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October 23, 2006


The Prompting

In which the s.b. reports that approximately 30 people are way smarter than we are (having solved the puzzle without receiving the solution from the people who created it). You too can still win a coupon and some other stuff. Just click the link, and do whatever it is that will solve the puzzle. (We would tell you what that is, but we lost the email with the answers, and we don't remember how it works.)


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If I could only get there...

I solved it...eventually. One final hint from tropic did it (made me realize I was clicking on the wrong links)I was CLOSE...so ok I'm not THAT smart afterall.

i am not even going to attempt to expose just how clueless I am today...well, most days

I usually like these things...but...not today

No, thanks. If I want to spend hours in a futile effort to decipher the completely opaque random neural firings of somebody else only to end up throwing up my hands saying "This is stupid!" I'll go home and talk to my wife.

mud, random neural firings WBAGNFARB

Actually, 'ocular migraine' WBAGNFARB...as I've had 3 in the last week! WHEEE! Here's hoping I don't have any at the Hunt!



Miss C

*tosses Andy a few gumballs*

aw come on andy, admit it, the sparkly, flickery lights are kinda fun and you don't even need the gumballs.

cg is right, altho the ocular migraine started when she flashed me. :)

Dave, Judi, et al: Thanks for the primer clue. We are starting our annual deviant thinking earlier this year. We usually have to wait for the Saturday afternoon before to get started.

Now I'm saving money for the shirts and for the Bodies exhibit!!! What a deal.

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