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September 18, 2006


(Thanks to DavCat)


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first to the worm table :-)

"I did not consume that food, the mopane worms."

More than 30 years ago, Gramadoelas defied stringent apartheid-era laws to allow blacks and whites to eat together and now, more than a decade after white rule collapsed, this restaurant in the heart of South Africa's economic capital remains one of the only eateries that serves worms.

WTF does serving worms have to do with black and white people eating together?


I'd rather pop my eyes out.

they come drenched in spicy peri-peri sauce -- presumably to mask the flavour

Why don't they just eat the peri-peri sauce?

kimberly, you'll pardon me if i don't join you at that table...?

No, thanks! I'm full...really.

...though I think I might make bobotie tonight... been meaning to try that, ever since I came across the recipe a few months back...

CH are your kids adventurous eaters?

Gut worms?

I'll have the beef and bean stew, hold the worms.

I am sooooo glad I hovered before clicking that link. Also, Judging by the comments I have just read.

They've learned to be, Betsi, yes. *EG™*

As for the worms, *shrug*, if I ever aspire to be a Survivor contestant, I'd have to be prepared to eat worse than that. Far worse.

It's an acquired taste and resembles cardboard. After its innards are squeezed out, the worms are boiled and sun-dried.

Maybe they should have left the innards in ... I mean, cardboard?, ...really.

24 - It's celebrating the fact that blacks, whites and worms can now all eat together in the same restaurant in harmony.

It's an acquired taste and resembles cardboard. After its innards are squeezed out, the worms are boiled and sun-dried.


Haysus, people, would somebody warn me next time? I cannot abide those.....things in any shape or form. Just the sight of one and it's good for a loss of a pound or two........bleaaaaaagh!

Todays blog is the dieter's special, for sure.

One of my co-workers ate a bag of fried beetle grubs in Thailand. His verdict - "not as good as you might think they would be". I went for the deep-frid grasshoppers, and frankly, they were no worse than county fair corn dogs.

meanie - it does not appear the worms are enjoying the same luxuries the rest of us are as they are the meal

Crispy critters, eh, Wally?

I think the blog needs a new category - e.g. "Don't click if you are planning on eating in the same day". On the other hand, I think the headlines "YUM" and "Icky" were warning enough - I blame myself.

mmmm... thicker AND hairier!!!!

"Gramadoelas and the Mopane Worms" wbagnfarb

I have found a Song For The Occassion

The people who eat these may end up as one of diverdocdown's lecture subjects.

Chaz, are you trying to start the Earworm Wars again? That was an wicked pre-emptive strike.

Only if the worms haven't been properly squeezed out and dried, Lisa. Live worms, now those can give you trouble.

Make that *diverdowndoc* (sorry ddd).

CH-Worms any kinda way would send me to the ER! ;-)

Of course I want my tripe unbleached...You drink the bleach afterward.

*snork* @ Jazzzz

ewwwwwwwww Jazzzzieeeee!!

I especially like that the page that opened with that story had a link for "more stories about Bill Clinton". Worms, Clinton...a juxtaposition that wouldn't have occurred to me, but for which I'm now grateful.

ARRR- That's ok me saucy wench. Ye can be callin' me Cap'n Alisa Sagginsails until the morn'

not yet Doc...tomorrow

Yeah chaz- I just couldn't figure out how to say two mornings from now in Pirate. I lost my handbook.

ddd, 'until two moons from herrrrrrrrrrrrre!'??? arrrrrr

Clinton: "I did not have steaks with that worman."

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me...

"Thicker and hairier than most worms, the Mopane worm is actually a caterpillar named after..."

Let me guess: Gene Shalit?

stevie, fyi, your Pirate name for tomorrow is...

Eel Skin Nigel

Hmmm, its a big ugly caterpillar and it tastes like crap. Wow, where can I get order some?

Apparently they eat whatever is not poisonous. Why did they decide to eat this worm, and not say, tree bark or pencil erasers?

Edgar, are you a worm?

Worms -- not kosher.

Aye me wench Siouxie! I be greatful for yer skill.

lecture update: it's not a good sign when people turn blue.

PD...have you tried erasers? Delicious with peri-peri sauce. I find art gum erasers the best.

*snork* @ ddd


This ain't exactly gonna help the lawsuit of Miss Lucy Hill of Grange Close, Sawtry, near Peterborough.

Hey! There's SALAD in my worm sammich! I'm gonna SUE!

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