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October 04, 2006


Or even generate much water-cooler buzz.

(Thanks to Scott Tucker)


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I heard their products were
No. You know what?
I'm not going to do it this time.

I don't want to be anal about this, but is their company name trademarked?

Are they based on Uranus?

Tech? What's wrong with Tech?

There's a company over in Kilgore called Analab, and I've seriously felt like the only person around here who saw a joke in that. Of course, as many people as they hire, everyone might just be afraid of bad karma.

Phil...you bet your a$$

The whole things sounds like innuendo to me.

Is this a prison dating service?

*snork* at Beppie!

No butts about it, Dave, you nailed this one. This company is assking for trouble. I wonder if they ever get behind in their work?

I'm sure they'll be bringing up the rear in their field.

But maybe not. After all, hindsight is 20/20.

Slogan: We put the "An...

Eh. Probably not.

I hear their corporate headquarters will be located in Athol, Idaho

"Analtech - the Logical Choice"

*snork* How could it get any better than that!

I see 'anal' and 'buzz' and can only think of Punkin...

Paris Hilton is pressing charges against some broad that hit her.
Link, anyone?

I e-mailed their Sales address to see what they say to this:

Hi. I heard about Analtech, so I visited your website. I don't really understand your homepage but I do like your logo!

However, I can't find any Analtech company brand gear on your website, even using "Search". So I need to know where you show your name and/or logo Tshirts, hats, or other wearables. Or even water bottles etc., especially if they have nozzle spouts.

Of course Tender Loving Care is a good thing in any anal technology. But I myself don't need a TLC slogan, just the Analtech name with the triangular company logo of entry to a gastrointestinal structure.

Please e-mail me the URL for your Tshirts, hats, or similar such logo wear. I'd like to order some for delivery this month. You'll be a big hit in our paramedical units here in NYC. Thanks!

-- and I'll keep you posted somewhere if I get a response (right here, if it's soon).

Brian, I had sent this in earlier to be considered for posting, but here goes:

Paris gets punched

Sucia....U R on target.

Yes I be Jazzzzie!

and all I gotsta say is...punch her again!

That's NOT hot!

This reminds me of a joke that us biotech types find snorting hillarious. Did you hear about the new biotech company based in Rome? Yeah, it is called GenItalia.

Am I the only one who thinks that the "rotors" on the rack actually look like toilet seats?
Must be just me.

*snork* @ FOH.

I was curious as to what an AnalTech Clearance Item might be, but not curious enought to click it.

Oh and Shadow, your hostess here was the SB, aka Nut Maybe Judi.

P.S. Lost schmost... I see House is on @ 9!

I might have to move to Rome to work for that company.

YAY for House actually being on!

"Cameron, I think I have a hernia. Can you check me please?"

Hate to rain on your parade of "anal humor" but this is one case of mispronouncing their name. I have known about this company way back in the 1960s and we used their products in our lab. The name is an amalgamation of "Analytical Technologies". I must admit that in the last 40 years or so, I never in a million years ever thought of it as you guys describe it! Wow. Do you think Freud would have anything to say about that (either my not recognizing the "anal part" or your taking it as anal). Interesting.

course we're mispronouncing the name - that would be the fun part


Red Rat - you are taking the fun out of being one of Dave's Blodgits.

(makes big raspberrry to RR)

Sean Connery: I'll take Anal Bum Cover for $200, Alex

Trebek: It's An Album Cover, you IDIOT!

Artchick: definitely noticed that, but got stuck on just what a Clearance Item would be, if it was from AnalTech. Made me shudder and think about Mud's Godzilla Fart song.

*snork* @ Sio

DPC, I loved the line last week [to Cameron] 'why can't you be like all the other age-inappropriate females and just love me the way I am?' [that and 'No! Noooooooo!]

what'd I miss?

Ahhhhhhhgh! [House is a re-run].

Wyo, please check the Clearance Items, I'm afraid to look!

Wyo -
1. Company w/ funny name
2. Hilarity ensues
3. someone called Red Rat telling us its not really funny.
4. more hilarity ensues because we like it that way

Time to go huntin' rats?

Thanks Okie, I'll catch up soon, but a quick overview is handy.

CJ, you'll appreciate this from today's paper.

Actually, this might be useful:

'Centered between the lamp ports is an integrally UV filtered viewing port with a plastic eye shield.'

Definitely what I would need if I was too close to AnalTech.

but I don't have a plastic eye.

Wyo, that was a hilarious revenge shot. Somehow tourists just don't get that real critters aren't cartoons. A crowd chased a young male into my car close to there, taking pictures the whole way.

*did I just say 'chased a young male into my car?' Goes to check mailbox for name 'Foley'*

You must have been wearin' your safety glasses when you commenced slicing digits to not need the shield for a plastic eye.

Rerun or not, I enjoyed House. Shots of Cuddy's butt make it especially worthwile.

