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October 26, 2006


(Not to mention a great name for a rock band.)

(Thanks to Jeff Carrie's friend Jean and Janice Gelb, who sent in this version)

RE-UPDATE 1 (Earworm of the Century)

RE-UPDATE 2 (Productivity Enhancer of the Millenium)


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I remember when I was in Jr High and they made us read "The Flaming Badger of Tonbridge".

The movie was better.

Judi - Stop badgering us! We don't need no stinkin' badgers!



apparently they ARE hard to keep lit. Huh.

I quit while I was ahead. Besides that, my wife was badgering me about the crowd noise.

It is not possible that I watched cartoons of my flapping brethren [and sistren] doing the same think over and over. How embarassing!

Honestly! It was bad enough that I wasn't as bad as smouldering leaves, but then that!

Dude! I totally need to create a band now, just so I can use that name. (anybody got a kazoo?)

Let's not forget this classic badger-related gem.

I thought blurk was trying to kick the habit?

So I clicked on the banana phone one and my son actually stopped watching Scooby-doo to come see what was going on. After it was finished, both diverdowndoclings wandered around the house singing, "ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!" but they couldn't remember any other part of it. Then they wanted me to play it again.



I have lurked around this website for a long time. I have never commented before. I don't care if Kim Jong Il blows up the eastern hemisphere, but we must stop banana phone. We must band together for the common good. Launch the nukes and take out their servers.

welcome, Stan. I'm with ya.


That's about as successful as normal, for moi ownself, on "productivity enhancers" ... except, this time ... I merely spent all the time waiting for it to start, and nothin' happened ...

At least I dint' "lose" ...

::snork:: at diverdowndoc.

Welcome Stan

Although that may have been listed as the Headline of the Day, if you look at the bottom of the article to one of the other links you will find the REAL headline of the day....

Extra Anus Kills Four-Legged Chicken

And in that article you will also find the quote of the day:

an extra anus has been fingered...

Baron, that article caught my eye as well. I had sent it in the other night for possible posting. I'm glad you brought it up ;-) It's classic.

I knew someone else had to have seen that they were fingering anuses in the deaths of quadripedal barn fowl.

we can't let all of this wanton anus fingering go unnoticed!

Snork at the Baron!

WooHoo.... I got snorked!!!!!

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