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October 31, 2006


These two photos appear identical... until you look closely.


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Nice, Dave...thanks! I had ALMOST forgotten that one!

*goes off to change undies*

I look a bit like that after a rough shift. But NOBODY else gets to say so.

The photo on the right seems to have a few extra blades of grass.


and a horrifying demon.
(That looks eerily like my mother when she would go into one of her rages when I was a child *wimper*)

Well,that got my heart pumping this morning.Wonder how many more times I'll fall for that one before I learn not to click.

Dave, how'd you get a photo of my date from Saturday night??????

Deb - Coulda been worse.

for perhaps the first time, I regret having 5.1 surround and a powered sub woofer on this computer.


I knew that was coming, and I STILL nearly wet my pants!!!! Happy Halloween, folks!!!!

/leaves to change undies.......


*Is technically challenged, but nonetheless impressed*

*tosses pkg of Depends to bladderly-challenged bloglits*

?wondering if Wyo was in on the thefts in Jerusalem, now that he has a "powered subwoofer"?

I feel so lucky that I don't routinely have audio enabled here. Kept me from having a childish accident, in this case.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, I have a bad memory.

Yeah, Punkin...he's always braggin' about his big toys...sheesh!

and DAMN YOU for that link! (I'm soooo stoopid gullible this morning!)

Punkin, Don't be too impressed... Wyo is obviously compensating for something...

somethin' tells me I'm gonna regret that post for a loooonnnnnng time.

loooooooonnnnnnng too?

My...we're just a bit full of ourselves this mornin' ain't we, Cowboy??

*decides to go to work*

*wonders if Erma Bombeck has a blog*

*smoochies* Wyo! you know I love ya!

*glad he's been kinda quiet so far today... looks like the bloggals are playing whack-a-mole...*

works every time!

gotta go though, have a good day, all.


I don't remember seeing that one before.

And I really really wish I hadn't had the sound turned on...

Turned volume down just in case Dave had something up his sleeve ... whew!

*undies still daisy-fresh*

Yikes! Freaked me out. I was concentrating and so sure the 2nd photo was magnified and bam!

That guy needs a dentist. Just sayin.

i was looking for something related to the german language. i got a screaming demon. looked like my boss, and she's outta town. hmm.

Godalmighty, Dave, are you trying to kill us all?

*looks around for those little nitroglycerin heart pills*

nyah nyah, i didn't fall for it. but only because i fell for it a day or two ago.

thank goodness i read the comments before clicking... else there'd be an embarassing incident right here in the office

I've only fallen for this ..oh...about 50 times in the past. I'm esmart that way ;-&

No, I looked closely and they still look identical. Maybe it's just me.

pssst Dave?? linky not worky on the next thread...at least for me.

Crap! That got me good. And you, too, Punkin, you dastardly wench.

eeek centrale: You're in Miami, right? How the hell do you even FIND someone to date?

Make that the "comment" linky.

Speaking of Manilow (Punkin linked to Manilow)I learned this morning that the guy who was the voice of Archie in the "Bubble Gum" group The Archies", later went to work for Manilow.

Birds of a feather...

LOL I had to send that one to all my co-workers...mwahaahaahaa

Note to self: make sure headphones are always plugged in when blogging in the office, that way I'm the only one in the building with soiled boxers.

Two guys in cubes outside my office judt did an involuntary prairie dog.

Or just. Typing fingers still trembling.

.... Just started breathing again...

...no wait (cough)........

.....Not yet.........

Nice Dave,

I am now wearing a half a cup of Cafe Americano. Fortunately, I am at home. (I thought of going to "wet & hot" diaolog--but then I don't have subwoofers....)

THAT's the photo craig ferguson has been using as Paul McCartney's ex-wife when he talks about them during his monologue. (He uses the Murder-She-Wrote lady to depict Paul.)

a 'friend' sent this to me last week so i was prepared this time. last week however, i fried my keyboard out by forcefully expelling hot coffee from both nostrils at the same time.

