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October 26, 2006


Now they are trying to deprive us of our basic constitutional right to dress as Captain Underpants.

(Thanks to Matt Blackstone)


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I sent this one in too, Matt, but ya must have beat me to it.

"I know they weren't naked, but the appearance was that they were naked"

Sounds like this blog after 6 pm....

I mean, the old, horny blog.

*puts virtual clothes back on - heads to Library to study*

And to think, Superman, Batman and Captain America all had their undies on the outside.

Punkin, I thought you said we could take our bras off after work though...we can STILL do that right???

*doesn't mean anything by this*

*sits next to Punkin @ Library*


Can they go as "Walter, the Farting Dog"?


I know I promised Punkin I'd be good but I don't care what anyone says...I'm now wearin' a bra!!

*gets real red faced real fast*

Um...make that "now" a "not".

I swear.

whewww...had me worried there for a sec, blurk...

NTTAWWT, of course

Sorry Blurk, too late.

I just wanna cheer these gals along! If it wasn't for homely guys with their belts below their butt-cheeks, heroes like this would rule. Six syllables:


kinda like a New Year's resolution, eh blurk?

so me being somewhat out of touch I had to do a little research.

I wasn't prepared for the purple porta potty party, though.

Forget depriving the girls of their rights. They're taking away my rights. So what if they weren't really just wearing briefs, men have the right to their delusions and anything that aids fantasizing. If they offer it, we have a right to enjoy it.

And I finally made it to something I submitted within 8 hours. The first thing I got posted ever was the drunk bear, and I showed up after the thread died. Same thing with the big breasted monkey with the fire alarm.

I finally made it!!

Congratulations Matt!! ;-)

The Big Breasted Monkey With the Fire Alarm?

Was that a Captain Underpants adventure?

Anyway, sounds like Principal PartyPooper won this round, but I predict (ominous Governator music) they'll be back.

Thank you Siouxie.

Time for me to go home and (hopefully) watch Clemson pound VT. After all, any team with the name "Hokies", deserves to lose.

Congrats, Matt. Thanks for the link, Wyo. How much more harmless could this be? Reminds me of the same stuff youngest nieces would love. Ahem, Matt, no fantasizing allowed unless you're still in High School, we might have to drag you out behind the BlogBarn, otherwise.

"no underpants would be visible in his hallways"

Depending on your point of view, that could be a good thing.

Only in the Carolinas. WTF.

I was using "my" and "men" in the "all guys" sense.

One day, I may have a son, and that son will have to go to a high school. My son will likely be a nerd, as was his father before him, and his father's father, and will get atomic wedgies from the jocks and principle.
His pocket protecter will be ridiculed, and the only action he will get will be when he is alone in his bedroom and involve the mental images he gets from the girls dressed as Captain Underpants.

We must fight for the nerds and geeks rights!
That is the America I believe in!

It just goes without saying that without seeing underwear on the outside and tights - there would be no "Superhero Day" would there?

*stumbles into blog*

What did I miss? And why's blurk wearing a bra?


Cheryl, if you go back to the Oklahoma Education thread, and kick in at about casey's 1:49 post you'll be up to speed in no time.

Hey, I saw that the Herald fly these girls down for the costume contest at the Herald Hunt! They should be honorary..um...something or others...

(For the record, I submitted this, too...DAMN YOU MATT!!!! Congratulations, Matt!)

Am I the only one who would have organized a school-wide wear-you-undies-outside-your-pants day after this happened to me? Sponsored by Student Council and Fruit of the Loom?

Superhero day, huh? We never had that one at our school. We went with the old favorites like pajama day and hat day. Once we had hick day; overalls, flannel, etc. A foreign exchange student approached me in black jeans and a blue and black checkered shirt and asked me if he looked "hickey" enough.

This bunch is dirty, and a good spotlight on them is well worth it. They\'re scrambling to get their story straight, ( impossible to do ) especially after the facts are out there for everyone to see. We won\'t let up on these guys. We think we\'re dealing with a bunch that\'s trying to hijack a small community, and they seem to be trying to \"move\" things in their long term direction.

This bunch is no different than a small mafia operation that is \"setting\" the scene so they have their people in place.
They are manipulating the zoning, and circumstances to benefit the people who run the system. Surfsiders are wising up.
Why hurry to change a small community? It WILL change over time, but with some people trying to benefit from a spike in value of property, seems they want to hurry and cash in before they pass away.

There is a lot to say about keeping an enclave as what we have in Surfside. What\'s the hurry to change? Why pack more into our open areas? For what? Even more higher taxes? More people, more congestion, and more more more.
for what??. It\'s not something one wants for his own neighborhood any faster than is necessary.

*throws a few gumballs over to Corruption*

D@mn straight!

Photos. Where are the photos?

(Especially the ones of Blurk in a bra ...)


blurk is braless...


... um ...

I gnu that ... I GNU THAT!

Really Uncle O? You gnu that?

*wonders how*

Does anyone here listen to The Stephanie Miller show on the radio? This principal sounds like a relative of Senator Squeezy McFeelpants.

I went to Catholic school so the most we ever got to do was wear Phillies clothes when they were in the world series and Flyers clothes when they went to the stanley cup finals.

Of course in Philly that doesn't happen often.

If they had shown up looking like this no one would have complained.

superhero day! yesss. i wish we'd do that at my office. and fie on those school administrators. booo, hiss. that's all i got.

If underwear is not to be displayed in the hallway, does Principal PartyPooper walk around and pull up the boys' pants? I really don't get the whole crotch-of-the-pants-at-the-knees fad.


The article failed to state that when they returned, the girls were wearing Guess jeans which nicely showed off their pierced navels in front and their butt-cleavage in the back, topped by fetching pink spaghetti-strap camisoles over black brassieres.
Which gave the appearance that they were clothed.

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