I work with a bunch of scientists who proudly admit to being anal chemists. You can pronounce that however you'd like and they would agree.

OK so who watched LOST???

I'm going to see it online again tomorrow...those first few mins are VERY interesting!

Chris, I didn't get to see House cuz they weren't showing it HERE...but I haven't missed ONE yet! love it!

'Round of shots of Cuddy's Butt, for the House!'

*will skip Cuddy's butt, but I'll House's*


damn preview!

*unfunny alert*

I know I haven't been around for very long, but I just wanted y'all to know that 1) three weeks ago my mom fell and landed in the emergency room and 2) a week after that she was back in the emergency room with severe abdominal pain. I've been at the hospital with her all day every day since and while she's finally been diagnosed, treated, and is feeling better, there's still a lot to deal with and pretty much the only thing that's kept me from running into traffic is being able to grab a few minutes at the end of my day to read the blog and chuckle at all you fine, fine individuals. *Stops for a breath*
So I just wanted to say thanks. I'll be back again as soon as possible.

*end of unfunny alert*

Ducky, I hope your mom gets better soon! I had a similar experience lately with MY mom. She's still at the hospital but getting better and ready to go to a rehab center tomorow...hopefully!

I can say that being here at the blog has kept ME sane as well...

my prayers and good thoughts are with you...

/end empathy rant

Ducky, you get a double-shot of Cuddy's House's Butt.

Hang in there.

New House? Where? When?

I missed the season premiere of Lost tonight because my father left the VCR on, and pre-scheduled recordings won't start on our VCR unless it's off. !@#$%*+

Bumble, you can watch it online @ abc.com after tonight. IT was awesome!!!!

House was a re-run

Ah. I am relieved (about House).

Yeah, somebody else told me that too (about Lost), but abc.com wasn't real clear. Do I watch it on the website or download it? And if it's the former, is there a specific time, or can I watch it any time?

Thinking about how a topic degenerates from AnalTech to House Butt in 40-posts reminded me of this gem I found when I was tracking another topic back:

'You know, there aren't that many places you can go and read the question "Has anyone tried monkey with the French guy?"
Posted by: Jon | 08:34 AM on March 10, 2004'

Dave sent bloglits to a website with speech generators from different countries.


I believe they'll have it available to watch online...like they did last season. It used to be anytime. I'm going to try to see that again tomorrow.

*snork* CJ!

Leave it to the Blog to expand our horizons...

Sioux, my last email to you oughta expand yer horizons, eh?

LOL got it!

speaking of butts...YIKES!

Sent you a horizon that you occupy, Wyo. Not snorkable, but my favorite laptop spot when I'm out there.

CJ?? where are you currently living? I was under the impression that you were a Florida bloglit.

St. Pete. But I have been through Wyoming many times.

I had to go compress it but this is the horizon looking towards Thermopolis, from the west. Where I set up my laptop when visiting my brother. I sent it to Wyo as it's an interesting use of rudimentary cabinets.

Whale, staff meeting means getting across bridges early tomorrow later today. Nighters.

Night, CJ, thanks for the pix.

Analtech --- not your father's butt plug.

With a name like Analtech, it's got to be good.

Pardon me, would you have any Analtech?

A man, a plan, a canal - Analtech.

Anal Tech --Wasn't that the school "Grease" was set in?

-Greased lightnin', go greased lightnin'...

-Summer days driftin' away, but oh, that bum was tight. Wella, wella, wella oomph!

"Ben, I've got one word for you -- Analtech."

(from the 2006 remake of "The Graduate.")

Analtech - training gerbils for the new millenium.

i see the banner now at their anual, er annual meeting. hmmph. 'welcome analtech staff', etc. i guess they enjoy their work and leave all their cares behind.

wants to know where cj parks his vehicle so she can have crowds chase young males into her car too!!

quote: We offer the widest selection of adsorbent layers,

Both single and two-ply.

I guess folks are each wired in their own way, but I could no more look at "Analtech" and NOT see anal than I could look at Aaron Neville and NOT see the mole on his forehead.

(While traveling in the south, I pulled of an exit to fuel up and turning at the end of the ramp saw a "Fuel Mart". My children and I immediately burst out laughing, while my humor-impaired wife said "What? What?" - discuss)

I suggest that our Red friend may have a mild case of humor impairment. I know his Daveness wrote about this subject some time ago - bbut what do you bloglits think? What can Red Rover do to enhance his humor accuity?

Here's what I thought of as a suggested humor-impairment therapy: Drink a fifth of vodka, then spend severeal hours rolling in the backyard, inhaling random insects and studying individual blades of grass.

I have a bit of trouble understandin' the foofawraw about the Paris link dealie ... I mean ... shouldn't a punchboard expect to be punched?

[Obscure colloquial derogatory terminological reference there ...]

Mule fart?

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