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October 27, 2006

H _ _ _ O _ E E _   I S  _ O M I _ _

(Thanks, a long time ago, to TCK)


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I love that guy

Just wanted to be the FIRST to say that!

I got it!!!
Halloween is coming!!!

Can we get somebody to wipe up after it though?
We don't want the blog to get all sticky!


thanx fur remindang me I can't spel


Is there any naughty sound with it (or can I e-mail this to my kids)?

No sound on this PC I'm at....

No naughty sound, but the sound is essential.

Wow! I actually get to leave early today.
Everyone have a great weekend.

You too, blurk!

Just what I needed, a sarcastic skeleton.

Is this another Vanna White joke?

stevie, that's awful. Thank you!

S _ _ _ K @ T _ _

Shit,that is addicting.

Thanks, CJrun!

Speaking of productivity enhancers, behold blogocracy in action, viral video voting from JibJab.

Unfortunately, you have to register to vote. However, some of these are very snorkable. If only one vote is allowed, I would have a hard time choosing between Tall Cop Short Cop, Shawshank in a Minute, and Small World.

Funny sound, CJ, it's OK.

I scored 15.

Is that good?

Or not?

Eleanor, I'm sorry, but you suck. The sarcastic skeleton probably was saying deprecating things, in that funny sound.

Anybody that tries that JibJab link, don't even bother trying to register to vote. The registration process eventually turns into a cycle of water, yes it does.

Off topic alert:

The Friday Night Soul Party on WMNF is fabulous, as usual. I just heard a stand up, sit down by someone they identified as Marvin Jr. If that's Marvin Gaye's little boy, no wonder. If it's not, it was still stunning.

Glad I have my SkipperDome tickets.

Thank you, CJ. :-)

Yes, the skeleton was saying awful derogatory things to me. In a ver sarcastic tone. But I got him put together, so.....????

No, no, NO! Putting together skeleton = bad! Silly counselor.

Did anyone watch the JibJab entries? I kinda lean towards Tall Cop Short Cop, as it started out slow and built. The characters kinda grow on you in some John Belushiesque way.

CJ.... I loved Tall Cop Short Cop. It got my vote.


I'm guessing Tri-Delt liked Tall Cop, Short Cop. Steve, I never got past the third registration window- were you allowed to vote for more than 1? I woulda thrown Shawshank and the Morgan Freeman mime a vote, as well.

Now you tell me!


*zips out for good*

You guys just totally lost me there. not that that probably matters, but you did.

(too lazy to really investigate the Jib Jab thing)

I put the skeleton together a lot, so I think us blonde chicks won. And chaz. I think you suck. Just sayin'.

Just got in from work not long ago. Time to say "hi guys" before bed. "hi guys"! G'nite. I'm tarred and hopefully in bed for the night. tomorrow then. oh yeah....WTG Cards!

nite, chaz.

When I stepped away from my computer, I swear that skeleton said something cheeky about my mother.

Oh, he tried to play it off when I turned around, but I heard it.

I heard him say something about Federal Duck's mother, too.

Would that make her Mother Duck-er?

Well, made it through the nite without getting called back in.. DDD can really appreciate that. I see I was soooo tarred last night, I let my secrete identity slip again. Oh well. good mornin' all

*does World Series Victory Dance*


There was a World Series? No one here in New England noticed, I'm afraid.

Mornin' y'all....

We was robbed!

I bet it'll be quiet here today, what with the blog, the s.b. and all the Miami bloglits at "the Hunt".

*pouts and kicks ground*

That's okay (she said, stomping her sour grapes) we here in Maine get to watch all our trees blow over and probably lose power in the 60 mph winds today.

yippee *sigh*

*ignores Punkin Poos dissing and keeps dancing*

the hunt is tomorrow.

Punk': The Hunt is tomorrow. The early edition of tomorrow's paper, with the clues, comes out this afternoon. Today is salami eatin' spooky decoratin' day. Judging from an email, we won't be seeing Cheryl Howard today as they have extraordinary preparations to make before she dons her June With Cleaver outfit for door answering. *snork*

I just hope she's not too hard on the Beaver.

(Take your pick).

