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October 20, 2006



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Next on "Romania's Top Model"

Watch the participants try to count to 5!

Ingrates. If they are so unhappy at Libertatea, I say, "Ta ta" to their ta-tas.

Or something like that.

...blonde model Simona-Sensual, had demanded a better page or said 'she would take her few clothes to another publication.'

I'd take her very seriously...

'Komfie Manalo'?- is that what the dentist says to Barry before working on him?


if i don't get a better position, i am going to take my few clothes to a another blog.

too lazy to encode this .... http://www.libertatea.ro/ might not want to open it at work.... those poor poor girls

*snork* @ insom!

crossgirl, which position would you like? I'm flexible...so to speak.

Mornin everyone ;)

ron, shhhhh... chill...you've been yelling all morning! some of the bloglits are still sleeping ;)

here, have a gumball with your coffee...

Mornin' all....I can't get to the page, but I have the feeling it's about disgruntled Romanian models. (With or without teeth?)

I have plenty of sexy to look at in my mirror, thank you.

(So much, sometimes I have to use TWO mirrors)

Pass the mocha java!

Good morning to you too, blurk...

flexible, eh?

*would rather keep her few clothes here*

Morning, Punkin!

Siouxie - If you keep your few clothes at work, don't you have to drive home nekkid?

Just don't leave your bra flying from the antenna. Somebody might get hurt, you, know.

Never mind, I found it.Les fata de la pagina 5 est nekkid.

Sioux, please submit map of your route home...

Punkin, you are very ALERT this morning! I meant 'here' at 'this' blog...

besides, I HATE driving nekkid...last time I did, some idiots tried to look, swerved and rolled over a few times...

*still missing her bra*

Today's forecast for Romania: perky.

Thanks, Philintexas; as a public service, I offer a linkety thing, but I'll echo the warning to not open at work... or, at least, don't click on the links (which are in Romanian, which adds a degree of difficulty).

link for philintexas

lol CH same thought i guess

Wyo's right. Map, please. Don't forget to include the detours through Wyoming and Montana. Sure it looks like a longer route but our roads are really straight and there's not much traffic.

Okay, now this is interesting: the weather forecast page actually has a listing for "Maine." Really, DO NOT click on this link at work, but if you're at home, you can see what I mean.

How does this tabloid have its own models? I thought the pictures in tabloids were taken through lenses roughly the size of the Kitt Peak telescope by photographers hanging in trees by their ankles of celebrities doing things that really shouldn't be photographed. If there are scantily clad models in a publication, we call that something else entirely.

No stop lights either, Sioux.

*gallantly resists above links*

how flexible are you blurk?

So....it'll just take me 2 weeks to get home...imagine all the overturned vehicles on the way. OH well! Punkin?? road trip??

cg, flexible as a rubber pretzel.

CH?? are there any hot looking male type weathermen on there?? ya know..the half-naked kind too??

just for reference, I mean.

Siouxie, wouldn't that be *Wyo/Montana AND BUST*?

two weeks is nothin', girls. just sayin'.

hmm nice cowboy sammich in the morning...thank you boys...

I guess it COULD say that, blurk, if Punkin joins me :)

gosh, I really hate to leave, but got work to do today. Please forward itinerary when completed, bye.

bye, Wyo!! have a great one...see ya in a few days ;)

see ya, Wyo. Keep yer nail gun pointed in the right direction.

and yer danglies pointed to the left ;)

Siouxie - I've just received a call from the State Police....they are begging us to NOT do it, as they do not have enough man power to deal with all the expected accidents.

They DID, however, ask that we stop by the barracks and have a nekkid picnic with the boys.

Siouxie, I didn't notice any guy weatherpersons on that page. I was too busy trying to use my high-school Latin to decipher the Romanian so that I could find more interesting pictures fully explore the site.

Hmmm..I guess we have no choice, Punkin...all in the interest of highway safety, of course.

Blurk, Wyo...sorry ;( ya'll will just have to use yer imagination.

*Reports for picnic duty*

*looks at romanian webpage*

disgruntled tabloid models...

decides 'gruntle' must be romanian for 'clothes' or 'good taste'...

*snork* @ innsom and *snork* @ snorkeling all day

I know it's not even 5pm on the east coast, so I'll just pop open a cold beer for me and start polishing the glasses on the blog bar. It will take too dang much of my valuable time to upload all of the individual pictures of the models and make links, but if anybody wants, I can email a screen-cap so you get the idea. Kinda funny [especially that weather gal], but not great.

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