneckish (like strappin an evinrude to a really big pumpkin), do they say: hold my beer, and watch this!!

or do they just say TALLY HO!

too much traffic in Bend?

Wyo --no kidding? My husband commutes by bike. He likes to live on the edge. Twas thinking of you today. Buying ground sirloin think how much better the sauce would be with venison. *sigh*

TCK--also in Alabama

that's right, TCK. You've gotta see Thermop. (we do have a stop light) one.

My ING is missing....

I got lotsa extra INGs. I seldom use 'em.

wyo - my home town has a 4-way stop - no stop light - but even i managed to handle bend - course i was only there once, but still

and cheryl - they say tally ho in alabama? really?

Local news flash (I kid thee not). Local residents are warned to call local police if we see ANYONE unfamiliar to us tomorrow night.

TCK, when was "once" Last time I was through there it was a nightmare. almost as bad as Kalispell MT. AGGGGGHHHH!!!!

and what's all this about Tally bein' a ho?

TCK Absolutely. And they also ask for things in measurements of "lumps"?

*breaks out in dance to "My lumps"*

i knew a guy from alabama when i was in the army

he said funny things like "over yonder" and "crawfish" - but i dont think he ever said "tally ho"

once tho, during live fire exercises out on the utah salt flats, he managed to sneak up on a mustang (they cant seem to see thru camoflage net) and jump on its back

he didnt make it 8 seconds (more like a quarter of a second), but he did say "watch this" before he did it

*recently tried crawfish pie AND crawfish boudin*

Heaven I tell you.
Like lobster only not.

wyo - "once" was like in '93 or '94

and kalispell aint all that bad - helena's worse

oh, and cheryl - the proper pronunciation is "crayfish"

are we talkin about bend, oregon?

Been to both Kalispell & Helena. Oui.

Favorite place ended up being in Driggs Idaho, just over the border. Big wide open spaces, horseback in the mountains (I fell in love with a horse--but that's another story--and no its not naughty), landscapes to take the breathe away....*sigh*

Wyo-its worth the bill.

TCK-- Yep. Second most overpriced land values nationally. We are so proud.

Bend OR is what I was talkin' about. Been to Kalispell, Helena, and Driggs. I'll stay in Wyo, and pay the bills here which are also well worth it.

That doesn't change the fact that it's still colder than h3ll here right now. (h3ll is cold, ain't it?)

Wyo--11 here tonight. What you aiming for?

*wishes gardens a fond Tally Ho*

i think hell's sposed to be hot

it's 12 here right now - the weather guy said overnight lows in the 20's, so i'm thinkin he was wrong

expecting about 15 tonight, but it's already 17. One of those foggy nights when the fog freezes in place, and settles out as little diamond crystals. very pretty, but the humidity and breeze make it feel really cold, 'specially when yesterday was so nice.

Where are you, Cheryl?

*Packs flip flops*

Wyo-- what is the N. Indian term for that? Seen it a few times. Recharge the batteries on your camera--its such a breathtaker.

Mid Bend, right at the base (w)of Pilot Butte. In the (get this) "banana belt".

4 mph is not a safe speed to travel at on the high seas. Any passing giant squid could easily ingest these fellows. Pumpkin and all. 5 out of 4 marine biologists will tell you squids love pumpkin.

I would suggest, at least, a 25 HP- gas motor. This may cause the pumpkin-boat to spin wildly and bust apart. But the noise should scare away the squids.

the Indian term is "F'n cold" I think.

at least that's the term they were usin' today. 'tis purdy, though.

Whoa! Waves!

*suddenly remembers this blog had a point--just not sure what that point was*

Dinner is served. Night All.

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