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October 30, 2006


People often ask me what kind of people participate in the Hunt. I would describe them as smart, attractive, focused and -- above all -- casually dressed.


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Casually first?

Looks like you're getting along rather nicely.

Wait! Is that a naked man in the background?

This must be after the after party.

Yes Dave,she's nekkid.Are you focused on not looking down?

Was she part of the "perky news team" (un)covering the Hunt?

Dave, who's the guy in the black shirt with you? ;)

What is Dave doing in a window with a naked couple?

They can't take the Pulitzer away for this, can they?

Was not, I waz admiring your tie...

Did anyone get her number? Blog handle? Address? Anything?

I can't tell...is that Walter sticking out the back of her head?

Man what did I miss out on at this years hunt?

if this is "casual", why is she wearing a tie?

naked women tend to have that facial expression when standing next to me too

she looks like she breaks at the waist for easy transport

She looks like she's saying, "Yeah, sure take my arm, why not? You've already taken my dignity."

Hey, folks, stop being rude. Stop staring at her tie.

Well, it IS warm in Miami. She's just dressed for the climate.

Just wondering, but when did they start showing ribs on mannequins? Isn't that the point when we start making fun of celebrities?

I was wondering about the casual part too...she does have on a tie.

Mannequin sure appreciate that!

*snork* calendar

Are these stories related?

I don't know SuzyQ...by the looks of her, it may be kinda..errr...nipply out?

Oh my goodness, someone get that poor girl a bowl of soup!

Bowl of soup? Get her a burger or 5!

*waits patiently for judi's equal opportunity lasciviousness*

dave-o better watch his peepers-- he could poke an eye out on those nips!

I dunno Dave, your new girlfriend is kind of cute, but isn't she sort of wooden? I'll bet she isn't much of a conversationalist and doesn't much appreciate your witty conversation.

On the other hand, I'll bet she never argues with you and NEVER nags!

(From Kimmie's link:) "He told his parole officer he was going to buy a mannequin so he didn’t have to do these break-ins anymore,” said Detective Brendan Moore said. “Apparently that didn’t work out.”

Mebbe her parents din't want her to go out with him?

Dave, what are you doing with Paris Hilton??

Siouxie, that girl has a lot more talent than Paris

Dave, is this your entry for Half-Nekkid Thursday?

She's hot. In a Marianne Faithful sort of way.

Jazzzz: I dunno, I think it IS Paris Hilton. Explains the nekkid-ness. She looked outside and said "That's hot..."

'nuff said

Hey guys! These are MY Herald Hunt CrapCam Photos!

Herald Hunt Photos

Andy, I emailed you the direct link. Not sure if I remembered your email address though. Let me know if you got it.

This is a photobucket acct. I got JUST for this.

hmm if it asks for a pw it's 'hunt'

hmm ... them toga gals am hawt!

Hey, Siouxie, what's the password?

Hey Suzy!

it's 'hunt'

OtheU - we were so HOT my leaves were wiltin'!!!

Sioux, if they told you that was your costume, uh... honey... they lied.

Sorry, couldn't resist!

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