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October 18, 2006


The world-famous and sometimes terrifying Herald Hunt will take place in South Miami Sunday, Oct. 29, starting at noon. There will be complete instructions in that day's Miami Herald. If you're not familiar with the Hunt, you can find tons of information at the official Hunt site and at this amazing site, maintained by Andy Wenzel, a.k.a. Andy The TropicHunt.com Guy. (His nickname dates back to when it was known as the Tropic Hunt.) Thanks, Andy!

We know many of you Hunters are already deranged excited about this year's Hunt, and we decided to give you a chance to stretch your brains a little by trying to solve an online, pre-Hunt puzzle. If you solve it, you'll win a coupon worth a dollar off the official 2006 Herald Hunt T-shirt. You'll also get a chance to win four T-shirts, and a coupon from our sponsors, Bodies.

Speaking of bodies, here's a hint for solving the puzzle:

As you are no doubt aware (Ha!) this is a statue by the artist Botero. Seems a bit incomplete, doesn't it? Which brings us to the name of our online puzzle: In Search of the Total Man. To solve it, you need to go to the Miami Herald site, MiamiHerald.com. We've hidden four clues on that site; once you find them, you should be able to figure out the puzzle. Or not! Good luck.


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Oh, booger. I'm on the opposite side of the country. Draw a line from Miami to anywhere else in the continental US, and where it's longest, that's where my house is. :-/

Man, that is one big, um, statue.

So is "Hardball" one of the clues????

And clueless, I might add, so I'm off to the Miami Herald site...

Double booger (both nostrils!!)

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'

Include file not found

/heraldhunt/ifyougo.asp, line 61

The include file '../topinc.asp' was not found.

Dave, I'll set back and watch. Not only am I in Montana but that's WAY too many instructions for me to keep up with.

ok....I found "stumps".....no? yes? no?

PLEASE do not post your answers here. that's no fun for anyone.

gosh, judi- y so cranky?

Whut, answers, judi?

I can't even figure out what the contest is about.
Public education.

it makes me cranky to say please don't ruin it for everyone? ooooooookay.

Yes, judi, it does. I was very upset by your comments cuz I'm sensitive and all. To make up for it send me one two boxes of donuts.

Those clues were so easy to figure out, it's a good thing they don't have the Hunt on the West Coast.

Sample West Coast Clues:

1. How many days can you actually see the mountains?

2. How many drive-by shootings in South Central happened between 11 pm and 2 am?

3. What famous actress is next in line at Botox-R-Us?

4. Complete this Oscar acceptance speech: "I'd like to thank ________!"

See? Easy!

Judi - I was juz jokin. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and I don't believe anything I've posted contains a clue or answer of ANY kind. (It doesn't, does it?)

And if I did know what I was doing, I would not share with these vultures be keeping said answers to my own self.

*tosses Judi a 2lb Whitman's Sampler & a gumball*

OK, I've found the four clues and I'm still stumped.

Oh, and PLUS I have to sign up to be a "MEMBER" to read the Herald online.....so my chances of even being able to participate are slim to none.

y'know, if you look at it just right and squint a little bit, it sorta looks like a big ugly face with two necks...uhh and a 'lil beard there on the chin and those kinda high set ears...where are my pills?

Um...minchie...you are truly disturbed.
You're gonna fit in here just fine.

yeah, you have to register, punkin... nothing we can do about that. :(

Having just burned up a couple of hundred dollars of productive time trying to find four clues so that I qualify to save A DOLLAR off the price of a T-shirt, I gotta say...I'm stumped.

Question: If we don't post answers here, what are we supposed to do? *wanders back to link*

At the risk of irking Judi, here's a teeny hint:

What do you normally do if you want to find something on a web site and you don't know exactly where it is?

whatever you do, don't tick off judi again- i'm still shivering over here from the arctic blast--

back home!!!! and I NO idea what that is about! but lucky for me I won't be playing...just helping judi out :-)


*ready to check out in the men*

Mike, I get the idea of how to sleauth, but....

Perhaps it becomes obvious what to do, then, once you have solved it.

