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October 22, 2006


We are too late to bid on these official 24 thigh-shot pants.

(Thanks to Joe Wurdack)


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But you can still get this picture of Courtney Love . . .

better luck next time~

I'll pass on the pants, but if Chloe's taser comes up, lemme in on it, K?

Courtney is a lot prettier than I remember

Good golly, Miss Courtney!

Now offering - this one-of-a-kind* donut hole, direct from the center of a chocolate frosted donut consumed by Edgar himself!

*Alright, there were thousands of them, actually, but this is the only one that survived from the set before disposal.

Holy Pants Batman!

Same seller has some other fine items . . .

I didn't see Jack in this tho . . .

"Inspired by 'Guess?' jeans, Jack Bauer is starting his own line , called 'Talk!'. They will come with bullet holes and a special drop seat (for when there's 'no time!') "

mkj - that toast is a fraud! it's really a piece-of-toast-with-an-incredibly-out-of-focus-image-of-Jesus !

There are 11 bids (when I looked).

snork @ MJK's toast

The slice of Toast made me laugh very hard.

So when do the "Others" Show up in 24?

hrmph. not one single atta boy for my bucs' miracle victory. no celebratory beers for any of you!!

Not so fast, cg -- I didn't think anyone was alive around here today. For the record, I was paying close attention to those highlights (Fox gave us Bengals/Panthers today), and can congratulate your guys on a one-yard-shy-of-the-record, 62-yard game winning field goal.

So I'll claim a celebratory Pacifico, and buy your mojitos for the rest of the night if you can name the two kickers who share the record at 63 yards. :-)

damn. even for free drinks, i can't answer that. i on;y watch football, i don't retain anything. come to think of it, i don't think the announcers said....only that 62 was the record, not who made it. give me a minute on google and i could get my free cocktails!
slides the dude a beer. cheers!

tom dempsey (kicker with 1/2 a foot) and jason elam?(a denver kicker, anyway...)

Correct, insom! Although, to be accurate, Dempsey actually had a club foot.

For my money, Matt Bryant gets extra credit in the pressure department for doing it at sea level and that it was for the game. Elam's 63 yarder was at the end of the first half and at altitude, and Dempsey's happened inside the Superdome.

Oh, and thanks for the beer, cg!

for the record that was googleless, but i did google that dempsey's kick was in 1970 in tulane stadium....

Shows you what my memory is worth, insom. Oh well, I was only seven at the time.

yeah, but it would have been a way better story if the kicker didn't have a foot....

or maybe that's just me.

Here's a shot of Dempsey as he tees off on that FG. Shows how his specially made kicking boot was vertically flat in front.

No foot at all, cg? That'd be a trick, alright.

i remember francis the field kicking mule.....

I thought it was Judi's job as research assistant to scour eBay for things we'd like to bid on.

Wd Dempsey's was at old Tulane Stadium I think. Anyway it was before the dome.

Oops I just saw Isoms. I was actually watching that game on tv. A friend of mine and his dad had gone to the game and left a couple minutes early to beat traffic. They heard the roar on the way to the car.....bummer

Yup, Jazzzz, insom put me right on that. As for your friends, that's a right sad story. Another sad story is that mom says I can't play anymore and I have to go in Mrs. WriterDude needs the 'puter to do her homework.

Watching game two of the World Series instead is a horrible punishment to bear.

(Psst -- if you look at my blog, I put up our pretty good story of partying in the streets Thursday night with the good people of St. Louis after the Cards clinched their berth. Well, okay -- I'm almost done with it. But the first installment is still there. All are invited.)

party on, dude.

well, i knew the tom dempsey answer, at least.

and yep, i'm pretty sure it was at tulane stadium.

No ... I think it wuz Col. Mustard, in the Library, with a rope ...

FYI, you can also get the JackSack on ebay. but I'm not telling any of you this information cause I want it! mewhahahahaha!

Anybody Have Over $860* To Dish Out On A Fancy Jack T-Shirt? ("Fancy Jack T-Shirts" would be a good marketing name)
Good Luck With This

*Current Bid

That would explain why Kiefer was pantless in that bar - auction time.

Geeeesh......ya go to Boston for the day to enjoy the "Head of the Charles Regatta", and ya miss the blood stained pants...

*decides to skip all future forays into the outside world just in case more select items - like maybe Jack's sweat stains - come up for bid*

*pours coffee and hunkers down*

Punkin, I could use a refill, if you don't mind.

*Goes on hunkerwatch*

Good morning, and CG I was watching the bucs game also, pretty great kick, never thought he would make it. lol.

I'll have some coffee and toast, hold the pic of jesus.

All out of Jesus toast, DtT.

Would you like some Virgin Mary corn flakes?

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