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October 31, 2006


Be on the lookout. Suspect may be vibrating.

(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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That's a lotta vibrators


Well come on, what would someone want with 40 vibrators? Wait, scratch that question.

gooooood, gooood, goood, good vibrations....

I bet Catherine and Sara could figure that one out. Alert Grissom. Could this be a new spin off? CSI Jerusalem.

And when arrested, the smiling thief reported only that he was "very happy".

Massage oils: $15.00

Elaborate vibrating dildo: $200.00

Look on thieves' faces when they pry open those cases: Priceless.

haaa. csi jerusalem. ha. they gonna have csi-goyim to come in on saturdays?

40 vibrators in her car? That's one way to while away a long commute.

The cases contained Chinese balls? Are the police trying to find the thieves that stole the balls from the Chinese?

Good morning all!

As promised (yes Punkin & Andy...FINALLY loaded them) I have posted a link at the Final Hunt Update thread, with MY crapcam photos documenting this event.

Great pics!!!!!!!!!

I see a new band:

"Siouxie and the Toga Chicks" !

Thanks! *snork*!!

$200 dildo?!?!? Now that is one expensive device of self abuse. Is it gold plated or something?

Lots of comments come to mind...but I'll pass ;-)

40 vibrators in her car? That's one way to while away a long commute.

Posted by: stevie w | 09:19 AM on October 31, 2006


I guess she can really drive a stick.

"Thieves broke into her car and apparently stole from her a caseload of vibrators," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP.

Now that's auto eroticism.

*on Expedia, booking flight to Israel*

*snork* @ Ford!

well, chinese food is no doubt popular in Israel, so the next step would be balls...............

I want to know more -- a LOT more -- about the one that "gives very high pleasure to women"!

just make sure that this link doesn't get together with the one about Uranus


So ... exactly where wuz Punkin' Poo when this robbery tooken place ... hmmmmmmm?

From a marketing point of view, I have to say that the makers of the elaborate $200 device are missing a serious opportunity here. Talk about buzz.

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