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September 27, 2006


(Thanks to Summer Branum)


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I'd call losing a car-theft bait car more than a little glitch! Some red faces there, I bet!


Um yes, about the stolen car. I think I saw it. I don't know what make or year or color it was (you won't tell me!). Yes it was on the road. By the place. Thanks, you'll be sending someone around to check it out? Cool.

That's right up there with the company that bought all of their employees a laptop computer then bolted it (the laptop, not the employee) to their desks.

*SNORK* @ Dallas Police.

I gotta learn to type fasterer.

There's something fishy about this.

car thief Hey man...how much for this Honda

chop shop slimeball hmm, lemme see...do you want include the camera and gps tracking system, or are you taking that with you?

car thief wachutalkin about man?

chop shop slimeball see that teddy bear on the dash?

car thief yeah...what about it Hommie?

chop shop slimeball its a camera. Like a Nanny Cam. Cops call it a "Car Stripper Tipper ™ "

car thief Nah man...you can get rid of THAT....

When the police put up an old cruiser to slow down traffic, it is a time honored tradition to place a donut box on the hood of the car.

I'm not sure if we should be on the lookout for a stolen car with a donut box or not, seeing as the car is unmarked and all.

*SNORK* @ Heinrich. I'd not heard of that tradition before, but I'm going to give it a try.

Even if the cruiser's occupied. Maybe even especially if the cruiser's occupied.

Exchange between a risk-taking driver and an officer:

Officer: Sir, have you been drinking?
Driver: Why do you ask, Officer?
Officer: Because your eyes appear somewhat glazed.
Driver: Well so do yours, Officer...Have you been eating donuts?
Officer: ***
Driver: Owwww....

Dude, where's my car?

next time they should use a remote engine-kill dog.

The people who sacked the people responsible for the glitch in the bait car have just been sacked.

"was stolen somewhere in Dallas – police would not say where."

There is a reason for this....they DON'T KNOW!!!

"police would not say where.. They also would not identify the make and model of the car, so that if it is recovered, it can remain part of the undercover fleet."

Anyone with information can call the auto theft unit at 214-671-3535.

A little hard to do that, I think.
Yes I saw a red Honda by Fort Worth. Is that the car you're looing for. No? How about that blue Ford in Plano? No well...

Also I found this below the article.
"This text is invisible on the page, but this text is affected by the invisible item's flow. This text is invisible on the page, but this text is affected by the invisible item's flow."
Seems like some kind of conspiricy.

*snork!* at crossgirl, bones and Edgar.

In the article, substitute the word "could" for the word "would" - then it makes a lot more sense...


I swear I didn't steal the monty python quote from Dread Pirate Chris over on the "Travelling to Miami" post...

He just beat me to it by 2 minutes. Psychic cross-thread post! (which might not BAGNFARB)

Too many snorks, too little time...

What's the frequency, Edgar?


lambda omega lambda, edgar.

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