Dave, you sadistic b@stard. Expect to hear from my lawyer re the costs of the paramedic crew.

Good one.

Wow...am I naive...I fell for it!
I didn't have my headphones on and I still jumped like a little girl...

Well, at least now I can cancel that stress test...

*blinks a few times, realizes she's on the floor. Shakily crawls back to computer chair.*

No, really, I'm fine. That was funny. Truly.

*stumbles off to find someone with Valium.*

*blinks a few times, realizes she's on the floor. Shakily crawls back to computer chair.*

No, really, I'm fine. That was funny. Truly.

*stumbles off to find someone with Valium.*

sorry for the double post--still shaking.

Very interesting little time warp going on - I just noticed that my last post is not going to happen until 12:34......


OK, the blog clock is in the Twilight Zone again. Or else TCK and SB have discovered time travel.

somethin' like that ducky.

And no, I won't tell you the powerball numbers for tomorrow night!!

don't click - don't click - don't click

OK, i gotta click, cuz what if i miss somethin really good?

hmmmmmm - just a coupla pictures, no Dave evilness goin on hAAAAUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!

I had a feeling something was up, and turned off my speakers.



Harr-de-harr harr. It's still one of my favs, though.

You guys are hilarious - no, really.

OMFG! Heart still pumping, but I can breathe again, almost!

*so glad everyone around here's at lunch*

Between the heart-stopping lurch and the gut-wrenching laughs, I think I need a tune-up (and a valium).

*tosses guin a nitro, takes another under tongue*

Wow - glad the diverdowndoclings aren't here- I woulda had to put a $20 in the bad-word box. (most words are $.25, F-bombs in front of the kids are a $20.


I am now deaf.


This is an instructional video for new 21yo bar-hoppers-in-training entitled "The Morning After...Removal of the Beer Goggles"

Mean, wicked, naughty Dave. Don't quite need to change, but only because I was tensing up in fear of what would appear.
I sent it to my sister. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!
And, Judi, when you say "the lady on Murder, She Wrote," are you referring to Angela Lansbury? I can't actually think of anyone on MSW who looks like Paul.

LMAO Diverdowndoc...

*snork @ blurkie*

Oh, and good afternoon. Was the trumpet player sick this AM?

OK, so I'm rushing around hooking stuff up, getting ready for the chillens. And I have my laptop hooked up to outdoor speakers. And I had the volume turned ALL THE WAY UP. Time to get more outdoor speakers.

This one isn't bad either.

Read the story before watching the video

This is a car advertisement from Great Britain. When they finished filming the ad, the film editor noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist. They found out that a person had been killed a year earlier in that exact same spot.

The ad was never put on TV because of the unexplained ghostly phenomenon. Watch the front end of the car as it clears the trees in the middle of the screen and you'll see the white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road....Spooky!

Is it a ghost, or is it simply mist? You decide. If you listen to the ad, you'll even hear the cameraman whispering in the background about it near the end of the commercial. A little creepy but pretty cool!!

You terrible terrible person! What, no warning?
If I had had a heart attack...!

Olo, check out the romance vid, its dang funny!

On the upside, the speakers are outside so the damage seems to have been limited to three Twitney wannabes with soiled hip-huggers! Now if someone can tell me how to grab that .wav file, I'll replace the comparatively lame scream I have ready for the doorbell.

I just requested Missus KAT to help me spot the differences in the pics. Always up for a challenge, she sat down, leaned well into the screen, and just as she thought she had spotted two of the subtle differences, well...you know the rest.

I think she's mad at me...I'll be able to confirm that when she emerges from the coma...

olo- You made me drop another f-bomb.

I must be learning impaired.

DDD, I heard that all the way over here! You owe me $20 bucks.

It's in the mail, casey.

I aim to please.

Important News Flash: If one intends on spooking ones dog with a pair of "spooky alien-eyes on headband" said dog may knock one down and remove said headband and proceed to shred it.

Also: Great Danes have little sense of humour.

