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October 31, 2006


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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wouldn't that hurt?

Suuurrrrrreeee-they say that now.

First Three Mile Island. Now this. The Pennsylvania Department Of Tourism has been thrown into chaos.

Yuck. I'm _sure_ it's not cancerous or anything. No big deal..... Just don't let your children ever play outside again. Or have recess. And all those dying plants in your garden, that's just... uh, the hole in the ozone layer. Yeah. That's it. And we had nothing to do with _that_....

Punkin, please note that I made no comment about the name of the county...

The NFL has just announced that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be moving to Kilauea - heck, that's only lava.

Beaver County near Raccoon Township? Is that anywhere near Leming Trail and Prairie-dog Lookout? What about the wombats? Why doesn't anyone ever care about the freakin wombats?

Points for restraint to ec!

Now..... *ahem*

So how much friction do you need to get a beaver to smoke?

(I have no willpower, ec)

Water ,lime,calcium,coal soot,and other chemicals spewing over the surrounding area.Not to worry.Wash your hands ,face,wear a dust mask,take a bath in neutralizer and run like heck to get out of Beaver County.Are there real people running this plant?

Ironically, these are the girls I was always attracted to as a teenage boy, until I found out about the beaver emissions, of course...

No willpower and apparently not much into the whole "practice what you preach" belief either...

uh, I was referring to how much mechanical friction, in the plant, to cause an overheating condit....oh who am I trying to kid....

No one here, m'dear...

I've been to Beave...thats not a joke...its Near Willow Grove PA.

I got some Beaver in Beaver as they have a small collge there...Beaver College...also not a joke

I hope you used protection. You know...washed your face and hands.

Heh. I'm sitting in Beaverton. No, really.

Howdy from Bend (-over-again) Bloody Hands!

Happy Halloween everyone! TTFN

I'm willing to believe the officials - just as soon as they move their families into the core of the affected area.

In the meantime, it's good to hear the official advice for dealing with dirty Beavers.

Smokestacks spewing on beavers.
Wash the residue from your face and hands.


*moves on to the next thread*

Chaz, Beaver college actually changed their name to Arcadia University. They never said why.

Good thing I missed this thread...

Putting smokestacks in Beaver... isn't that what Clinton admitted to doing? Were they Cuban smokestacks?

Sometimes a cigar is ... just a cigar ...

Sigmund Freud

(or W.C. Fields, or Groucho Marx, or George Burns ... one of them ... mebbe ...)

I think we all oughtta be more concerned with Dave posting all these beaver/snake threads....issues, much?

It's good to know that here in the great state of PA my smokestack can spew emissions into Beaver without repurcussion.

OtheU - Groucho said the following while interviewing a woman with 12 kids:

"12 children? Why?"

"Because I like it.

"Well, I like my cigar but sometimes I take it out of my mouth."

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