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October 30, 2006


Your ride is here.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Good one lol!


wonders how big an omelette you can make with a squid egg.

Is that a baby picture of Tom?

Is that the "Jack Sack"?

I think it is, in fact, a beach ball.

I think it's a thigh bone in a dry cleaner's bag. All that's left of someone that paid no attention to the 'Do Not Put Over Your Head' notice.

Steve: RoboEdgar!

Punkin: No, JackSack™ can be found on my person here. It was a bit shy, so you don't see most of it.

Yes, CJ, I quite agree.

Nice sack, Andy. (tee hee)

Is that a European carryall?

No, it's ALL AMERICAN, baby! ;)

*Reconsiders asking for an invite to Crossgirl's for breakfast*

(Psssssssstttt - Meanie - don't ask what's in the sausage!)

MMmmmmmm. *wanders, inspired, towards kitchen to build a squid spicy sausage omlette*

It's Rover from The Prisoner. Number 6 must have escaped again.

I am not a number! I am a free man!

Oooooh Kay... So what's the oosik doing in the middle of the egg sack?

Ambergris = whale vomit???

{cool - the blog clock has been eaten, partially digested, and regurgitated by the stupid daylight savings time adjustment.}

It's probably one of those pods from "Cocoon."

Quick! We need Steve Guttenberg right away!

(Man, I never thought I would be typing that last sentence in my lifetime).

It's probably one of those pods from "Cocoon."

Quick! We need Steve Guttenberg right away!

(Man, I never thought I would be typing that last sentence in my lifetime).

broken. Blog is enter Here All hope. Ye Abandon

All your mysterious gelatinous space ball base are belong to us!

*waves* hi, Andy and Siouxie !

Meanie - I was thinking that earlier, I mean...later, I think. Or maybe I thought you were thinking that.

gelatinous blob - there's one of these in the Great Salt Lake - they harvest it to make jello salad.

yes, Meanie, they are.

I predict that Meanie will hallucinate at 1:16 pm.

Ambergris? Considering how valuable* that stuff is, he's going to kick himself for not dragging it home.

(*In a weird, sick way.)

OTOH, has anyone seen Walter recently?


(in case this gets moved up)

I predict Meanie will wonder if he is hallucinating again....

anyone who wants to simul with Meanie, you have about 10 minutes.
-and yes, being psychic is fun - I knew you were gonna ask that.
-and no, Scott, I haven't seen Walter. I believe he's resting for his big night tomorrow night, trick or treating. He's still trying to figure out how to hold the bag.

Duck the What?!!

whoa, Punkin!

Is it yesterday yet?

Meanie - It's yesterday again.

What the heck does simul mean in this context?

Gets late early doesn't it? Must be Dazelight Saving Time.

Meanie - I guess one of us is faking it.

At 1:16 I'd sure like to time travel to earlier, like, say 1:16.

Is the universe collapsing? Should I buy stock in Enron?

Meanie - it's quite rude of you to skip ahead of us like that. Cheater, cheater, punkin eater. (nooo, not that way!0

*Books next/previous flight to Miami with Hunt answers*

Punkin - Meanie just got in trouble for time travel. And now you?! I'm gonna tell Father Time on you.

Awwww crap!!!!!!!!

MOTW: Hi! (?)

Am I hallucinating (again), or are comments undergoing spontaneous reordering?

Ok....I'm freaking out.

Look out for the gelatinous time-curdling space blobs!

Ok....the blog bot just asked me to verify my post by typing in the letters I see....but there WERE NO LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Am I dead?)

It's later when you think.

Heh. Who's for ambushing Punkin at 2:14? Blurk? You out there, buddy?

I hope this is the right link for a really appropriate ear worm. My firewall is protecting me again, so I can't be sure.

Annie - doesn't the bag just sort of hang down below an oosik? Just askin'.

*AntPostticipates Manilow-free times*

Clean Hands,
I'm here but I don't know about ambushing Punkin. I'm afraid I may end up in some weird time warp and miss Halloween.

I really like candy.

Layzeeboy - you have obviously done your homework on this topic.
Blurkie - who is Candy?

Crossgirl!! What the hell was in that sausage???!!!!

The blog has entered the Twilight Zone.

*Thinks she'll be wearing her Viking chest plate and waving sharp sword at, oh, say, 2:14.*

AWBH, I already told you; she's Miss Halloween.

Alrighty......I'm off to begin Halloween Prep.

Please say hello to me when I arrive and make a totally senseless comment at 2:14.

The gelatinous mutating blog strikes again!

Underground Atlasphere, anyone?

It's 1:45 pm. Do you know where your comments are?

♬♪♫ Well hello, Dali! ♬♪♫

Who set this blog on "shuffle"?

*curls up in a ball, rolls back in time*

Jeez, blurk, tell everybody, whydoncha!

The new, improved "random posting order" feature of the blog does make it a little bit less convenient to see who's said what since the last time you checked it, but it's more than compensated for by the greater than usual dose of hillarity that results.

Is that a draft, Punkin?

*prepares for the end*

Getting closer...

*Time-hugs Punkin*

Meanie - Better watch out - at 1:16 you and you will meet in time. One of you may not survive.

Ha! Gotcha, Punkin! *smooch* :-D

Hey, why won't my shirt fit me now?

It's just a jump to the left.
And then a step to the right.
With your hands on your hips.
You bring your knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane.

*sobs* I'm so confuzzled!

1:22, 2:32 DPC - great reference, and the best unnecessary use of tap dancing in the history of film!

s.......did i miss anything?

There once was a Punkin named Poo,
Who tinkered with Meanie the Blue.
They messed up the time,
But denied the crime.
Now no one knows what, when, or who.

Not necessarily, Crossgirl. Perhaps nothing at all.

1:45 CDT.

this is only a test.


you haven't studied egg balls or time warps, Dave, I have. you have these people out there who are warping their times or balling their squid eggs under doctor's orders and taking very powerful medications. there's a better way, involving vitamins and so forth, so gigantic squid egg sacs and time warps can form naturally, you're too glib, Dave, telling all these people that drugs will solve all their problems...

"Gelatinous Lumps" wbagnfarb

Speaking of blurk...

Blurk--How goes it? Any fatalities?

Whoa. The blog no longer recognizes daylight savings time.

*wild applause to blog for taking a stand*

What's really funny is that the blog really doesn't make a whole lot less sense than usual. THings are in as much order as usual around here.

Thirteen minutes to 2:14, everyone. (I think).

Geez, blurk, tell everybody, whydoncha!

snork @ KDF (also--how do you do the musical notes?)

*thinks this blog should install a time clock as much time as I waste spend here*

*Tosses in a comment to see where it lands*

OK, looks like comment roulette is all done.

Private message to Cheryl Howard: there's a cool HTML code for the musical notes, but I'm too lame to learn it, so I just pilfer symbols from others and then copy and paste them from my blog cheatsheet as needed :)

What? The pirate code says pilfering is legal.

this way?‫

Yeah! What ____ said!

hmmmm...guess not.

cheryl, i know how to do musical notes, but i'm at work, and my cheat sheet is at home. thought i remembered how without the sheet, but apparently not. :)

*nictitates at Blue*

almost gotcha there, big guy.

and _____ was me. it was only a test, which i failed. :(

*thinks KDF may not earn his non-pirating boyscout badge*

Thanks KDF. Had I any grog I'd share it with you. Alas, only red wine today. I'm makin' spaghetti. *deep inhale of garlic tomatoe sauce * mmmmmmmmm

Snork at Meanie & southerngirl

*takes face out of pot and tries inhaling only the aroma* Yes, much better.

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