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September 21, 2006


(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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It could bring new meaning to the excuse "My dog ate my homework" if one were in a certain trade's school.

I don't know if Ms. Hall's knickers cost as much as mine, but if that's the case, the dog is out!

Why is a 15 year old girl wearing thong underwear anyway?

Poor dog. I usually douse mine with a little olive oil & grated cheese - makes 'em slide through easier.

What really concerns me is that I don't believe these people were telling the whole story.

I think the women were still wearing the thongs when the dog ate them, & they are too embarrassed to say that.

I mean, it seems strange that they would still be leaving their thongs on the floor, knowing full well that the dog likes to eat them. Something smells fishy, & it's not just the underwear....

our dog goes after my wife's underwear too...not just things

it's a pheramone (spelling) thing....

Reminds me of a joke we used to tell in elementary school:

What are you eating under there?

Underware? (sic, not sick)

more song titles: "If Eating You Is Thong, I Don't Wanna Eat Right"

"The Thong And Winding Bowel"(Beatles)

"Bang! A Thong" (T-Rex)

Poor dog - doesn't know right from thong.


I used to have a dog that would go after my wife's and daughter's underwear. The thing is, he didn't do it every day, just when the mood struck him, maybe once a month or so. So, they'd leave their underwear in a laundry hamper where he could get at it.

(My dog would carefully chew out only the best parts and not swallow them whole, so no intestinal blockages.)

Slightly off-topic: I like it when a cat eats tinsel off the Christmas tree. A day or two later you see them walking around the house with tinsel hanging out of their butt, which is funny enough. The best part is pulling the rest of it out. Be sure to watch their facial expression.

There is far too much information on this thread, so I'm just gonna head on outta here and pretend I was never here.

"We put them in the basket straight away otherwise he will surely have a pair."


Mudstuffin, that' a funny image you paint here!

The dog treat industry is missing out on a real opportunity here for edible dog thongs. Are you listening, Purina?

Does this mean that the dog got his knickers in a bunch?

lairbo, would the dogs eat them off of each other?

Could someone please youtube some video of kitty butt tinsle? (which of course WBAGNFA punk B)

"Thong, thong, blues, blockin' up my innards..."

"The best part is pulling the rest of it out. Be sure to watch their facial expression."

OMG!!, Stuffin, I just blew my morning diet coke all over the monitor!!

My cats love yuletide tinsel and leave such delightfully decorated doots in the litter pan just for the holiday season. The rest of the year they dine on and reoffer any kind of dried or silk floral arrangement that happens into their little kingdom. The litter box almost always contains an interesting array of 'glitteraty' whenever I am not careful enough with home decor.

I'm glad I haven't had breakfast yet - I would snork it all over my screen! I'm with whoever up there said the dog would go - good underwear costs a pretty penny and the smaller they are, the more they cost!

maybe the dog was just trying to floss.

When I was a kid, thongs were slip-on shoes. My how times have changed.

Is it OK if a species other than canine eats your panties?

If you know your panties are going to get eaten, just buy edible underwear in the first place.

Pirate - yes, it is...and sometimes we do. But the point is, unless I'm getting a thrill, stay out of my panties

When I was a kid, our family had a yellow lab who would eat anything. She especially liked crayons (and rarely stopped at one) so occasionally you could find a pile of doots with lots of rainbow specks spread throughout, almost like someone decided to sprinkle them with cake decorations or something.

My cat pulled this same stunt with tinsel, and we had to have him worked on to get it out.

We no longer use tinsel on our Christmas tree.

We do, however, still use real candles in our Jack-O-Lanterns, which I'm thinking is an invitation to disaster one of these days. As stupid curious as my cats are, somebody's going to get his whiskers burnt off.

When my dog was a puppy, he ate blacktop - poor guy had to have that surgically removed. He was a sad critter that day!

"We put them in the basket straight away otherwise he will surely have a pair." - we say the same thing about Blurk.


Did y'all see that the Red Sox clinched the AL East????? Didja???? That's what I saw!
*returns to her hugely less painful fantasy world*

"Decorator Doots" wbagnf something. Perhaps synonimous with "knick-knack".

Amen, Punkin. Have a gumball.

Our cat had "ornaments" hanging from that tinsel.

Cats can run pretty fast when they get spooked by those ornaments.

Good morning peoples!!

I too have experienced (not personally of course) the tinsel butt syndrome but with a dog and the LOOK on it's face as it's being pulled off is priceless!