Siouxie, it's about time you got here!!
We got a war happenin' on one thread and some kind of treasure hunt or clue findin' game or sumpthin' happenin' here.
It's pandelirium!!

Oh, and judi's cranky.

Okay, you're all caught up.

Woo hoo! I found it! (Nice outfit, Dave. Tom too)

Boo hoo! I can't go this year!

Man, I miss the hunt.

Oh, and no hints from me.

Here is THE INCREDIBLE HULK'S head to go on top of Botero's statue ... ;)

is judi pmsing???

gina.g thinks she is. I don't really think she is but I'm tryin' to get some free donuts out of the whole deal.

*will behave judi* promise!! just stick me next to the cute guys...remember?? *wink* *wink*

Are Herald Hunt shirts going to be available for purchase online?

Night all!

And Siouxie, keep tryin' to work that donut thing.

AND, The whole Dave scandal was just on Fox News.

so where's the war blurk??

I think the SB is just trying to stay out of it 'cause saying anything might ruin it. For me, the whole sleuthing thing defeats the purpose of blogging between more important tasks.

Oh and, toodoodooDOOdoDOO, by Blurk!

okay, since we're friends and all and you guys seem to like a challenge, and i don't need any more stress in my life,....how about ya'll find the answers, find the total man and then send him to me! i've been looking for one of those for a looooooooooong time.

I am watching Fox News...missed it


Not to brag or anything.

But I've got my AMAZING COUPONS, good for $4 off an exhibition I don't want to see 3,000 miles away, and $1 off a T-Shirt that I can't buy.


Siouxie, look down to the previous thread.

Mike, congrats! I'm in the same boat with the coupons.

Nice outfits on Dave and Tom, eh?

I haven't even tried LOL I'm with crossgirl...just send me the TOTAL man!

I just hope Dave's wearing something under the cape.

btw..some of the links on the Herald site are not working...just sayin'

Steve & Mike you can send me your coupons :)

OK so far I've found 3 of the 4 'links' and I can't open them!!!


Good pic of Dave on Brit Hume hey?

I missed it! and I still can't open the links at the Herald site!

Siouxie, check your e-mail.

Sio, the 'War' is on the previous thread!

I'm still trying to catch up CJ!

Mike, thanks...I was trying to get those at the website but I can't get the links to open...I get an error message. I found 3 of the 4.

Missed your message, Siouxie. I was having dinner.

So, how many people here are planning on going to The Hunt this year?

I hear ya' Sio. I took most of the afternoon off and am caught up, but trying to follow a detailed radio broadcast on football [it's a sickness], plus cook. First time in weeks to at least be caught up on my goofing off!

Steve, I have volunteered to help out. This being my first time and not having anyone else that I KNOW going.

I'm not even gonna try -- it's the cocktail hour. But I AM concerned about the sting ray article. Is this another conspiracy in the making? Just askin'.

hmmm ok...I have officially found the 4 links now and still get an error message. I will now give up! *I'm just too darn stubborn...wanted to solve it*

*hands frozen margarita to Siouxie*

Did anybody notice that 2nd prize and 3rd prize are the same prize from Tropics website?

Isn't that communist?

Oh, that's the other thread too.

*downs the margarita* thanks Ducky!!!

I am getting the same thing CH got...so no go.

Gee, I can't imagine why they would have changed the name from Tropic Hunt to Herald Hunt.

Ok..I have found the 4 puzzle pieces but can't open up the final one!! arrrrghhhhhhhh LOL

*hands another frozen margarita to Siouxie*

Since I live in scenic Austin, Texas, I'll have to live vicariously through y'all. To the Hunt!

*raises margarita glass*

Yeah, we noticed that too, Mike H. It may have been patently offensive.

LOL thanks, Duckie!

*snork* Mike Hunt!

I'll be back a bit later..time for dinner!

I have found the four clues and noted the differences between them and the statue...and I am now stumped. Of course, I am not a Hunt veteran and I only saw the types of puzzles when I checked out the results of last year's event. I think I'll check out the rest of the blog for today and hope something becomes obvious.

