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October 16, 2006


Walter has found a friend.


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Mazal Tov!

Is this the Michael Jackson link?

Looks more like Walter's found his mummy...

Walter does seem rather attracted.

Walter's mummy?!

*tips hat*

Pleased to meet ya ma'am.

*whispers to bloglits* kinda homely ain't she?

excuse me, but he already HAD a friend....

< sob >

Uh-oh...Dave's got some 'splainin' to do.

Ah, judi, under the attack of the green monster, are we? I'd think if that's all it took to sway him, you're better off apart.

but what do I know, I'm just a guy.

*Snork at blurk for the homely comment. lol

Judi, don't take it personally. He's obviously a mummy's boy.

Ooh, a simul with Dave! :)

TheRed, that is.

Nah, it's Walter's buddy Bones. Ironically, that's the same name the mummy has for Walter.

My brother-in-law calls both my niece and my sister-in-law, "Bubba"? Is that kinda the same thing?

Walter, he's no good for you!

Poor judi... Is there a Hallmark card for this?

"I'm so sorry to hear that your friend the walrus penis bone prefers a dessicated mummy skeleton to your company."

Okay, I got nothing.

"blah blah blah scared stiff"
"Dude, that's not even a whole joke."

Fifteen minutes of the workday left
yo ho ho and a bottle of beer...

Cut me some slack...I ain't Insom.

The mummy has a curiously odd smile on its face (how can you tell Ms. or Mr.?)

Walter needs solace
Leans against his mummy
Balance is restored

Single bloglits take note - Judi's on the rebound.

*didn't know Walter was into bondage*

Actually, Siouxie, he's into bandage.

that's kinda kinky for a penis bone don't ya'll think??

Siouxie: with his MUMMY? Ew.

hmm very true, Meanie!

She could be very useful to him...see?

Mummy Wrap

*whispers to Walter*

"Hon, I think your date needs to see a professional about her anorexia ... "

HEY! what happened to Walter's uh..pumpkins???

Mummy's got 'em???

Ducky, we didn't realize how kinky a walrus penis bone could be...

Kinky Walrus Penis Bone might BAGNFA Hip-Hop band.

Oh my god, what has Dave done to judi?????????????

This blog post is just a little too Freudian for me to comment.......

So many analogies, so little time, the EB

So, Walter's dating Kate Moss now?

(Somebody give that girl a brownie!)

I'm just hoping that's not Sophie dressed up as the mummy (poor baby).

Mummy: "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

Walter: "I am showing you mine."

gettin kinda freudian in here.....

Thank you Siouxie...I like finding totally perverted sh!t I know nothing about. Makes me feel morally superior. That's a rare feeling.

Boner & his bones - writes itself...

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