*snork* @ June. You're out west, aren't you? It seems awfully early to me, but I've started turning on lights and practicing with the screaming doorbell; for the toddlers that come out early. See if I can't get 'em to have to run home and change their Pull-Ups.

Yep. In the Cascades of Oregon. (meaning big mountain range--also meaning brrrrrrr)

Game day. Lets bring it. *high five to CJ*

Know the Cascades and the Olympics. Used to work out of Seattle. Game Face Scream Mask on. Unfortunately, I can't tell the kid's ages before I open the door; next year, video of the front so I can better prepare. Surprising how many adolescents are out now, as opposed to little ones. It's awfully close to downtown [20 blocks] so there may not be many youngsters. I wouldn't know as I've never been home, here, on Halloween.

Dave, you are a bad, bad man. Scared the sh*t out of me! I avoided haunted houses this year because I am so jumpy, figuring I'd be safe at my computer. Not so! And the volume on my headphones was all the way up!

Cj- Ah grasshopper, you have much to learn.

Dux--I agree wholeheartedly.

A friend's husband sent this to her at work. She threw her neck out. Once she's out of traction, she's gonna throw HIM out. (kidding on throwing him out, I think.)

Cj- Ah grasshopper, you have much to learn. Dang! Nothing but adolescents so far. So let me get this straight. Except for nap time, the 3-year-old two doors down is in the front yard, screaming at the top of her lungs all afternoon and usually until after 9 in the evening. She has a half-hearted co-hort, across the street, but he's intimidated by her virtuosity. So the one day of the year when I can terrorize her, her parents probably took her to the Mall? I may have to TP their house.

CJ, I think Clean Hands has the TPeaShooter.

Really glad I didn't waste hours rigging a 30-gallon trash can full of water over the door, for the little hellion. Honestly, she'll probably become a favorite, but the screaming part, for hours, is worthy of retribution!

*all adolescents, so far; nice kids, but could be replaced in a recipe with pus, in a pinch*

Ahhhh. Life's better. Little kids, finally. One had me stumped.... I guessed pilgrim, nun, Amish woman. Nope. Wednesday from the Adams Family.

Amish Woman. Verrry scary.

Pssst. Cj. See the kid at the market say something like "Hey, I just had lunch with Santa, and man I don't know what you did--but boy is he mad."

Not that I would condone such behavior. Ever.

June, that's rural talking. Which I'm used to.

When I was in college home on vacation, my parents sat me down after they came home from dinner and saw the Christmas lights. I thought I had done a wonderful job, but they shook their heads. I ran individual strings of colored lights up trees to @ 100-feet high and then out onto branches. I thought it looked as a wonderful, Christmas, fireworks display. Apparently that was ostentatious. Plus, there were cars in the ditch out front that didn't make the turn.

Awww Cj Thats the saddest thing I ever read. Holiday displays are never ostentatious.

Also, fog machines work at 28 degrees (and counting).

*snork* time for House, my fovoritest show, and apparently I have lots of candy to eat!

Well, I got the dang thing at 3:00 in the morning here in Europe, looking for a giggle before bedtime. No need to fluff the pillow anytime soon.

Busy day--Didn't get to check the blog and $h!t my pants till just now. Thanks Dave.

Can I say $h!t here? Sorry if I offend...

*wishes Al would watch his f*&^!n mouth*

*Flosses for good measure*

A pillow? We have ghouls and stripteeze artists pushing our [scream and spooky music] doorbells and your picky about a pillow fluff? Colonizing bastid.

Um, whoa. That was WAY too freaky/scary for my taste! Warning to anyone who has not yet messed with it: if you're not into freaky/scary/somewhat horrorish, best to stay away from this one!! Yikes... I wish I had had a bit more warning... :(

These photos are from Hilter's favorite Shangri-la in Germany. Hmm, doesn't that give you the advance slightest hint?

Now, if that had been Tahoe in the photos - I mean, that would be a real Bambi scene...

Ceryl and Al have to put money in the bad-word box.

*puts blog 20 in box*


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