Had to stop using tinsel as well...yeah I know the poop is not as decorative.

I, too, have used cats as ornaments.


*snork* @ Punkin. Sometimes, that's the only thing they're good for...

So my wife decided to make my son's birthday cake instead of buying it. She got a giant tub of white frosting and concentrated pigments to make red and blue (this year's theme was Superman). She didn't know that you only nee a very little bit of that color. To make a shot story long, we were all producing Decorator Doots the next day.

D@mn it.
I know I closed the bold...

At least your innards weren't plasticized.

is it off yet?

Billy Joe, I don't think 15 is too young for wearing a thong, so long as it's not to show them peeking out of her pants.

My dogs don't eat underwear, but our male lab has dined on throw pillows on occasion.

Some of that pigment surrepetitiously placed in a can of beer can make for an interesting bathroom experience as well. It was a popular prank in college.

DPC - it's off :)

DPC - reminds me of St. Patty's and green beer

he ate an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow sting thing bikini....

It's too early in the morning for evil earwigs, Chaz.

Back in college, we didn't do beer. I was a chemistry major, so all of our beverages started with the 100% alcohol from the chemical supply house. We'd usually add some sherbet for flavor, and depending on who was at the party, sometimes some methylene blue.

Apparently, what this dog did is okay as it is not on the list of things a dog must remember

Chemistry major DPC? I bet you had some mad pick up lines in your day

Chris...is that grain alcohol?

This thread gives new meaning to color commentary.

And 'scuse me, but how bored are ya'll that you are watching what comes out of your pets a$$?

Just sayin'.

*slinks back to lurking*

Wench - didn't need them. I met my wife-to-be at freshman orientation and never looked back. Good X, P and Q.

Chaz - one step beyond grain. Grain is about 98%.

I was a chem major as well, DPC...but we never got that fancy. We did distill some interesting brews back then :)

Anybody know where I can get one of these?

They don't stock them at PetSmart.


poor kitty

My friends over in the bio department were working on breeding high-alcohol-tolerence yeast. We didn't distill our own fermented products very often.

Nothing exciting ever comes out of my dogs. The best I ever saw from them was when my son (about 2 at the time) performed a prostate exam on the rotty-shepard mix.

Wyo - that is awful and I don't even like cats!

Eww, DPC. Just eww.

awfull, and yet, oddly practical...

DPC - that's great - otherwise, you'd be left as an I

*thinks her friend, Wyo likes living on the edge*

first with a bogus controversial intelligence study and now animal cruelty...

Did y'all see that the Red Sox clinched the AL East????? Didja???? That's what I saw!
*returns to her hugely less painful fantasy world*

Posted by: Punkin (needs a gumball - and better pitching) Poo | 09:48 AM on September 21, 2006

Um, Punkin, it's not a fantasy, they did! But they clinched it for the wrong team.

Sorry, but I thought this would be less painful coming from me, sweetie.

Tough love.

*wonders if she's going to Red Sox Fan Hell*

*snork* @ the kitty carrier. That's better than the kitty pencil sharpener.

Welcome to Red Sox Fan Hell, KDF. I'll be your tormentor tonight. Would you prefer to start with the 2004 AL Championship sweep, or the final out in the '04 World Series?

Reminds me of that old joke:

Why do dogs lick their balls and chew on women's panties?

Because they can. Something like that.

That's not Hell, CH, that's the Happy Place we like to vacation in, as often as possible. My son wore his World Series Champs 2004 t-shirt to school today, which I thought was quite sad, given the date. But, we do have to hang on to our fleeting, bright, happy moments.


*puts foam finger in storage*

Siouxie, I know this picture's nothing new, but It's still quite valid.

and KDF, being a Rockies fan (as I am) means there is no place but Hell.

Wyo - more buttons just means more ways to please us, which, in turn, is beneficial for you male types.

His name was Deefer
He was a mastiff
He's gettin' panties in his mouth
Turnin' tail and headin' south

Now he will chow down
Upon that g-string
He's masticatin' on that crotch
Dreamin' of some fine beeyotch

He's such a horny mutt
He's sniffed all kinds of butt
He dreams all day of lace lingerie
Such a lazy slut!

At the Hall house
Don't drop your drawers

Apparently, what this dog did is okay as it is not on the list of things a dog must remember

*Snork that was great!! gotta show my wife that website, too funny!!

Wyo, we can be more complicated, I agree, but you guys like fiddling with our 'knobs'.

KDF - Don't put the finger away just yet...it's great for booger mine-ing.