Punkin'.... the World Series is for Major League Baseball, not that American league sissy stuff. You know, the "junior circuit" (*wink*)

is the series over? who won?

hmmmmm - "the hunt" is tomorrow?

dont think i can make it south florida by then (even if i drive really, really fast)

guess i'll hafta have my own hunt here in SW Montana

so, what is it we're hunting for?

*waves* Hi TC!

This is off topic but a comment above made me wonder....Are you American types trick or treating today??

Sometimes Dilbert just says it all.

And sometimes the only way the Dilbert creator can say anything is if it's in rhyme. Maybe Mud has that?

hey zoodle :)

nope, no trick or treating today - the kiddies hafta wait till tuesday

mommy and daddy, however, can party today

there are some advantages to bein a grown-up

El - that dilbert is kinda scary - that's exactly how i ended up hangin around here :)

Ha, just what I need for a Saturday I must spend at work!! (Only for three hours, thankfully ...)

Oh, erm -- This is my first post at the illustrious Dave Barry blog (long-time reader, first-time poster, as they say), sooo ... Hi everybody. ;-D

Hi B.A.!

Join the craziness!

*Takes break from spookifying to say*

Howdy BAP!

B.A.P. - welcome, enjoy ...

I can tell I'm gonna like it here ... (Hey, wasn't that a musical number in one of them there Broadway shows??)

... I was so proud of coming up with my witty, ITLAPD-appropriate Blog Handle ... and now I find myself wondering how long it'll take for me to be forced to concede that I am known instead as BAP!!! ;-D

(Don't mind me; I'm just trying to entertain myself for the next half hour until I am freed from work for the next two days.)

BAP, ya got a nickname now - deal with it. ;)

TC, we can start partyin' today?!?


wait...i already am...

Ok, ok,....so the Hunt is tomorrow.....I'm STILL pouting.

(I'm just disoriented from disappointment)

*perfects sulk today so that she may be proficient by tomorrow. When the HUNT IS*

*snork* Jazzzz's AL slam. That's kinda like the NFC East.

and great job, cards.

and BAP, I seem to recall you hangin' out here before, don't I?

American League = Major League
national league = minor league

I always suspected Wyo was unAmerican.

Annie, as a decorated combat vet., I should resent that remark but I'm in a good mood and accept it in the spirit in which it was said.

Now as for the AFC, I'm as American as they get.

gotta run, y'all have a great weekend. (even Annie)

You're kidding, right? Anyone resenting a comment like that, or taking it out of context, is in serious need of humor replacement surgery. But I'm in a good mood, so I'll let you off this time.

Of course that was a joke. This is a joke blog. Now skitter off and carve something from a tree. ;)

In honor of the World's Largest Cocktail Party [a.k.a., Florida-Georgia],

Blog Bar's Open!!!

*raises arched eyebrow at El*

*lowers unibrow at sly*

*looks for Series trophy* Oh, there it is, in St. Louis. NL last I looked. (You "other league" guys have had it long enough, let us play with it awhile)♡

Anyone have a pair of tweezers?

CJ, haven't you heard? we can't call it the World's Largest Coctail Party anymore. Not PC

Now it's the Game Formerly Known as the World's Largest Coctail Party

I'm going to the parade tomorrow and HOPEFULLY to the rally at Busch Stadium -- if I can get tickets. I'm so jazzed!

(note the number of "z's" -- that's completely different from being "jazzzzed")

You BET it is sly!!

if it were me, i'd of been disappointed

Jazzzz is just mad about the recent All Star games...probably suffering from designated-booger envy.

Sly - congrats. You guys deserve it....once every what... 30 years or so? I'm just glad it's over before someone got frostbite.

btw - it's 90 degrees here today. Bleah.

Annie -- totally different area of inquiry ... how's the fire situation around your neighborhood ... I'm not payin' much attention lately, but one of the guys @ werk mentioned somethin' and I heard on the shop radio about four firefighters losin' their lives ... seems as if I've worried about some of y'all out there before, about this time of year ...

