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October 24, 2006


Now they want to take away our Vegemite.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Dirty rat b@stards!

I am sorry, but the phrase

"... popular yeast extract spread"

does not seem to get it for me.

Mmmmmm, Australian accents. Mmmmmmm, MMMMmmmmmm, Australian accents and cheek slappin good times.

Scuse me, I need to nap now.


Those darn antipodean expatriates!

"Vegemite made me the man I am today," said Brad (shooting?) Blanks

Anyone every tried that stuff? My sister brought some back from Australia and all I can say is, "EEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!"

I'm so glad Customs and Porder Patrol have the time to look for Vegemite now that we've got the open border problem solved. And lord knows no one "imports" any other substances illegally that C & PB could be looking for.

Ubetcha, I try to steer clear of anything described as a salty brown spread.

When Vegemite is outlawed, only outlaws will have Vegemite.

The stuff's terrible. Absolutely terrible.

All your Vegemite are belong to us

I had vegemite once. Once. My husband was so mad when I had him taste it, by lying about how yummy it was! He tells people he had to lick his own a$$ to get the taste out of his mouth! It really is nasty stuff.

Notice they didn't try this crap while Steve Irwin was still walkin' around.


Hey, blurk, you're dressed!

For now.

baligurl - your husband "... had to lick his own a$$ to get the taste out of his mouth" ? Well, that give "salty brown spread" a whole different meaning.

*snork* at baligurl

I often say, "I've had worse things in my mouth," and vegemite has no competition in that contest.

Now they want to take away our Vegemite.

And this is bad how???

I bet if (when?) some sleazy lawyer brings a suit and alleges discrimination against Decendants of Irish Convicts, that C & PB will start looking the other way again pretty quick.

At least now I know where the Vegmite sandwich thing in the song came from. See you do learn stuff by reading this blog.

I like vegemite, but have only had it once - in a very small amount. Anybody in the Outback wanna send me a jar?

is that english?

I have it on good authority that they're gonna start lettin' the stuff in the country again. It just has to have a label that reads "CAUTION/DANGER Contains the same vitamin B that is in breakfast cereal"

So what did everyone have for breakfast this morning.

If ya wanna answer that question just pretend that period is a FRIGGIN' QUESTION MARK.

Sorry, I'm okay now. No cravings yet.


Vegemite is the lutefisk of UK/Aussie/NZ folk -- a good reason to leave the old country for the new world.

Antipodean Expatriates WBAGNFARB from Australia wouldn't it?

is this like vitametavegimin?

The Aussies told us Vegemite is the residue on the bottom of the beer vat. The stuff the rest of us would throw away. Kathybear, email me and I'll send you the unopened jar in my pantry.

Is Vegemite pronounced like Dynamite or Yosemite?

Gotta love English.. Oi!

otis, it's pronounced like...puke.

Just kiddin'. It's like dynamite.

I think.

Pretty sure.

Hell I don't know, I ain't Australian.

veggie-mite. Or a$$.

Man, that folic acid will prevent birth defects and kill you. I can see why they are preventing such contraband from coming into the country seeing as how we already add folic acid to every single cereal and pasta product on the shelves. I get the feeling there is some money trail there that leads back to some lawmaker...

I brought some back from Australia a couple of years ago. I brought it with me ... because ... I LIKED IT!!

There. I said it.

I liked it. And I've never seen "24."

*slinks over to the "rejected" corner.

(((Cheryl))) It's ok. You'll fit right in here. Wait, maybe that's not a very nice thing to say....

Beppie - watch the lawmaker comments or I'll sue ya.

What's the point of eating that stuff anyway? It tastes disgusting...

So I really don't want to try it either (had a roommate once that liked Marmite), but I'm still not clear why it's banned. Is it only approved as an additive in a few things because it's dangerous? Or is there a black market for Folate that Vegimite will undermine? Or are terrorists threatening to use it to blow up planes?

I know, I know, I'm asking the C & BP agency to make sense.

Actually, it isn't banned. It was just a rumor. It SHOULD be, tho.

Cheryl, I haven't seen 24 either. I miss Alias though!

Maybe they are just searching for "seditious literature"...

Drat. No, really, drat. I like the stuff.

I tried Vegimite™ when I was in Sydney a few years ago. I am convinced that they put it out just to see how many tourists they can get to eat it.

"I tried Vegimite™ when I was in Sydney a few years ago."

Did he like it? Did he look like Tony Randall?

Snork @ stevie w. My mom loved that show.

Henny Youngman Memorial Joke:

Take my Vegemite – Please!

Marmite: Thermite made by mom.

Oh, and who do you take in this fight?

Ballistic: Marmite vs Bovril

eww eww eww.. Vegemite is nasty. My friend bought some from Zabar's and we tried it(oddly, the same night we tried those nasty Jones Soda Thanksgiving sodas), and wow, was it bad.

I've tried Vegemite (and spat it out) but not Marmite. From what I understand though, Marmite is a little stronger and the ads on tv here in New Zealand basically say, "Marmite: you might not like it."

stevie w., To be clear...I meant I was in Sydney, Austrailia, not "Love, Sydney."


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