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September 28, 2006


Mark your calendars for the Hunt, too, why dontcha?


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Will Dave be wearing his blue shirt? If not, then I ain't going.

That is {checks Expedia} about 1000 miles to far away. Any chance we could franchise this event?

i won't go unless there's a wikipedia entry.

Well, that's just great for all you South Florida types. :-|

Sorry for the lame post, but I didn't have time to come up with anything better what with the pressure of trying to post first, not that that is a big deal or the main ambition in my life ... even though my life is now complete once more since it's been months since I've been the first poster.

And another thing .... ooo, look, something shiny.

Isn't there?

judi, I plan to go! It'll be my first time (for some reason something always came up). I'm realy looking forward to it.

yeah ch!!

*I'd like to buy an "l", please?*

Make that Zaphod, not Zphod...

Sheesh - can't even spell my own made-up name.

How many papers is/was Dave syndicated in? Every single city, town and borough where Dave could be read should host a Hunt.

{goes to find some cow pasture and a match}

Don't forget the oxygen tank, Chris, and appropriate tubing &c. With enough technology, we can make anything blow up.

I thought he was gonna smoke it CH, not blow it up...

Yes. Sorry for the ambiguous cow reference. I meant Happy Cows on Weed, not Exploding Cows full of Gas.

Ah. My bad. I guess I've got exploding cows on the brain.

Pretty soon Wikipedia is going to document EVERYTHING that goes on here at the Blog.

I will put it in my calendar, but because I live in beautiful, sunny Arizona, I doubt I'll be making it. Especially since there's a reasonable guarantee that I might run into one or more of the following:

a - snakes
b - alligators
c - squirrels
d - Ray Lewis

Please note that Dave wears the official Tropic Hunt t-shirt in the photos on the link. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the 2006 official shirt looks suspiciously like a blue oxford that we have all become accustomed to...
Dave, make sure you set your clock back the night before - Daylight Savings Time ends.
A friend of mine does the Hunt every year. I should go to the Costume contest dressed like her: button down shirt, overalls, hair in pigtails, tennis hat. You know who you are!

I am so proud of my little brother Herald (or Hairy, as we call him). He has brought great fame and repute to the Hunt family. Good work Hairy!

I better see y'all there. I mean it! Don't make me come over there and throw random puzzles and nonsense clues at you!

I've been working on the puzzles for weeks. You'll love 'em, you'll hate 'em, you'll curse the day I wuz born. Bwahahaha.

thg.com - you providing plane tickets?

Cause, otherwise, I'm afraid this southern gal is stuck up north and will be missing the Hunt yet again.

boohoo, sniffsniff.

Um. No. Sorry. If you win the Hunt, tho, you may get plane tickets out of it! If it's one of the prizes, and you don't mind waiting to use them until it's time to, well, use your prize.

But don't worry...I'm coming in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. :) So you'll have to supply yer own ticket.

I really miss the Hunt. I went for a few years, and our team (The Blind Mice) came close to winning each year, but never made it. They still go every year!

My picture made it in the Tropic Magazine one year (which Dave signed!) as part of the story of the previous year's Hunt. The next year I even made it on the front page of the Herald one year (1994, Dade County edition of the paper) when Herald reporters followed our group around.

But still... No win!

If you're interested in going I HIGHLY recommend it.

I would also recommend that you go to TropicHunt.com early and often. TropicHunt.com Guy has a LOT of pictures and great info.

If you have a chance to go, do it. You'll have a blast.

Dang it! I can only afford ONE ticket to Miami this fall.......Herald Hunt, or Book Fair??? (Where the RBR's will be playing!)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO confuuuuused....

Didn't make it down to Miami for years prior to leaving FL, doubt I'll make it down from MT now. It's almost enough to tempt me though...almost. Can't we have a nationwide Hunt? Montana's got lots of cool places to hide things...LOL - just watch out for the bears (and the Freeman)

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