Hopin' no fires are NEwhere near Annie where-but-here or NE other SoCal bloglits ...

unfunny response to o the u - Nope - the Esperanza fire would have to go thru PirateBoy to get to me, and I'm pretty sure he's ok, too. It's a couple hours to the east. But it was arson, and it killed 4 firemen so far, the fifth not expected to make it either. It was set at a popular teen-ager hangout at 1am Wednesday morning, just as the Santa Anas started. It burned so fast birds couldn't outfly it. I've never seen anything that quick. They have a slight handle on it today, since it's calm. But thanks for asking.

AWBH Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your fellow Californians. It's hard to understand something so tragic was done intentionally. Unfortunately it happens much too often. Back on subject....Designated Boogers WBAGNFARB

Thanks, Jazzzz. Songs by the DB would include:
-Shake, Booger & Roll
-It's Snot Easy Getting Over You
-To Everything There is a Sneezin' (Turn, Turn, Turn)

Welcome BAP. Hey, when you're lying down, can we call you Horizontal BAP?

Also love your email addy. Clearly a parent.

Annie -- sorry 'bout that ... wishin' it didn't happen ... whut else can I say ...

Oh ...


Also from the DB playlist: Pick Pick Pickin', Runny Valentine, and Kleenex on My Mind.

BAP, welcome to the madness!

Annie, no offense taken, I assure you. I know humor when I see it, an I still love ya.

Not to mention their signature tune, Loogie, Loogie.

....a voice from the beyond.... Sorry.

*snork* Gargravarr the Blue

Don't forget the "Boogie Woogie Booger Boy of Blog of DB!"

(Best I can do in my cold, windy, depressed-cuz-I'm-not-in-sunny-Miami-doing-"the Hunt" state)

*snork* at pitiless poo too.

Sorta gives a whole new meanin' to the concept of "Poor Poo" ... don't it?

Hey, Punk, don't you have some crazy costume party to go to every year?

And from their first album, Mucous You Loved Me and Snakes Battlin' A Cold!

Good evening all! Here for a bit...

Punkin: I'll be thinking of you tomorrow (it may not be as sunny as you think).

Annie & other Cali bloggers: My thoughts are with you as well ;).

DB oldie but goodie: The Bertha Butt Booger

all I can think of ;-)


No party this year. (I kinda burnt myself out, costume-wise, by working on last year's costume from May to October 31st, 5pm!)

Yes, I won 2nd place out of 1,000 people, but I'm old and tired this year. (I DID make a costume to go trick or treating with my granddaughter in. Will take pics)

Is it going to rain there tomorrow, Siouxie?????

I hope not. I want every sordid detail about the fun day, k??????

It's been raining today, Punkin. Seems like we're getting another 'cool front'. I hope it's not!

I will definitely take plenty of pics! Details to come!

I haven't been in the mood for Halloween this year cuz of my mom...but she's hangin' in there ;-). I'm sure I'll dress up as SOMETHING. At least I'll have a costume at the "Hunt".


always ;-)

So no big party this year??? I loved those pics you showed from last year. The tree one?

Have fun Siouxie! I'll be waiting here in su.so.ca. to see many pics! :)


The other bummer is no costume at work.

I mean, I CAN wear one, but I like the gory ones, and working at a hospital, I'm likely to get carted off to the ER.

Plus, I work for Hospice, so no dead zombies or anything that may closely resemble past or present clients!

And I REFUSE to do anything saccrine, like Raggedy Anne or something. (Unless she's impaled or bludgeoned, but then we're right back to the ER!

Big Day After apology to Chaz. I realised this morning that I was just bitter over the Dumb Blonde remarks. But, like Dolly, I remembered today, I'm not dumb, and I'm not blonde. SHOUT OUT to my friends at L'Oreal! Here, Chaz, have a six pack.

Thanks El!!

Punkin, no wonder I like you! I always wear gory. My favorite for years was wearing a gory doc's costume with wounds and blood, for my girls' Elementary School Haunted House. I had body parts and would cary a bloody cleaver. LOVED to scare the crap outta those poor innocent kids. *EG*

I blame Stephen King.

Punkin, I like you more everyday!

Did you know that every October we have a Stephen King bus tour???

Goes around to a lot of the spots in Bangor and vicinity made famous in his books! Come up next fall and we'll go!

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