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October 23, 2006


In response to many requests, we bring you the following important information:

"The main stage will be at Sunset Drive and 58th Ave."


On-street metered parking is available on SW 73 St and SW 74 St - east of South Dixie Highway.

There is a a municipal lot at SW 58 Ave and SW 71 St.

And, $5/day parking is available at First National Bank of South Miami, SW 73 St at SW 58 Ave


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Thanks. And First.

Saddle up!

Where is Sunset Drive? On that same note, where's 58th Ave.?

I woulda been first, but the bot got me. *throws cat toy at schadeboy*

um...sunset drive and 58th don't intersect in tampa...


Aren't Tampa and Miami the same city?


Nothing fun ever happens at 6th & Penn...

Oh, I don't know about that, Cheryl.

What that statement fails to tell you is that while the main stage will be at that location, Dave and Tom will be stuck in the Atlanta airport.

Scott, I stand completely and absolutely corrected! Thanks! I'm feeling like a part of the in crown all of a sudden, lol.


Andy, maybe we can change the location of the Herald Hunt to MIA?? ya know, just in case they JUST make in.

*add an 'it' up there*

How about scenic Atlanta Airport?

Sioxie: We might have to move it there, 'cos if Dave somehow escapes Atlanta, he'll never escape from MIA!

SO very true, Andy! Just think of all the places they could hide the clues...and the extra added FUN of going through the detectors/security personnel. I picture thousands of semi naked people running around MIA looking for clues!

Are we still talking about a scavenger hunt? ;-)

Lab,they are just interchangeable.

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