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October 24, 2006


One hour to go.

UPDATE: OK, I watched it. Here's what I learned:

1. Jack will get a shave.

2. Then, for the sixth consecutive season, he will almost certainly die.

3. Chloe has apparently dyed her hair.


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Woo Hoo!

Is that one real hour? For me one hour sometimes seems like a day, but then the first hour was like two half-hours, then the next two hours seemed like 5 minutes, but I'm in the Pacific time zone, so it must really be just 21 hours instead of one hour.

I wont be able to attend. I've just been shot in the thigh.

blurk? was that you? please get another patch.

I'm all a-twitter, I have the cromulence of a kwijebo.

Zaphod's a Jerk. Got a special purpose, Z?

waiting with bated breath (i wouldn't miss *this* season for all the Jack Bauer tea in China)

"...hacksaw.."??? Eeewwww.

Perhaps I'll keep my addictions restricted to less self-mutilating activities.


If there's no Marwan and no RoboEdgar can we ask them to edit the trailer to include Steve's storyline?

My special purpose is standing at attention... Maybe we will get to see Chloe hit someone with a taser once or twice.... PuhLease!!!!!

Steve (The 24 Guy): Are you going to post a minute-by-minute breakdown of the trailer for "The Day After The Next Day" at the same time? :)

You haven't posted yet, so I imagine that you're busy working on it. I'll leave you alone.


This season's villain will be...


Dunno what Steve has planned. I'll be picking my daughter up at school at 3, so I'll have to check out the analysis here when I get back.

I will say this: There had better not be cannisters.

you people need help...

Will Jack be wearing pants?

*hides thighs from Jack, just in case*

What have you got against cannisters, Dave?

*snork* at Wyo's jerk comment!

While we wait, let's all post which method of destruction the enemy of the week will be using next.

I say, the N. Koreans, in the Pentagon, with an exploding toilet full of poisonously radioactive snake-squirrel hybrids.

Or not. Whatever.

Punkin, that's what I was going to guess.

Goes back to corner to think.

They're going to have the premiere in Times Square today.

Not saying that Dave and the devoted 24 fans here had anything to do with it...

I'm just sayin'

*still has never seen 24*

Should I be frightened of the countdown scenario? Is something going to explode?

Chreyl...maybe some toilets, if we're lucky!

7 MINUTES!!! Can't wait.

Or....Maybe cows will fall **in** or **down** the toilets! Huh!

Well, I couldn't see it, but it SOUNDS pretty good....


Not that I have ANY idea of what they were talking about, since I've never seen it either...

I'm so excited, I'm vibrating!!

Oh, wait......

Cheryl, and all this time i thought that i was the only human, or reasonable facsimile thereof, that has never seen 24.
only thing i care about is when is House going to be on next. wake me when we have the new season schedule has been posted.


Disregard previous SPOILER ALERT!

With Peter MacNicol joining the cast, the villain will be....


I am looking forward to finding out more about the spooky guys in the grey room with the earpieces that were pulling ex-President Handbag's strings. I think that they will be the villains and with be in cahoots with the Chinese in a plot to prevent Jack from shooting people in the thighs.

Turn that off, Punkin, and Pay attention!

Just like the guvmint... taking 24 hours to do what the private sector could get done in half the time

wait a minute... 30 more days? this is wrong!

Looks interesting, but there was an absence of terrorist squirrels emerging from toilets. I didn't see any canisters, Dave, but I did see little lighter-sized detonation devices. I'll say right now that I don't live in St. Louis or San Antonio, since they're obviously going to disappear this season.

Here's my prediction: Jack Bauer will fail to sacrifice himself since he's aleady signed a contract for seasons 7 and 8. Just a guess, of course.

I am disappointed that Jack did not personally thank the blog for everything it has done to make 24 fun for everyone. Especially Steve the wonderful.

Show of hand of anyone who is clueless about thighs and canisters and handbags.

*raises hand

I think that makes four of us. Is baseball over yet? I need Dr. Cameron to check me for two forms of cancer unique to men.

YAY! They're bringing back Principal Wood! ('David Palmer's' brother. He's HOT! Looks like good times ahead!

Any season that begins with a bearded, shackled Jack appearing out of the back of a C-130 is a surefire hit!

*grabs a beer and heads to the non-smoking section of the never-seen-24 corner*

thank god chloe came thru - the trailer works now!

Wow. That was even too frenetic for MY ADHD!

Also, isn't a show like this just drawing a road map for evil terrorists to follow?

"Show me your weapon!"

"Don't even think about it!"

You would think that Jack would come up with some new one-liners.

I thought for sure Jack was going to thank Dave and Steve!

