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October 23, 2006


So I'm waiting to get on the plane, and the pilots arrive at the gate, and
as they walk past, one of them says to the other -- this is a direct quote
-- "Hey, it flew in, it'll fly out."


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UH-oh. that's not the FIRST thing you want to hear your pilot saying...

So reassuring.

Hope you had time to watch that important safety video I posted on the last airport thread...

Ha! Beat by the judester herself!

Be afraid...be very afraid. And buy flight insurance while you still can!

Dave, Weren't those Amelia Earharts' last words?

Perhaps walking would be a good idea?

Oh wait, those were her second to last words.....followed by "Well, shit."

*SNORK* @ Punkin

*Snork @ punkin

Hey, do judi firsts count?

Well Dave it's been nice knowing you.

Yikes! I once flew a small (8 seat)to Dallas. Sitting over the wing, I noticed oil streaming out of the engine. ISIANMTU...The guy in front of me, returning from a short trip said "Don't worry, it was doin' that yesterday too"

Jazzzz, you musta been on Ron White's "pack-of-gum" plane.

You got it.
"How far do you think we can go on one engine?"
"All the way to the scene of the crash!"

"I bet we beat the paramedics there by 30 minutes"

Don't worry, Dave. It's not your time to go yet.

'course, it might be the pilot's time to go...

It may be able to fly out. The real question, of course, is will it be landing at its intended destination?

Bill Cosby convinced me not to worry about plane crashes. His plan was to wait 'til the plane's a couple of inches off the ground, then hop up into the air. Seems like I could work. kinda.

Yeah, Wyo. Like an elevator. So far, no opportunity to test the theory. Thank God.

Maybe Robo-Edgar can be used as a backup flying device??

NOw I shall really really never ever fly out of the Atlanta airport. I was just kidding before.

Of course judi's FIRSTs count - duh!

I also wanted to say -

Dave, you're rich, charter a plane...

El, but the chartered plane still HAS to go through Atlanta...

*thinks Oceanic Flight 815 went through ATL before it crashed...coinkidink??? I think NOT!*

That's right up there with hearing a surgeon say "Oops!"

judi, that's not the first, last or anything in the middle thing that you want to hear your pilot say right before you get on the plane

daisy wishing she hadn't heard it at all since she's getting on a plane to Atlanta on Friday

Sorry if this double posts. Error message the first time.

At one point, I asked a pilot why Atlanta and O'Hare both had a differential on the number of planes that took off compared to the number of planes that landed. Each month, there was at least two or three planes that were "missing."

The pilot turned to me and whispered "Don't tell anyone, but there's at least a couple of planes that are lost on the ramps trying to find the gate. We're not supposed to panic passengers by saying the plane is lost. They usually turn up somewhere with evidence of cannibalism."

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Maybe the pilot was referring maybe to a lost seagull? Yeah, I'm sure that was it. Just board that plane and don't think another speck about it.

Personally, I'm going to swim to my next destination.

Once I was trying to get out of Minneapolis in a snowstorm. I had a hotel room reserved just in case and I needed to release the room by 6 or get charged for it. The gate agent was insisting that I would get a flight, but the pilot, standing nearby, looked me in the eye and said, "Keep that room." 45 minutes later they announced we were boarding and I overheard the same pilot say, "Holy S*?t! We're flying in this?"

I lived to tell the tale...

I will never understand human beings. They proceed to get on an airplane KNOWING,due to the conditions, that sucker could go down. Can anybody 'splain that to me? No?

Once, I was conversing with an older gentleman who was a friend of mine. Someone mentioned skydiving, and I stated that I could see no reason for EVER jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

My elderly friend, who had considerable aviation experience, said, "Honey, any pilot in the world will tell you there ain't no such thing as a 'perfectly good airplane'."

who had to deal with Houston International recently and thinks driving's not so bad after all.

Flew through Harts(inmythroat)field this morning. No problems to report.

I'm confused... I personally find their overt confidence to be reassuring


Which airline were you flying?

Seriously....which airline?

oops...posted on the wrong thread:)

This is probably really late. I work in a CCU unit in a fairly large hospital. One patient directly across from the main nurses station was very, very hard of hearing. So anyone around (within 300 ft) could hear any conversation clearly. A nurse was trying to convince the man that his wife and son would be up shortly and he should go ahead and eat his dinner. He asked her how she remembered things like that. She replyed that she just did. He yelled "You must be smart." She yelled back, "I'm not smart!" The whole floor erupted in laughter. She just wanted him to eat his dinner, poor girl had no idea we were all (not on purpose) listening to their conversation.

These are typical pilot musings. We used to do that just because we could. One time I flew a Huey helicopter (the one with skids instead of wheels). There are small wheels that the ground crew attaches so they can tow it around the airfield. We were walking out for a flight and the ground crew was removing the wheels and my co-pilot said, in a not very quiet voice, "Hey, they're taking the wheels off our helicopter! Think it'll fly without 'em?"

Thought you'd like to know.

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