I may be late, but I still got into the fight. looks like I picked a bad day to go to work!

*passes Wyo a jar of brown, liquid, corn*

I came back at you. It's funny, if you take it the right way and I wonder how many won't.

Off Topic Alert For Tomorrow/

BTW, inviting derision and groans, I really am a hopeless football fan. This week, I commend Jaguars This Week [radio program, will probably stream tomorrow on jaguars.com] to other fans that might be interested in the Texans [second quarter of the stream], or football history [around th 3/4 mark]. Very detailed on the Texans and interesting stuff on Tiki Barber, Pete Banacek, Paul Hornung, Jim Thorpe, and even Vince Lombardi [as a player, for Fordham]. For fans, a good group to hear have it out.

Back to Herald Hunt/

**possible spoilers**

Wow. I found the answer, but I have no idea what clues have to do with it.

Okay I linked to the site Dave listed for the "Search of the Total Man" and there found a link headlining the Miami Dolphins.

Now tragically, I am married to a Dolphins fan who has framed glossies of guys like Bob Griese and Dan Marino. Frankly, I think the black and whites of Bob are the only palatable varieties because the Dolphins team colors are Tangerine and Turquoise.

So. In short. Eeeuuww.

What ever happened to truth in advertising?

My husband, having just read this post, demands that I point out that he just went out to run the errand of hunting down Duct tape and Whiskey. He insists that he is in fact, very manly. He is working on the heating system. (No girls, I am biting my tongue on this one...)

He also desires I retract all coomments about the Dolphins colors.

I'll be back

Bob looked better and tangerine is no color for a football team.

Cheryl, if your husband is competent with both duct tape and whiskey, he's definitely a man of the male persuasion, and OK with me. and don't be pickin on Bob.

tangerine, however, is a sucky football color. I'll concede that.

Cheryl, you just go. I despise the Dolphins. It has nothing to do with them beating my Redskins, or my Colts, or my Cowboys, when I was growing up. It's those awful uniforms and it always has been. What is that the 'Howard Johnson's Footballs?' You go, girl!

PS: Richard Pettibone and John Riggens were also much purtier in black and white.

CJ, go to bed. K?

Boy, I just ducked in to see what kind of hilarity was in here (don't have the gumption to actually try the puzzle) and I see y'all are talking about whiskey and football! This blog sure is my second home.

Three words: "Go Bucks!" "Burp!"

Uh oh, Wyo's upset with me. Please tell me it wasn't the WC comment on the other blog. *ducks*

C'mon, CJ, you know I love you in a non-Brokeback kinda way. You can't offend me.

Interesting placement of that fountain.

*quickie post cuz I'm watching LOST*

CJ-what's wrong with the Fins' uniform??? it's VERY tropical...


figures you'd notice that, Sly. guess that's how you got your name.

In slightly safer mode, have had a stunning evening of blogging and football, but and just amazed at what I'm hearing tonight in classical music. Love to all, blah blah blah, Beetovhen, Gershwin, Rachmoniniff...blah blah blah *turns up the volume*

CJ, don't forget Pachabel!

*plays Beethoven's 6th Symphony..The Pastoral...for CJ*

that always chilled me out :-)

What is wrong with the world? I fade out Blog and football and turn up Strauss? Gag! Hate 1800s psuedo-music!

Ducky, Pachebel's Cannon is my favorite!

It's terrific, isn't it?

Vivaldi. His celo and guitar and mandolin concertos are wonderful.

Two words: Four Seasons.

I sh!t you not! They are doing this on purpose. The next 'classical' song is Verdi. Oh, not that amazaing piece. It's the opening theme from the Revenge of the Nerds. They are honestly, purposefully doing this!

Plus, did I mention House was pre-empted last night?

[if you think I'm making this up, you have idea what a nerd I am]

yes it is!! Ducky

Wyo...I love Vivaldi as well.

Vivaldi's Four Seasons is another of my favorite concertos.

wowsa...I didn't realize we were such a classical bunch here!

Those were the days...

Well, I'll be...a simul with Siouxie! My day is complete!

WOOOHOOO Ducky! it was good!

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