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October 27, 2006


The world-famous Herald Hunt will take place Sunday, starting at noon in downtown South Miami. Here's the official Herald Hunt site, which was down for a while but is now back up, we hope. And here is the amazingly thorough site maintained by Andy the tropichunt.com guy. Everything you need to know to participate in the Hunt is in the Miami Herald's special Hunt section, which will be in Sunday's Herald. (If you want a head start, you can get the early edition on Saturday afternoon.) So if you're looking for something fun to do in South Florida and enjoy being driven insane solving puzzles, come on out! Bring your medications family! We will see you there.


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*....waiting for geezer bus to take her to Herald Hunt....*

*sits on bench next to Annie. Hopes she doesn't mind the smell of the giant salami she packed for the trip*

*picks up Annie on her way to The Hunt*

*watches Siouxie's car speed off*


*chases car, waving giant salami*

sheesh...you too Punkin?? ok ok..hope in!

good thing I didn't bring my porsche...

HOP in even!!

Ya scared me with that salami.

um....Siouxie....you forgot somebody...

Siouxie, why would you bring a toaster?

Oh, right...the salami.

That has to be the FIRST time Siouxie ever forgot about a giant salami.

*can't hop, salami's are too big, falls into car thru window, car speeds off w/ punkin-butt sticking out*


Wow - This is like Thelma and Louise, and Thelma.

Great minds think alike! I just got home from the grocery store and couldn't resist a great price on Salami and Peperoni. Plus, I got a cartful of candy for the little hellions darlings. Since no one seemed to be impressed with my fresh grapefruit idea, last night. Hey! Did you know they make Gummy Body Parts? This is gonna be fun....

CJ - We've told you time and again - you CAN'T build a gummy girlfriend!!!!!!!!

CJ - wait 'til you get old...ALL your body parts get gummy.

eeeewwww, gummy body parts....I saw gummy livers and hearts at the convenience store the other day, just gross!

But salami....yum!

*snork* @ Annie!

(even your salami?)

hmmm Thelmas??? I ain't driving off a cliff. I don't care HOW cool it looked!

*puffs cig & ties scarve around head*

Please salami to introduce myself, I'm a man of poor health and bad taste......


From the Herald Hunt to squishy body parts and salami. Warp speed ahead!

Dang. No hearts and livers. Or salamis. BUT severed fingers, feet, noses, tongues, plus fruit punch flavored teeth.

MR. FISH!!!!!!!

So good to see ya! I mean read ya!

CJ, I would mail ya a gummy liver but they are just too gross to touch. They are very realistic, if somewhat small. GAH, I wonder what they taste like?

casey - they're not bad if you toast them.

Ahhh! Soviet fishing vessel, breakfast every morning was dried fish and tea. Sunday morning, I awakened to the smell of DOUGHNUTS! I politely took just one, which was a good thing; they were filled with creamed liver!

Good luck, Dave! I wish you great success with your event.

*SNORK* @ lab.

CJ-i just finished lunch,read your comment and had to go do the purge thing. warn us next time you are going to cause violet physical reactions. creamed liver - gag me with a polo mallet.

sorry, i was so shook up about creamed liver filled doughnuts - i meant violent.



ww - I kinda liked 'violet.' Do you play polo? I used to, and I miss it.

casey, you are welcome to all our creamed liver and gummy body parts. bon appetit!

CJ-- seriously?


Aww, come on Wickie, I'm a generous person. I don't mind sharing! I find gummy and creamed liver goes lovely with fava beans and a nice chiati.

only polo i've played was once with my ex-husbands' head after he had gotten violet, excuse me, violent with me. bough the polo mallet at an antique auction and he was so busy berating me for spending my money on useless stuff, he failed to realize that the mallet would be quite useful. it was, got my money's worth!

"chiati" - that's like a fiat convertible, right?

lol Annie, I was giggling so madly my fingers were trembling!

*SNORK* at annie

Yay! Our local Fox is running House @ 10pm, so I can terrorize the chilrun and laugh, later.

*goes off in search of down-loadable spooky music*

ww- cool! If you ever get married again, I'll show you how to wrap the strap on the handle so you have a decent grip. ;)

eight plus hours a day
i grapple with puzzles so
not on saturday

brain squishy, gummy
from age and misuse, neglect
booze anesthetized

the blog's humorist
persona a sham the hunt
reveals his dark side

Good luck, Dave! I wish you great success with your event.

Posted by: «LabSpecimen» | 01:28 PM on October 27, 2006

*SNORK* @ lab.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 01:31 PM on October 27, 2006

Annie? A little less crack, honey.

they certainly drive like "chiat"

ok, Lab - if it works for you. ;)

wait....is 'crack honey' anything like 'head cheese?'

annie, thanks. i appreciate that. hope i don't get another one that requires 'strenuos reasoning techniques' like the last one.

Crack honey smacks of butt butter.

ya'll are on a roll today! Much laffage and snorage has ensued!

But, alas, I must depart. It's Friday and I get to leave early! And I have wine at home! Woot, woot!


that would be snorKage, not snorage.

Last comment, I promise.

I have used all of my ! ration today.

I found the answer to the Hunt!

CJ - wait 'til you get old...ALL your body parts get gummy.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 01:05 PM on October 27, 2006

*snork* @ Annie!
(even your salami?)

