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October 27, 2006


RIP, Tommy Johnson.

(Thanks to MOTW)


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I think I will watch Jaws tonight in Honor of his life.

We're gonna need a bigger blog.

I have yet, in the last 31 years, (OMG!) to be able to swim in the ocean without hearing that frikkin music.

*considers leaving tuba at home, next time*

RIP, Tommy!

Punkin-me neither.

snork @ meanie

Didn't Peter Benchley also die this year?

Coincidence? I think not...

I bet they both died in the tub.


*knock, knock, knock*


and so, the jaws of life, snap shut.

It took 10 days to find this out?!??! What has CNN been doing the whole time? Nukes in North Korea? Big fat hairy deal. A great tuba play dies, and they completely drop the ball.

Show me the way to go home
I'm tired and I want to go to bed
I had a little drink about an hour ago
and it's gone stragiht to my head

"....you ladies of Spain..."


RIP, Quint...(I mean, ripped, Quint was)

Are there really "advanced tuba players?" What would they sound like?

Maybe play hyper-polkas.

we're gonna need a bigger casket

i'm. over.come.

I'll never forget being at Boy Scout camp the summer Jaws (the movie...I'd read the book as a precocious 6th grader already) came out. You can bet we had a lot of fun with that at the waterfront.

That's probably one of the most enduring movie soundtracks ever. Thanks, Tommy.

Punkin, that "died of shark attack in the tub" bit is old, old... having been done to death, so to speak, by Little Annie Sprinkle in 198something.

that blows...get it?

Yet, no less deadly.

I remember being on the Vineyard that summer and hearing "the shark is broken, the shark is broken" blaring from the site, then a couple hours later "the shark is working, the shark is working!" and the bars would empty out and the crew would rush back to work!

Sad that they left this out of the film.

WOW - I would never let a book or film keep me out of the ocean! However, I certainly have cautious respect for the currents & creatures that dwell there. I guess so much of what I do in my life revolves around the sea.

Cool, ec. Me too. What part of the world? [St. Pete, here].

ec--I know it sounds nuts. I even think so. But here I was swimming in Lake Tahoe--big, beautiful, crystal clear water and I swim over this giant boulder 50 feet below me. I swore it moved. I panicked, I tell you. All I could think of was that stoooopiid song and getting to the beach. I am ridiculous. Self admittedly. I'd be fine if a boa slithered out from under the sofa but I freak at a spider in the tub.

*Is very thankful this blog isn't interested in spider stories*

I was at the beach in Atlantic City the summer it came out. We went to see it on the frickin' boardwalk! Needless to say we were xtry cautious swimming the next day.

We're gonna need a bigger tuba.

Probably no one is still reading this string, but...

CJR - Miami

CH - I can not even count the number of times that something has bumped me or that I've stepped on some poor sea creature on the ocean floor, when I've been swimming or snorkeling. However, if a boa slithered out from under the sofa, I would torch my own place! Well, that is a bit dramatic. Actually, I would leave, go to my best friend's (a vet) office, give him my keys, advise him to get his butt to my place, get it the hell outathere, while I wait for him to show up w/it. I trust him with many things, but I'm too good a target for practical jokes. I love all creatures, except snakes; and he knows it. And as you know if you've read from my postings, it ain't Freudian...

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