Gee, I dunno, wench - in my experience, it's more ways to f*#k up.

I'm sorry, KDF, I mistook you for one of the pinstriped types... my sincerest apologies. Red Sox Hell is defined by 1986, Buckner. I'll say no more, as it still hurts too much.

stevie...DARN YOU!!


Wyo - please note that our superior gender is color coded in your linky. *big grin*

Being a royals fan is like rooting for the Bad News Bears.

I guess it can be used for impromptu proctology on gloating Yanks fans, too, eh, Punkin?

*glad no one has mentioned Errol Flynn and his 'ducks on a string'*

Oh dear...sorry while I interrupt this blog for some advice to pet owners: pulling tinsel out of the nether regions of one's dog/cat is probably ok, because it (the tinsel) will break under stress. But don't ever try to speed up the passage of shoelaces, venetian blind cords, 40-lb fishing line, or plush drapery tie-backs out of said orifice: unpleasant, if not fatal, intestinal injuries may result.
/advice. We now apologize and return to our regularly scheduled *snork*ing.

Siouxie - is the bar open yet?

All I can say is - The Phillies aren't out of it - yet!!

Clean - that's the thrill - trying to figure out which way things will go

(is he buying that?)

Med, must be that I've still a lot to learn about women (imagine that) 'cause I've looked at that picture thousands of times over the last ten years or so, and it never dawned on me that the colors on the knobs could have any significance.

Med, the blogbar is ALWAYS open!

*will refrain from baseball talk for now so as not to jinx the Marlins*

pssst judi - I'm with ya...(yay for yesterday!)

Evidently Deefer holds no brief for boxers.

By the way, when I was studying chemistry (they called it "alchemy" back then), you never wanted to drink 100% alcohol. They used to use benzene (toxic, carcinogenic, nasty stuff) to remove that last little bit of water. Maybe that's changed.

whatever you do - DO NOT touch the red button

I know I'm late to the pet poopage discussion, but my spaniel once ate a bunch of not-blown-up balloons (not exactly a genius dog....) and pooped many-colored balloon poopage all over our yard. She was totally fine.

Siouxie -

Oh yeah? Are you talkin' to ME??!! Take THIS!

I bite the thongs that all the Hall girls buy
I bite the thongs that ride up on their thighs
I bite the thongs that make the young men cry

I am oozing
And I bite the thongs

can someone neuter stevie?

Okie, a funny visual would have been watching the balloons inflate while he pooped...it's not helium but still.

SNORK at stevie! except for the d@%* earworm, now...

Yes they are. And so are the Iggles.

I'd like to remind all of the rest of you sports fans that NO Philly pro sports team has won a championship in... ummm... 26 (?) years.

And no, the Kixx do NOT count as a pro sports team.

*takes out her neuter-o-matic*

ohhhh stevieeeeeeeee??? here...stevie stevie!!

I'l catch him and hold him down for you, Sioxie... that last one was purely evil.

Come on, Chris - I said "yet". And I was about to post exactly what you said about the birds, but just wasn't gonna go there about our...ummmm....lack of success in the professional sports arenas.


You have to be careful what you order. You can get real high proof with and without the nasty, toxic stuff.

It looks like I'm going to need more of this to get through the NFL season.

Siouxie - they did not inflate(which would have been kinda funny) but I did at one time have to perform the semi-surgical procedure mentioned above for pulling tinsel out of the cat's heinie, but it was balloons out of my genius dog's heinie. I must love this dog. She really is the dumbest dog I've ever had.

Thanks, CH...I knew I could count of you to battle the evil earwigs!

Maybe it's a job for our TPShooter™ ???

I think it's time for me to high tail it outta here.

Later, dudes and dudettes!

*cups family jewels with both hands and scampers off*

Memo to KDF and Punkin:

Soooooooooo sorry. :(

Thanks for your help!


I'm thinking a flatbed full of outraged, howling bloglits, armed to the teeth with color-coordinated TPeashooters™, pulling up to his house, might be an appropriate response.

My God, that's a beautiful visual. *sniff*

Talk about being a disappointed sports fan. Our local High School team has gone scoreless in three games so far, while giving up 136 points to opponents. That's what they get for pickin, purple and gold. NTTAWWT

El, you do strain our love for you, ya really do. KDF, do you still have that finger handy?

Wyo, my high school, in the 3 years I was a student there, played 30 football games, and won exactly 4 of them. And yes, I was at every single one of them. (Band geek)

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