Oh, and I actually read a little of the Vigo wikpedia thing, and I just want to add that Henry J. Deutchendorf if John Denver's real name. Do I win a cookie?

bali - yup....all the folks who survived the implosion of Sunnydale have found homes in other dangerous neighborhoods.

Or, iS. Whatever. *flips hair and waits for cookie*

OK, Punkin. Now that you have watched the trailer you can turn your little friend back on again.

baligurl, here's your cookie.

Now what do I get? *evil grin™*

Thank heaven. It's nice that Willow found a gig as well, huh?

What kind of cookie is it?

HEY! THAT'S not a cookie!

Oops! Sorry bout that. Honest mistake.


So that's sthnbelle, Cheryl, wickedwitch, blurk and me in the Yesbeer, Notobacco, No24 section. Anyone else want to join us?

I'll join you, but I just want to clarify that while I have not watched 24, I do love to read the blog about it.

Oh, and blurk, good luck.

Nope. I'm gonna sit my berr-drinkin', non-smokin' self firmly in the @$ recliner. Y'all can yell from your corner if ya want me.

Crap! beer and 24. Sheesh!

i only read the blog's 24... does that count? can i still join the corner?

oh, and i'm really glad there're people other than me (than i? than myself? nevamind) who watched events in sunnydale...

Angel was pretty good too. Of course not much thigh shooting, but plenty of heads rolling, and exploding things.

Tell ya what...if Jack enlists the help of the guys from "The Unit" I'll watch. Otherwise, hand me another beer.

Guess I'll have to start a new corner. I have never seen 24 nor do I know what the he!! Sunnydale is.

January 14th - TWO HOURS!
January 15th - TWO MORE HOURS!
January 16th - Lots of Dave "24" Bloggers calling in sick from exhaustion!

24 Trailer for Season 6 aka "The Day After The Next Day"

The trailer mysteriously shows a car out in the street at night. A bunch of guys wearing black underwear and black ski masks so they can't see at night jump down and throw a bag into the car. The car drives off! Very exciting! And that's just the Toyota commercial!

Intro from some guy that looks just like Jack! I have to say that he looks remarkably good for someone that's been running around the country after the Marwans.

Vanosz from the Ghostbusters telling the president that the people are losing faith! They have no idea where they put it!

A disembodied voice using really nicely lit logos says some scary things.

The terrorist bowling team, suiting up with explosive vests calls the president (who must have his number in the phone book) that they can strike anywhere, at any time.

Same disembodied voice comes back, to say some more scary things, again with nice logos.

Many explosions all over the country! Apparently the country has been overrun with Pinto imports!

The disembodied voice says there's only one hope! An airplane! Our only hope is an airplane!

No... wait! The plane opens up and our only hope is Ted Kazinski! No, it's Jed Kampett! No! It's JACK! He's joining the bowling team!

They want Jack to sacrifice himself! I thought sacrafices were only in baseball? One of the terrorists pops open a mini-canister! There are people dramatically turning in circles with cell phones! Chloe is back! Is that Scary Shari she's talking to?

More explosions! One of the terrorists guys makes Jack dress like a nerd with his shirt buttoned all the way to the collar! CTU guys with guns trying to hide behind clear plastic sheets while they go to rescue Jack from.... A copier! The terrorists have rigged copy machines!

They think that'll work? THEY DON'T KNOW JACK!

It's going to be another exciting season of 24!

(And don't worry, Jack already signed up for two more seasons after this next one!).

Gotta love the Scooby gang. 'specially Willow. She went from nerd lover, to wolfie lover, to girlie lover, to witchypoo, to evil witchypoo girlie lover,...

I wonder who and/or what she is doing now.

I don't count that horrible show on Monday nights these days as a suitable end for our favorite Band-camper.

DPC - I like your assesment (yesbeer, etc)

(Congrats and good luck to blurk on the notobacco part)

Pass a beer - got any Stella?

Good work, Steve. Looks like another 24 face-off between the incomprehensible and the preposterous.

Speaking of which, check your blog comments. I sent you a Lost story.

I still watch "Angel" reruns in the morning while I get ready for work, that Joss Whedon sure can write dialog!

Some of you have it all wrong-- Kiefer signed up to be involved with the show for two more seasons (after 6) ---not necessarily to star in it,--- though it would be pointless to watch a show with no thigh shooting.

I turn the news on while I'm runnin' around the house nekkid gettin' ready for work in the mornin'. I mean, how else am I gonna know if North Korea nuked us or not? I don't have one of them cool satellite thingies like the guy on "Jericho".

baligurl, yes he can. His Firefly is also excellent.

blurk, if I had something that entertaining to watch in the morning, I wouldn't need tv at all!

I agree on the Joss comment, I keep Firefly loaded on the harddrive of my laptop at all times. He needs to do more tv.

Can't stop the signal.


Cause I'm shy and all.

