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October 31, 2006


This motorist had officially qualified for a Florida Driver's License.

(Thanks to Addicted to 24)

UPDATE: She could even drive a bus!

(Thanks to Gretchen DeJarnett)

UPDATE: This woman clearly resides in the wrong state.

(Thanks to muffles)


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I think I've seen that driver around here...

first to say this looks like a reasonable parking place to me!

An Olympic sport of the future is born. Stairdriving.

My grampa once parked INSIDE the convenience store.

He found it more convenient, I guess.

Out here, I blame it on all the drive through liquor stores.

Clearly, the kid with the bus has a future as a transit driver. Of course, though, being polite and a careful driver, he'll never get the job.

So, what kind of idiots climb into a bus driven by a 15 year old kid, with no uniform? Didn't anyone have a clue?

casey, they saw him but got on anyway, so I ask you?

I sent that Indiana story in too. Both versions are lacking in one way: no pictures.

Is it true the 20 year old's last words were:


The SUV on the stairs...why didn't she just back up? Just sayin'.

Seattle police didn't have details about what happened, but said the rain caused several accidents downtown this morning.

um, they dont have details?? duh, the car was down a stairwell. and doesnt it rain out there all the time?? i guess they're just not used to it. sheesh.

and why or how could anyone get on a big ole bus with a kid driving?? what is wrong there?

The first story says nothing about the sex of the driver; in the second it's a pubescent boy. So where do you get off saying that all this bad driving is due to a woman? The only woman involved is in the third story?

It is Orlando after all. The Passengers may have thouthe it was a Disney™ Audio-Animatronic™ Figure.

Darn the typos and full speed ahead. Change the thouthe to though

"I think it's fair to say the customer did not meet the required criteria," said Greg Cook, a Bureau of Motor Vehicles spokesman.

Gee, do you think he was able to say this with a straight face?

The 15-year-old driving the bus gave himself away when he was driving the bus on schedule and was pleasant to customers.

The driver was just trying to find a drive-up Starbucks.

Yeah, the woman 'apparently drove down a stairwell' because you know, the car could have gotten there any one of a number of ways. Those crack squirrels could have been shaking down the SUV in search of their morning fix, for example.

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