Posted by: Punkin Poo | 01:05 PM on October 27, 2006

According to George Burns, s3x after 90 is like "shooting pool with a rope". So I guess the answer is "Yes, even your salami".

Also, SNORK @ crack honey!!

wait....is 'crack honey' anything like 'head cheese?'
Similar but different.

(lol, had to read it twice to make sure it meant what I thought. Shame on you. Keep it up.)

Tee-hee. Right now, Lab is rolling his eyes and crossing his legs.

Wahtever happened to Paul Reiser's costar from "Mad About You?"

Oh, sorry. I thought it said "Helen Hunt reminder."

So what does gummy chicken taste like?

Oops. Make that 'crossing his eyes and soiling his legs.'

But they may have landed safely Siouxie!

And it was way cool, I watched the last 20 minutes or so the other day.

Road trip for the ladies! Who has the convertible? :)

Meanie I'm not sure but I think its paired with Chiati.

I'll take some dark meat gummy, then. Thanks, Cheryl.

Casey has a convertible Fiat, but she's had too much wine.

The web is a wonderful place. You can find this for 'spooky' music. Or if a rugrat comes to the door dressed as a Peanuts character, you can play the Snoopy dance!

Dave I can't afford plane tickets to Miami from New Jersey, but if somebody with money pays, I guess I could play. Oh and I can't afford a newspaper either, so I'd need a donation.

Gummy? Blue, that's just wrong.

CJ--A trick we've gone with a few years running is two silent films. Victor Hugos Hunchb@ck of Notre Dame and my fav Carl L@emmles Phatom of the Opera. The orchestration is perfect. We pop in the dvd and kick on the exterior speakers. Very scary. Its just not Halloween unless we scare the bejesus out of the little ones. (meaning its the only time of the year we can get away with it)

Story of my life, Leetie - wasn't going there, but ended up there anyhow.

Woohoo, Hunt Time is almost here! Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Edgar, you don't want to go anyway. You're from "out of town". As many a person can tell you, "out of towners" are given an extra special hard version of the Hunt as a handicap 'cos they frequently are, well...let's be honest here...smarter than us.

If you all want to meet me at the Hunt, please go to my site (click my name below, or on Dave's link above...but, for the love of God, only click once!) and you can see what I'll look like on Hunt Day. Stop me, say hi, and get your photo taken!

I'll also be giving out answers, too, so feel free and ask. (NOTE: I didn't say what the answers would relate to...)

Yay, THCguy!

Cheryl, what about the dialogue? I'm kinda thinking of running a motion sensor to my sidewalk so I can be alerted to their approach, then cranking tunes up to scare the bejeezi out of them!

Andy, I saw your pic at the website...so I'll be looking for ya. I, on the other hand, will be wearing a costume/passing out clues ;-)

No answers though. I don't wanna hafta kill.

Cheryl: Wait, lemme get this right:
You only scare the little ones ON HALLOWEEN??!

Someone, help me here. Am I wrong for doing it throughout the year, especially around Christmas ("AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! MOMMY! There's a dead man lying in our fireplace that looks like Santa!") and Easter ("Hi, kids! I'm back from the dead to spread peace and joy and hugs! C'mere and give ol' JayCee a big hug!")?

THCguy, as an out-of-towner, I think I'd have to cry if you gave me a harder version of the hunt puzzles. I never could crack the Total Man puzzle the other day!

Unfortunately I can't go so I can't prove myself against the south Floridians. I'll just read the look at the pictures afterwards and read the puzzles and say "HUH?" when I see the solutions.

Sioux, you don't have to kill anyone. Just point out the targets; there a few manly men here, who'll take care of it for ya'.

bookworm: Huh? you'd cry if you got a harder version of the Hunt than others?

The locals commit hari-kari when they see the regular version!

(NOTE: Regular version = extra hard version, for humor-impaired readers. These tend to be "out-of-towners".)
(Just kidding.)
(About the "out-of-towners" comment.)

THCguy, I love where you're goin' there, but Halloween is the only day of the year you get to scare OPCs, other people's kids! I can't wait to see if I can induce heart failure in the little screamer on the corner! For her, the scream.

CJrun: What makes you think I was talking about my kids? Or even people I know, for that matter? Or even people in my community?

I will say that I usually get run off church grounds on those Sundays...something about the fact that they don't like the mummy-like appearance I have, combined with some neat peeling flesh FX on the face. You'd think they'd appreciate performance art of that magnitude!

*snork* @ THCguy. Course, church is almost family. I'm looking at the bejeezi scaring of perfect [or imperfect] strangers. Film at Eleven!

Well, I was looking for the remote-controlled shark for the Ba-Dump thread. Instead, in keeping with THC's year round theme, Look Mom and Dad, you're kid can look scary everyday!

THCguy--snork snork snork (milk-out-the-nose variety snork)

CJ--OPC totally. We go so far as to give the parent pause at the sidewalk (bwa ha ha). Were there only a contest...*sigh* There is such a feeling of satisfaction to see the neighborhood kids cast tentative looks at our house the rest of the year.

Good times. ;-)

Have fun at the Hunt! I'll be with you in spirit!

Andy: I'll be on the lookout for ya!

Woohoo! Just 13 hours and 22 minutes away! (Huh? 13 hours? Yes...13...don't forget the time change tonight!)

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