Yeah? Might wanna shut those drapes next time you're trying out the post-shower helicopter. I'm just sayin'...

I'll join you, Dread Pirate Chris! And wickedwitch, sthnbelle, Cheryl, kittypaws, pepe, and Casey. Seems we have a regular No24 party goin' on!

I have Win TV added to my computer so that I can both watch 24 - I was a hold out for a long time, but the blog dragged me into it - and keep up with the blog side commentary. Besides I like Jack...

Thank the lords of Kobol My 2nd favorite show of all time is almost back. I know I know but Battlestar has some of the best writting on TV these days and has a ton to say about the world we live in but dont worry I still am and always will be addicted to 24.

Okay, a scary thought just went through my mind. What if the new season of 24 is not as good as the Amazing Steve's 24? Then what do we do?

SOOO - How about last week on LOST??


Drink beer.

Cheryl I am not worried as not matter what we get both.

Sthnbelle I was amazed to find out that Desmond can see into the future when he is naked.


me no able to type to day as me hacking over all of board key.

Addicted to 24 wrote:

"I was amazed to find out that Desmond can see into the future when he is naked."

Maybe he has crystal b*lls.

I don't see how the next season can compare to Steve's season 5.5-- there's no RoboEdgar.

If there's one thing I'm more obsessed with than 24, it's got to be Lost.

Personally, I think Desmond isn't so much seeing the future, as reliving the past.

Off topic alert --

On behalf of Cheryl B and Cheryl Howard ... I hereby start taking submissions for the "Cheryls who can't think of blog names" contest.

Please help. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Cheryl thanks you. And so does Cheryl.

Hi, my name is Larry, this is our commenter Cheryl, and this is our other commenter Cheryl.


I dont know how you do it but you blew my mind again. I know the producers of LOST have hinted that time on the island may be moving differntly than in the real world. I wonder if when the hatch blew it sent Desmond into the future terminator style (hence the reason he was naked).

I was kinda let down to find out that the Polar Bears on the island came from a zoo. I was wishing the answer would be more compelling.

Now back to the topic how cool is it that Farmer Hoggett plays Jack's dad. I wonder if after Jack shoots him in the thigh* he will say that will do Jack that will do.

* The shooting of people in the thigh is the traditional greeting for the Bauer family. It dates back to 1668 with William Bauer shot Peter Mcallister in the thigh when he lost his voice. Please note when meeting a Bauer for the first time it is best to come prepared.

Addicted to 24,

The great thing about Lost is that every time I have this nice little theory about what's going on (like what the smoke monster is), it turns out that there was another equally interesting answer. There are just too many shows on TV and movies that you can guess within a few minutes, or worse, just from the commercials.

About the polar bears: just because they were in the zoo doesn't mean that they weren't already on the island when The Others got there. They could have captured them to figure out how in the heck they can survive in a climate like that. They're probably not all like Thornton.

Of course, they could be genetically engineered too.

Cheryl, In response to your off topic alert --

On behalf of Cheryl B and Cheryl Howard ... I hereby start taking submissions for the "Cheryls who can't think of blog names" contest.

Please help. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Cheryl thanks you. And so does Cheryl.

I agree completely. And sometimes also I wonder why I wrote things that I now cannot remember writing, only to realize its another Cheryl all together. (I'm blonde, so its not a stretch).

Maybe we can offer the winning submissions a flac jacket for thighs or something? Or I could make cookies?

Larry, do you have a brother named Darrell by any chance? Also, Darrell rhymes with Cheryl.

Steve (the 24 guy) aka

We (the Howard Clan) are Lost junkies. Any of your brilliant insights are always welcome.

Figuring out plots by previews alone is Verrrrry disappointing. Ya know, we should write these plots for a living, you especially.

aka The Amazing Steve didn't take for some reason.

Cheryl H, I have a lot of insights, but none of them brilliant I'm afraid. I write most of them on my blog (you can get there by clicking on my name).

My favorite theory is (well, was) a big long involved theory about the smoke monster. It's extremely detailed, goes into all the reasons I think it is what it is, and is A-1 100% completely *wrong*. (ha!) I sure did convince myself that I was right though!

Having read your site (I couldn't find the refernce to the smoke monsters)I realize that I watch t.v--you absorb it. High five.

High five to Cheryl. :-)

Here's the link to the black cloud theory.

Okay, a scary thought just went through my mind. What if the new season of 24 is not as good as the Amazing Steve's 24? Then what do we do?

Posted by: Cheryl Howard | 04:45 PM on October 24, 2006

Easy, Cheryl: we just wait for The Amazing Steve's amazing recap of each episode, and all will be well...

True. I am takiong things far to seriously.

*deep breathe*

Okay, back to the grindstone.

4 8 15 16 23 42 Enter

damn lap tops keyboards

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