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October 18, 2006


The world-famous and sometimes terrifying Herald Hunt will take place in South Miami Sunday, Oct. 29, starting at noon. There will be complete instructions in that day's Miami Herald. If you're not familiar with the Hunt, you can find tons of information at the official Hunt site and at this amazing site, maintained by Andy Wenzel, a.k.a. Andy The TropicHunt.com Guy. (His nickname dates back to when it was known as the Tropic Hunt.) Thanks, Andy!

We know many of you Hunters are already deranged excited about this year's Hunt, and we decided to give you a chance to stretch your brains a little by trying to solve an online, pre-Hunt puzzle. If you solve it, you'll win a coupon worth a dollar off the official 2006 Herald Hunt T-shirt. You'll also get a chance to win four T-shirts, and a coupon from our sponsors, Bodies.

Speaking of bodies, here's a hint for solving the puzzle:

As you are no doubt aware (Ha!) this is a statue by the artist Botero. Seems a bit incomplete, doesn't it? Which brings us to the name of our online puzzle: In Search of the Total Man. To solve it, you need to go to the Miami Herald site, MiamiHerald.com. We've hidden four clues on that site; once you find them, you should be able to figure out the puzzle. Or not! Good luck.


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*smiles, passes yet another margarita to Siouxie*

Well, that was a big huh. I just threw it out there assuming during the next couple of weeks I might get two people that were really bored. For me, a few years ago I discovered the 6th Act of Mozarts, The Marriage of Figarro. I hate opera, but there may have never been a greater human act than him writing it and a very few performances getting close. Or not. You judge for yourself.

Well once again I'll be scoffing from the sidelines. Unless someone will sponsor me and pay for my plane ticket. How 'bout guys?

Well once again I'll be scoffing from the sidelines. Unless someone will sponsor me and pay for my plane ticket. How 'bout guys?

*drinks Ducky's margarita*

plane ticket to where, Ed?

*hums "Two Tickets to Paradise"*

Cowards. Sio, I have been amazed off the old turntables, the radio let me down tonight, but the 1600s are solid and Mozart is the dude. There was a time when he had to worry about Elvis and Jerry Lee, but he rocked. One side out of six. Mozart mostly sucked. Fortunately, I have that side to listen to.

Oddly enough, I can use one of those coupons up here in Seattle. As long as they don't look too close...

:sigh: Sadly, I'll be sidelining the Hunt again. But one of these years I'll be one of the many walking around looking slightly more confused than normal.

Pachelbel's Canon in D

Vivaldi's Concerto for Two Trumpets, in C

Minuet in G - Mozart or Bach, take your pick

NE of these would suffice for me, should I be stranded on a desert island with only one (or three) tracks on my perpetually charged-up iPod™ ... merely sayin' ...

(Tho a little Willie and some John McCormack would be OK, too ...)

Darnit...that's what I get for going out after work with the buds and getting...well, Buds...coming home, watching "Lost", "The Nine" and then going to bed. I missed this! ARGH!

Okay, I'm not exactly sure what I did...but I solve the puzzle also. Kinda scratching my head...but WOOHOO none the less!

*mutters to self, like an incantation: I will not be a loser this year...I will not be a loser this year...*

Found the 4 clues, but don't know what to do with them. Grrrrrrr.

sthnbelle: Email me if you'd like a hint. :)

(Or anyone else for that matter.)

Well, now, I too am in possession of a coupon I can't use, due to being a BIT too far north of Miami, but am feeling much better for the fact that I found it (even though I did need a hint).


Same here S-bell!


Already had the coupons but I am stubborn and wanted to solve this thing!

I'm completely lost here, people.

Help! (any help!)

Miss Chevious

Miss C - if you read through the thread, there's a few obtuse hints, and TH.comG gave me the last little shove.

sthnbelle: I like to think of it as 'pushed you over the edge...' :)

Well, that too!

Although the blog is generally what keeps me from jumping......

Thanks to Andy, the tropic hunt guy, I finally solved it!!

Thanks a lot, Andy, you're a pal.

Miss Chevious

So, after solving this, did it "feel" to the rest of you like a puzzle at the Hunt? Unless I solved it in a way that was not intended, most of the hints did not "fit" in with the solution or how I got it.

pulling my hair out.(little i have left) can steve or anybody gimme a hint 4 the bodies so i can get into the mentally deranged mode for the hunt. thanks all

sorry andy..i meant u...look i am totally lost already.

Ok, i just don't get it. Can anyone give me a small hint?

If you need a hint, email me (link above, or through my site (click on my name).

Hope to see y'all tomorrow!

I thank the Lord for giving us the gift of brilliant preachers!o

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