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September 29, 2006


Some alpaca's breathing a sigh of relief tonight.

(Thanks to Brian Young)


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What, no pictures? They have a story about llamas and they don't include pictures! Talk about shoddy reporting!

I think this is Ralph the Wonder Llama's cousin!

Please note: I did not post the link to the Llama song. You're welcome.

Woo Hoo, I sent in something Blog worthy. My day is now complete. Thank You Judi.

i thought this might be about anna nicole's baby. guess not.

Is yo mama a llama?

If you give an alpaca some nookie...

The defense: I did not have s3x with that alpaca.

Ooo Eee Ooo Ahhh Ahhh,
Ding Dang Mamma Llamma Bing Bang.

Or something like that. Yay! It's Friday!


Alpaca, you'llpaca. At some point, we allpaca.

I was sure this would be a Parris or Britney post.

Alpaca Daddies WBAGNFARB!

who dunnit?

'twasn't moi, I have witnesses that can prove I was playing poker at the time, Of course they were Jehovas Witnesses and were praying for my soul because of the gambling.

Why does my main page say there are only 3 posts here?

That's between you, me, and the last post.

Wayne, IL.

Call Maury.

I'm disturbed over the allegation of 'improper breeding.' What do they mean by that, exactly? It's not like they have opposable thumbs. Why isn't PETA all over this?

This sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer.

"...improperly breeding..."???

Jeez, that sounds like half my neighbours.

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