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October 30, 2006


(Thanks to Don Adams)


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Let me be the FIRST to say well, duh! Maybe you should wash some more. Just sayin'.

i must not be very mature, cuz i laughed.

Then someone needs to go to Costco and by some toliet paper.

Okay, guys. It's no fun to be first if no one sees it. I guess y'all are all on your way home. Only another half-hour for me.
Or is the blog still in a time warp? If so, can I request it please be after the election so I know the state of my employment (I work in politics) and those blasted ads will stop running?? Pretty please?

Leave it to the guy who played Maxwell Smart to find this one.

Not the same guy? Sorry about that, Chief.

The thing that scares me writer is that Don Adams died over a year ago. Which begs one of two questions...

How backed up is the blogs in box?

or and this is more likely seeing how it is Halloween.

How cool is the blogs Ouija board?

Ah, the old Ouija board trick. Would you believe...

...that I actually do a really good Don Adams (the dead one) impression? With his voice, I get three characters for the effort of one: Maxwell Smart, Inspector Gadget and Tennessee Tuxedo.

It was a good trick to have back when I was in radio. As a writer, not so much.

*snork* at Uranus

"...a reason for the recent spate of activity on Uranus...the planet is “tipped on its side”"

"which may have some people scratching their heads and asking “Why do I think I’ve seen that before?” "

"These are interesting times, indeed, for Uranus watchers."

Sorry. Having a totally juvenile snorkfest with this one.

If they're lookin' at Uranus, mebbe they've got a hairy eyeball?

(Hey, merely 'cuz I'm Old doesn't mean I'm mature ... at least ... some - er - most of the time ...)

I wonder if there is life on Uranus? Maybe Nasa needs to send a probe to Uranus?

Something is very wrong here, I just can't put my finger on it.

CH - that could very probably be a good thing ... to not put your finger on ...

...I see a dead 'rhoid and I want it painted black...

Yeah... no fingering Uranus, OtheU

B VK - ... um ... yeah, IMHO ...

uranus should be seen by a dr, to make sure that it doesnt have some dreaded disease. and thank U OtheU for a veddy good giggle. guess i'm not too mature either. teehee.

I can't believe no one has dusted off the old "Clingons around Uranus" joke yet.

WriterDude, I think you have to follow that up with something along the lines of, "How about that I can do a decent impersonation of a corpse?"

(Why isn't Get Smart out on DVD yet?)

But I have to quote A. Whitney Brown on this one. "How can you trust a news media that would change the pronunciation of a planet's name just because it's embarrassing to say on television? People are mature. They aren't going to break out giggling just because Dan Rather announces that scientists have discovered dark rings around Uranus."

Uranus is a gaseous giant!

EC -- I think it is --

NO, not "dark rings around Uranus" ... the Get Smart series on DVD ... mebbe I'm dreamin' or somethin' ... but it seems as if I saw this advertised somewhere ... could be worng, of course, but the face is familiar ... (to coin a phrase) ...

Something is very wrong here, I just can't put my finger on it.
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